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  1. The cable tool needs one of two things. The cable types and all the related adapters, splays, etc either need to be a user defined list or a whole lot more cable types need to be added to the list. I would prefer that the list is user defined so that it has the items I use all the time and no extra items. This provides the optimal performance in a tool that could be so incredibly valuable.
  2. I have just tried to insert a multi-circuit instrument onto a lighting position. The lighting position is a part of a pipe grid. In the set up of the drawing I have labelled each pipe as its own position for clarity. The issue is that due to the proximity of some to the adjacent pipes the components are all being designated as different positions in the info. I tried simply overwriting the info but that didn't work. Any ideas?
  3. I have a script that will get the xy information, based on origin, and place it in a customized record for the motor if that helps.
  4. Just wondering if anybody has a good resource for a scaffolding components library.
  5. Searching the great big brain for a Genie Industries Super Tower 25 material lift drawing or symbol.
  6. I have a 3d cheeseborough that you are welcome to have.
  7. Absolutely! The ability to add more information is critical for creating equipment orders and designs.
  8. Well, you try for long enough and you are bound to figure it out. Thanks to everybody!
  9. Okay, unfortunately I'm really new at the script thing and need a really clear explanation of exactly where it fits in the script.
  10. So using this script how would you incorporate referencing to a user set origin.
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