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  1. Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    ..." link towards your interior tutorial " ... I second that. G
  2. Reports Records Database Worksheet Schedule

    oooh, this is intense @Pat Stanford. I also just looked at your post in 'Worksheet Creations’. I need to take some time to digest this, but this looks VERY comprehensive. WOW! Thanks for posting it in this depth. Yes, there are a lot of users struggling with RW Styles. Luckily there is this VW Forum and some gurus who are super helpful like @Luis M Ruiz and @JimW. I find that we should look at RW styles in a different way. There are a lot of great resources in VW, but I don't see any guidelines on which RW settings to use for which scenes and which range of texture. E.g. night time scenes --> use a heliodon with late arvo sun settings. Who would think to use sun at night? But this way RW works within the scene. Or metal texture need a HDRI background in order to become reflective within the scene. But when you have a scene with no windows you need to use HDRI in the Environment Lighting settings instead. Who would know this unless someone points it out to you or these things were for example within a pre-set RW Styles in the Obj Info Palette alongside the other RW Styles. So it'll be fun and helpful to have an overview as a guideline going to the next level along the lines of this great post for example --> scroll down to where it lists "Rendering mode-specific settings". Also you @Boh mentioned Texture Effects - good one! This would be very helpful when importing images e.g. in 3D as Textures. I do a lot of try & error with a range of textures / images to create comparisons and options when I do Renderings seeking the best outcome. Therefore I name all my image files very specifically - e.g. Image Texture Name --> "AV-4-Glow 125% - Emit Lig - Refl 15% - Ca & Rec” and so forth. However none of the images seem to show up in the Obj Info Palette nor in the Image Attributes with their names. Unless it does and I haven’t found it yet. So its easy to loose track of which image is which especially when they have slightly different settings. I’ll start a post in the VW Wishlist for this. G
  3. Reports Records Database Worksheet Schedule

    It's rather late here in OZ and I just saw your message fly in so I jumped on it, printed it out and it makes 100% sense now. YEAH !!! Ok, can I please call Vectorworks Technical Support or anyone at VW to have them place @Boh 's explanations on the 'VW Help site' as THE clearest overview for users of all !!! This is incredible ! You may not have read my post here on the forum about RW Styles and my quest to generate an overview meaning trying to find a solution to compare them in an easy way. This is the currently the main area I was hoping to use worksheets and/or data for - this in answer to your question @Gadzooks. I know now with your detailed explanations above, that RW Styles obviously have neither a record attached nor can you generate one to create reports. I got so frustrated therefore I created my own RW Style Overview Spread Sheet of results used for Glow, Lit Fog, Backlit, Glass Lit Edges, White Model & Caustics, which I found in VW tutorials and here on this VW Forum about RW Styles. And then posted the Spread Sheet in my blog - see below. Enjoy! Cheers, Grethe Renderworks Styles possible to Export Settings into Worksheets or Excel
  4. Reports Records Database Worksheet Schedule

    Hi Gadzooks, thank you for your suggestion, I understand your point of view. The thing is I don't think I have used any of the Reports, Records, ... before on any project of mine. So I have not a clear idea and I'd like to understand them. Mainly what is the difference between them and when to use which for what. Cheers, Grethe
  5. Reports Records Database Worksheet Schedule

    Dear VW aficionados, could anyone please explain to me the difference between the below. Most likely I would understand a 'sketch or visualisation' to it better in comparison to reading the Help menu where I can't digest the content. --> Reports, Records, Databases, Worksheets & Schedules <-- Am getting utterly confused about these ;0)) Any input is appreciated. Cheers, Grethe
  6. How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    Hi Kevin, apologies in the delay in my response, it's been mad as hell here and I'm just coming up for air, although I saw you post much earlier, I am only now getting around to try it out. Thank you for posting this helpful workaround. Cheers, Grethe
  7. Rotate text within Dimension

    Great and very useful idea. I'm all for it! G
  8. Renderworks Styles possible to Export Settings into Worksheets or Excel

    Hi everyone, thank you all heaps for your feedback and input. It's an interesting one. Honestly, I got desperate, so I put in the effort and developed a spread sheet. Whilst I meanwhile have maaaaany pages, I thought I’d share at least an excerpt containing 7 RW Styles on different subjects in the attached PDF files below. - Apologies in advance on any mistakes I may have made on transferring details. - Ok, so the files show RW Styles I found in VW files which were made available on VW Video tutorials and also were posted here on the VW Forum. The main contributing forces were the two Obi-Wans @Luis M Ruiz and @JimW. And I take my hat off to you both. Thank you for all your hard work, effort and huge amount of patience you bring to this game. Especially to my many questions we had in 1:1 correspondences. I could not survive without your insights which have been and still remain to be absolutely essential to my ongoing, or shall I say rather never ending, learning curve. In order to find my way back to where things originated from - as you mentioned Luis "it is hard to remember what makes each style different", I try to be as organised as it gets ... which is a bit of a curse … ;0)) Here starting with naming all related elements the same way - backgrounds, textures, folders, files, ... It helps - especially when exporting RW Styles, related textures, ... and all. They then don’t override accidentally others with the same name, which may have only slightly different settings. In addition showing the name of the author and having a weblink to the tutorials is always a must. Intense? A bit much? I agree. So when I print it all out I can simply compare the RW Styles. Of course a possibility to export these details into a work sheet or report or so would reduce the amount of manual labour on these. And I am sure there may be a more simplified overview for comparison possible. But I only started on this a few days ago, so please go easy on me ... ;0)) Enjoy! Cheers, Grethe RW_Styles_-_Overview_Settings_for_VW_Forum_-_Pg_1.pdf RW_Styles_-_Overview_Settings_for_VW_Forum_-_Pg_2.pdf
  9. How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    Hi guys, thank you all for your input, ideas and feedback. I'm glad to see there is a general need in place. I tried the way you suggested @Benson Shaw, it seems a bit of a work around with having to adjust the screen plane rectangle, maybe also because I haven't used this before and try it out more, but it's a supportive step. Correct @Andy Broomell, mainly the camera related Viewport crop would be great for the Aspect Ratios, and the lack of snapping to the corners of VPs is nutty. If anyone is interested my post on the VW Forum's 'Wishlist Feature Content Request' from a few days ago is called 'Viewport Crop Options'. Let's see how we go. Cheers, Grethe
  10. Dear VW team, I wish it would be possible when creating a new Viewport to have the option to create a crop right there and then, for example in the shape set by the camera settings - 'Aspect Ratio 16:9'. This by choice or default. Reasons for my wish are: 1) when being on the sheet layer and I want to move a Viewport that has no crop object within, it is more difficult to snap to the corners of the VP in order to position it on my layouts 2) when trying to place a rectangle into the open Viewport Crop to have my VPs match the shape which has been created by the Aspect Ratio, it also does not snap to the corners of the VP, whilst it does snap to the 3 snaps on each side Hope this makes any sense, please let me know in case there are any questions. Happy days from Melbourne OZ. Grethe
  11. How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    Hi @Boh thank you for the visuals, that makes total sense now. I think I will send a post to "Wishlist - Feature and Content Requests" as I'd like to see when creating a new Viewport that a crop would be automatically created in the shape set by the camera settings - for example 'Aspect Ratio 16:9'. Happy days from Melbourne OZ. Grethe
  12. How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    Hi @Boh thank you for the explanation. I may have to look this one up on 'VW Help' as I am not 100% sure I understand. Oh, BTW - did you see my note to you on the other blog about the now available SP3 update on 3rd of April? OzCad mentioned they would send out an alert so that it shows up in VW program's messages ( Bell on right bottom corner ). Well up until now nothing has shown up there but their website does, but I didn't receive any alert or email about it which I think should happen automatically. Anyways, it's out now and I hope you got it also. Cheers, Grethe
  13. How do I get rid of Viewport crop green rectangles?

    I have experienced this green crop Object in the past. My notes would be: 1) What is the purpose of this green rectangle 'Add Reference Crop Object'? 2) I find when creating Viewports there should be a check box where one could add a Crop Object or VW could be adding one by default. 3) Also when going back on the sheet layer trying to place a Crop Object into a VP then drawing an object it never snaps all that well to the current size of the VP.
  14. Basic Tool Pallet and Tool Set Bar always resizing

    Hi Jim, the problem remains even after the SP3 installation on my VW 2018 version. Any ideas ? G
  15. Dear VW lovers, would anyone know if it is possible to export Renderworks Style Settings into a worksheet or excel spread sheet? I have multiple Renderworks Styles and currently I am creating screenshots and copy paste them into a file for comparison. This is a huge effort and I would love to have a faster and more convenient work around for this. Any input is much appreciated. Cheers, Grethe


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