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  1. Kevin McAllister

    Disappearing symbols geometry in HSVP (after SP4 update)

    Matt, I've had issues with extrudes made from polylines not displaying correctly in section. When I converted the resulting extrude to a generic solid, the issue was resolved. Not sure if its related or not. There is a bug submission with an accompanying file that I submitted under my name if its helpful. Kevin
  2. Kevin McAllister

    Callout Leader Lineweight

    ^ this issue was discussed and bug submitted in this other forum thread - KM
  3. Kevin McAllister

    Are Callouts just buggy as toast, or am I doing it wrong?

    Thanks for submitting this! I noted it in another thread here - Kevin
  4. Kevin McAllister

    Scaling objects in place

    @michaelk @Benson Shaw seeing the two of you commenting on this thread makes me smile even though I have no idea what's being said! Kevin
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Titleblock border disappears

    Not yet. It happens in lots of different files for me. After working for a while in the sheet layers I notice they've disappeared. Usually after updating a lot of viewports but not always. Perhaps it related to a navigation action rather than a drawing action. Almost always TBB only. Kevin
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Callout Leader Lineweight

    I did some experimentation and the Attributes of the Callout seem very buggy once you've set them using the "Leader Attributes" dialog. It looks like the most reliable way to define Callout Attributes is to create a Callout class with the settings you want, make that class active and insert Callouts. If you select all the existing Callouts and switch them into the Callout class with use at creation turned on, the existing Callouts don't reliably take on the class attributes. This may need to be submitted as a bug. If you define the line weight by class instead of using the "Leader Attributes" dialog, the shoulder and leader both change as expected (except the buggy-ness). I think the Leader Attributes button is really only intended for situations where you have multiple leaders from the same Callout and you want them to have different attributes. Kevin
  7. Kevin McAllister


    You can choose to work at 1:1 in the Design Layers if you prefer. I'm sure the feature is retained to maintain compatibility with older files. Many of us have pre-2008 files (when sheet layers were added) that have Design Layers in multiple scales to create drawing sheets. Kevin
  8. Kevin McAllister

    Titleblock border disappears

    I've seen this with all versions of VW2019 (Mac OS X 10.13.6). Closing and reopening the file resolves the issue for a while. Its definitely a bug and not a result of a low spec machine. I've thought about bug submitting it but its not readily reproducible. Kevin
  9. Kevin McAllister

    Convert to NURBS - Where are Interpolation points?

    All three versions I tested converted the same way, switching to control points. Personally I would prefer the points to remain the same type they started with. I often use interpolated points instead of control points. Kevin
  10. Kevin McAllister

    Dedicated Forum Moderator (ie Jim Wilson 2.0)

    The forums certainly do feel different, though I know there are lots of VW employees around all the time and I really appreciate when they interact. I've also found I've been less active in the forums (I've only made a few posts in the past 😁). If I had to try and define why I think it might be this - Jim personally took a lot of ownership in building this community and many of us decided to invest in Jim and his passion for Vectorworks. His commitment was probably beyond what was required by the job, the difference being investing in the community personally vs monitoring the community professionally. Jim definitely did both. The forums have always had ebbs and flows, so how it feels now may also be attributed to that. The calm before the storm as it were, since things tend to get busier here in anticipation of a new release. From my own perspective I tend to be around more when I'm actively drawing in Vectorworks every day, which isn't the case at the moment. There are a LOT of amazing people here who are still very active and sometimes it takes the right question to get them to chime in and problem solve. Fingers crossed that the forums will find their groove again. They have been and are very important to me personally. Kevin
  11. Kevin McAllister

    Extrudes are suddenly locked on creation

    Hi Jeff, Things seem to be behaving as expected when I open the file in my version of Vectorworks. Unfortunately I'm using VW2019 so that may not mean much. I would try copying and pasting the problem geometry into a new file and testing there. If it works then you could try copy/pasting it back into your original file and see if things resolve themselves. Kevin
  12. Kevin McAllister

    SLVP border option

    I would suggest using a crop object and clicking the Show Crop checkbox of the sheet layer viewport. If the viewport is already cropped you only need to activate the checkbox. Kevin
  13. Kevin McAllister

    Shop using SW 2019 cannot 3D render DXF export.

    A couple of thoughts - - try exporting while your file is in a 3d view, not top/plan view. - use the newest export version possible (for VW 2008 it should be newer than DXF 2000 / 2000i / 2002). - use DWG instead of DXF if at all possible. Kevin
  14. Kevin McAllister

    Why is a push/pulled NURBS surface a tapered extrude?

    I think its as simple as the Tapered Extrude command allows NURBS curves as the source shape and the Extrude command does not. It was probably the easiest way to integrate the Push/Pull command around the existing 3d solid types. I used to use the Tapered Extrude command with a taper angle of zero a fair amount prior to the additional of the Push/Pull command. It accepts a few more shapes as the starting point (3d polygons for example). Kevin
  15. Kevin McAllister

    Frame stops for Door Tool

    My guess is that the whole tool is being rebuilt behind the scenes and that's why we have seen any of these incremental changes (likely a door tool that sections properly and incorporates the planar graphics implemented with symbols in VW2019). Alas, without JimW there aren't any hints on the forums any more.... 😕 Kevin


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