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  1. Grethe Connerth

    Animation for VW ?

    Hi there, let me chime in please, as I just finished some renderings and my client is now asking for a fly-through animated video. —> A) … can I do animations of a high-quality rendering of an interior scene which also has lots of fog lighting by only using Vectorworks? —> B) … how would AnimationWorks support my custom event type scenes/renderings? —> C) … or would I be using Twinmotion? ... just asking in case anybody is knowledgeable with this program ... —> D) … and does Twinmotion support my 3D renderings with these event scenes with lots of custom light settings? I heard I would have to set up new lights and settings, is that correct? I am seeking a solution that won't cost me a lot of time and nerves of learning a complex new program, because I spent my last 18 months on improving my VW skills in 3D renderings, event type settings, which Renderworks Styles to use for spaces with no window and special lighting and textures. Please see attached below a floorplan showing the venue and the path of a fly-through with rendered scenes.
  2. aah, embarrassing, I voted on that post myself and forgot I did ... 😱 Hi @Boh hi @Kevin , same here, I do this with Design Layers " ^^^ Name of type of work in Design Layers above ^^^ -------- " and Sheet Layers " --- ^^^ EMPTY ^^^ " haven't done it in Saved Views or the Viewport names yet ...
  3. Yes I saw that. I believe it's just an overkill to when I want something 'simple'. Also having to assign tags will take it to a level of complexity I don't necessarily want, when I want to quickly create straightforward drawing files. I am happy to have both options, keeping it simple with a dash creating sub-folders, and tags when I am diving into the deeper end of my works.
  4. haha, funny, I am just watching the video, and am only half way through it 😜 It looks rather too complex in comparison to a simple request of mine.
  5. It would be SO very useful and supportive if it were possible to organise Design Layers, Saved Views, Sheet Layers & Viewports to into sub-folders, showing up kind of 'grouped' in the Navigation Palette. --> Same as you can do with Classes, by simply adding a dash ' - ' in between the words. I have many highly complex VW files, and they are filled with a huge number of Design Layers, Saved Views, Sheet Layers & Viewports. Any input is much appreciated.
  6. Awesome idea! I struggle with this one and add awhite arrow ontop as a work around, which isnt't very handy ...
  7. Hi Zoomer, well, that's exactly the workaround I have to do, and it's a double up on work, apart from being frustrating. It does work in Design Layers, it only does not work in Sheet Layers ... Therefore, shouldn't it be an easy fix? 🙄
  8. It would be very useful when changing the Title ( of the same wording ) of a Sheet Layer into 'CAPITAL LETTERS', Vectorworks would accept it. 1. Typing text to change from 'Floorplan & Elevations' to capital letters 'FLOORPLAN & ELEVATIONS' 2. When closing the edit window Vectorworks reverts the text back to 'Floorplan & Elevations'. It works in Design Layers though.
  9. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports & How to Purge unused Design Layers

    ... on that note, and now since I am using the Organization dialog (Tools>Organization) --> Visibilities I would love it if there was sort of a "Choice Pop Up Window" giving 2 possibilities to delete for example a Design Layer: --> A) Delete Completely --> B) Replace with other Design Layer Same as it is when deleting Classes or Symbols.
  10. Dear VW lovers, a hideous task I am facing over and over again in customising lights in the Visualization Lights Edit Mode ... Ok, so ... Viewport/VP activated, Visualization Lights Window shows the lights active within the VP, chose a light --> Go Edit, and here it comes ... ... the smallest of pop up windows of Properties shows up ... which I have to re-size/enlarge every single time I am in the Edit mode, in order to see all of the light feature settings below ... over and over again ... see images attached Can this Properties Window somewhat be frozen to be a size I want it to be? Help Help Help please !!!
  11. Hi rDesign, thanks for the links! The first thread dates even back to 2016 !! Interesting and good to see I am not alone with this wish. I have only started using camera effects, but with multiple viewports, it would speed up the workflow. Xo
  12. Happy Monday to all VW & Renderworks lovers, the Obj Info Palette currently displays if a camera is connected to a Viewport. In addition, it would be great and very useful to have the camera settings visible and edit-able here as well, without having to open and access the camera itself inside the viewport. Meaning --> at the moment I have to double click onto the viewport, open the Edit Viewport window under Camera, and only then can see and edit the camera setting for Camera Effects --> Bloom, Shutter Speed, ... Unless I am missing that this is already at hand somewhere else? Cheers, Grethe
  13. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports & How to Purge unused Design Layers

    I second that, awesome Kevin, very nifty and helpful. Thank you!!! Gretrhe
  14. Grethe Connerth

    Viewports & How to Purge unused Design Layers

    very organised, I like it, I will see about a step by step approach. Thank you ! G
  15. Dear VW lovers, I have a VW file I have worked on for a few months, with contains many meanwhile unnecessary Design Layers, and now I wanted to reduce it to what I only need within this file. So firstly I deleted all unnecessary sheet layers and viewports and then purged the file down to the bone. But now the aim is to only keep the design layers which are connected to these Viewports. --> All other Design Layers can be deleted. But because there are so many of them, it is mighty time consuming to go over every single viewport and check which DLs are connected and which not, to then delete those. Is there an automation similar to purging that does the trick? Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Grethe