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  1. Grethe Connerth

    Design Layer and Sheet Layer Hierarchy

    A folder hierarchy would be so helpful !!!! It definitely got my vote.
  2. A folder hierarchy would be so helpful !!!! It definitely got my vote.
  3. Grethe Connerth

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    Hi Kevin, am just in my car about to drive home, so here are just a few quick links. I got more in my library but those should get you started. G Have a look ... https://free3d.com/3d-models/folding-chair https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models?keywords=folding+chair https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/folding-chair https://3dsky.org/search?query=folding+chair Also good for 3D stuff: https://myresourcelibrary.com/Home
  4. Grethe Connerth

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    Hi Kevin, is that Specseat GS100 a folding chair or a different type? I just googled the images attached. I don't have those particular ones, but other than that I'd have a vast library. Cheers, Grethe
  5. Grethe Connerth

    Font Preview

    , ... this is sooooooo what we need !!!! Fully on board with your suggestions above ... However, I would go maaany steps further on my request list though 😜, this as I work A LOT with VW incorporating graphics and working with fonts and unfortunately have to do a lot of time consuming 'workaround' using Photoshop / 'PS' in order to find the best and most suitable font for my designs. the most time-saving part I find would be: to be able to activate/highlight text and then at the same time to be able to scroll through the font list, from one font to the next whilst the highlighted text changes to the active font to the next font and so forth Basically, when I highlight text I can 'scroll through the font list and the highlighted text changes fonts accordingly. --> this way I can focus on the list of fonts available and comfortably see the highlighted text change Within VW it's not that intuitive and only one step/one font at a time choice possible, go back to the text choices and do this over and over again. 2. I guess connecting VW to Adobe Font Kits ( when having an Adobe membership ) is rather futuristic / wishful thinking? 3. Favorite Choice Selection of Fonts Within Adobe Photoshop there are also nifty choice addition to narrow down the huge amount of fonts within the list available plus any fonts I added myself such as: highlighting a favorite font for future reference - by a 'star' choices of listing only 'Serif, sans-serif, handwritten, favorite fonts identified by the star, ... and many other choices I guess anyone who's using Photoshop understands the notes above. Apologies to VW - I sooo love VW and am totally addicted to it, but the font matter needs an upgrade on so many levels. 😘
  6. Grethe Connerth

    Fonts: single line strikethrough

    strikethrough got my vote!
  7. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports Disintegrate

    Uuuh, yes classes, that's a good one ... When I re-name classes whilst I am on a sheet layer or within a Viewport, then the program freezes and is at a stand-still for about 10-15 seconds. Well just imagine me having about 80 to 100 Viewport renderings in one VW file, then the re-rendering time is about a day ...😱 And the Viewports rendering black - mine do something similar when I publish them having a black background whilst the drawing is rendered. Something I discussed on this forum a few months back, and which we then tried to solve by changes to the sheet layer and RW Style settings and so forth.
  8. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports Disintegrate

    Hi @rDesign, thank you for your reply and I think you are on to something. Yes, I have ‘Save Viewport Cache’ enabled, which saves essentially time to re-render when coming back to the file again. Whilst I haven't monitored what I do exactly when it happens, I think to recall it may be some work within the VPs and the 're-do/undo' command. So many hours of rendering need to be invested again and again. Super frustrating and time-consuming!
  9. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports Disintegrate

    A problem with my viewports occurs more and more often, which is that at some point all viewports on all sheet layers in various of my project VW files disintegrate. All viewports had already been previously rendered. This results in all viewports now showing up in Wireframe = none-rendered, whilst still keeping their settings. How st this even possible?
  10. Grethe Connerth

    adjust symbol origin

    Great idea !!! I just had this problem occurring on a project of mine. Your suggestion would save a lot of time adjusting symbols. I am all for it!
  11. Grethe Connerth

    Previews when importing a PDF with multiple pages

    Hi @Art V thanks for the tip. Usually, when I need the native file from a PDF I place the PDF file into Adobe Illustrator and export it to DWG. Maybe yours is a better solution though so I'll definitely look into your link provided. Also I never really figured out what the Settings --> VW Preferences --> Display --> Navigation Graphics is for. I use 'Good Performance & Compatibility'. Maybe changing the setting would help.
  12. Grethe Connerth

    Previews when importing a PDF with multiple pages

    Whilst we are on the subject of importing PDFs with multiple pages into VW ... may I ask if anyone else has also this problem I am experiencing also? When importing a multi-page PDF file into VW, then the program completely slows down and re-generates the Design Layer page over and over again. So I have to wait until I can simply move across the page or work with any tool on very simple tasks.
  13. Grethe Connerth

    Previews when importing a PDF with multiple pages

    We sooo need this !!!
  14. This certainly got my vote !!! My experience with processes slowing down since VW 2018 is that for example when working on sheet layers and the viewports are in wireframe: - then the whole sheet layer page slows down when for example simply moving across the page itself to look for something then the Wireframed Viewports are re-generating all lines which takes a long time - or I want to work inside a Viewport either in the 'Crop' part or in the go to 'Design Layer' part then again the Wireframed layouts take very long to re-generate G