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  1. Hi Boh, thank you so much for the detailed way finding. I will try this out and see how I go. All new to me 😁
  2. Hi Boh, you are way ahead to my level of VW knowledge !!! Would you mind maybe sending me some screenshots of the how to's --> custom selection or custom modification tool and the script? Have never used any of these. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Andy, I have a few VW projects I am working on. And when I started these I didn't work the way knowing what I know now setting up design layers and Viewports. Anyways, now that I have to revise my VW project files, and there are a huge amount of design layers, of which I don't know which areas and which are related to the many Viewports. So I need to kind of 'retrospectively' place a crop area to each design layer to identify which area I was working on. Apologies as it may not make much sense the way I describe it, but it's a fool's errands to say the least... Having a Crop Object not in that fat green line by default, but what I'd like ti to be I could give it not only a colour and thickness but also be dotted and so forth.
  4. I would like to be able to customise the Default Crop Object in the Viewport and have it show up customised right from when opening the Viewport, rather than having to change it manually again and again. Every time I go into a Viewport to add a Crop Object to my Design Layer by the steps below - it shows a thick green outline: Double Click on a Viewport --> Design Layer --> "ADD REFERENCE CROP OBJECT" Now I know I can place it into a CLASS. But still I would need to add the Crop Object every single time to a Class. Which if you have hundreds of Viewports is rather time consuming.
  5. Hi guys! Phil your rendering looks stunning. I also work in the exhibition/event industry as a designer & production manager. So I can speak from experience and say that great renderings certainly set you apart from your competitors, especially in design competitions and tenders. Having used Vectorworks for the past 24 years I dove into the subject of 'real live' renderings about 3 years ago and it took me quite some time to understand all the best settings especially for lighting, reflective surfaces, LED & graphics, textures and so forth. But now I can provide some awesome renders, ... showing off a bit see below attachements 😂 If anyone is interested in the best Render Style settings let me know. I had posted some RW Style Setting sheets on this forum last year and I can send you the link for you to download on this forum. Cheers, Grethe
  6. Hi @zoomer thank you for your time and insights. I never worked with Revit. Should I ask my client to use the setting: "Export DWG geometry as Solids" ? Yes, I see 3D symbols in the DWG imported into VW, but these seem to be 'flattened' symbols into 2D as they only show up in 2D. Also they have hundreds of lines ontop of each other. Therefore I PURGE the document thereafter which helps a bit on the file size and screen build up. GC
  7. Hi VW lovers, I am having major !!! problems with PDF and DWG files prduced out of a 3D Revit model. the Revit files are 3D models of a building with interior fit-out of a supermarket ( displays only no products ) which one of my clients generated the files I am using in Vectorworks are one floorplan and 4 interior elevations - all created from the Revit 3D models into a PDF and DWG I - at this point - only need 2D elevations and the top view of the floorplan in order to create layouts for signage on the walls when inserting ( import or drag & drop ) either PDF or DWG into VW the program slows down so bad that my workflow goes from minutes literally to days !!! I tried every work around I could think of referencing the files deleting all displays out of the files as I only need the building and the layout of the walls So basically what happens is that my computer screen build up takes forever and I am looking at my 'wheel twirling' forever. Is there by any chance a work-around? Please note that I do need a vectorised file in order to be able to snap to the layout. Your insights and feedback is much apprecaited. Cheers, Grethe
  8. Hi @JimW thank you! It was there and then dissapeared, and even by going through my browser history I could not find it anymore 🙄 G
  9. Hiya & Happy Pre-X-MAS season, I was wondering where the 'Vectorworks Image Gallery' has been? It was not posted on the new Vectorworks website up until about 4 weeks ago when it briefly popped up and then dissapeared again. I even posted the question to technical support but even when following it up never received any feedback. See some of the images of projects Vectorworks users posted. I'd love for this page to be up and running again if that would be possible.
  10. Thank you @techgeek for the link ! I will check it out. G
  11. Hiya, just chiming in here ... setting lights for scenes: yes you can give each individual light in your scene a specific colour and light setting, this for each viewport by using the 'Visualisation Light' settings But also: you could change the Ambient Light colour by ... --> activate the Viewport & chose 'Lighting Options' in the Obj Info Palette, and then change the colour of the light in the Ambient Info --> also see file attached "Visualisation Styles" Visualisation Styles.pdf And have a look at some renderings I did for event environments I designed and rendered in Vectorworks Architect, not Spotlight. https://www.gretheconnerth.com/creative-events/ Please note that I just uploaded my new website a couple of hours ago so it's still a bit of testing going on.
  12. I looked into Lumion, not a bad option. Overall it seems with these programs that they don't support volumetric light beams much if at all, other than for sunlight but not individual light beams for entertainment. Only Artlantis has IES lights that can be individualised, which was the first one I saw this morning ... I'll explore that one for fly-throughs also.
  13. Hi @Kevin Allen, got it, thank you for your insights. Unfortunately I only work with VW Architect, so that one is out of reach for me. In the meantime, to my latest post above, I have now tried working with AnimationWorks, the VW Add-on for OZ & NZ VW users, but it is VERY basic and time-consuming to get things on a high-level manner done. Also looking into Twinmotion which is a great program for architects, however does not recover the lights from the VW source files, so everything has to be re-created but mainly it does not support custom light beam settings especially for event settings.
  14. thank you for the tip, I tried to find it by Google search but haven't seen any other than a 2D animation program it yet ... would you have a link maybe?
  15. Hi there, I have been working with Move Along Path and it's not very user-friendly. Then I tried my luck working with Animationworks which unfortunately is also very limited and it took me many hours to get a proper fly-through an event space. I do have Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription with Adobe After Effects. Would you @techgeek have any suggestions, or links to proper video tutorials or anything from your experience showcasing on how to create a fly-through of a 3D environment within Adobe After Effects? Meaning I have an interior space of an event environment and would like to create a fly-through this space. I looked for tutorials online for quite a while and haven't found anything useful. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
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