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  1. I found my culprit. There is the Document Preferences -> Adjust Flipped Text. Which I think adjust text in Design Layers / Sheet Layers Then there is the Viewport - > Advance Properties -> Adjust Flipped Text. Which is the toggle for the Viewport. The two seem separate.
  2. I had to go to preferences - disable and then re-enable the "adjust flipped text" in the Document Settings.
  3. There is a thread regarding setting up an excel via ODBC here. Not sure if it will work - but its a start
  4. Thanks - I figure also in the next 6 months the External GPU will hit more mainstream. We're starting to see the first with the Razer Core 2 !
  5. Looking at a laptop running with the MX150 mobile gfx card. Has anyone had any experience with it ? I do enough 3D work to worry thanks ethan
  6. I set the one of the SpaceNavigator buttons to "Switch Navigation" and the other to "Switch Projection" This is allowing me to experiment with all the different permutations quickly. All sorts of new modes ! LOL! The switching from Ortho to Perspective seems to be key in getting the 3d to work happily?
  7. Found it. 1 - Set Perspective to "Normal" .. THEN choose your view modes. You get a whole new set: Camera Target Camera 2d Ojbect HELICOPTER
  8. Surpisingly there is not a good single-man lift there.
  9. That would be an excellent VWX workflow.
  10. I have the wired CadMouse and really like it - good for large hands and easy buttons.
  11. To tack onto this - I'm trying to use a worksheet to edit TitleBlock data from a central location. I'm having issues with the data being updated from the Worksheet -> Titleblock. The only record that will update the title block is the "Drawing Description" - and that only once I click into edit mode of the titleblcok and cancel out (It needs to bring up the dialogue box). All the rest of the reports only have 1 way correspondence - from the Titleblock OIP -> Worksheet. Has anyone tried this successfully?
  12. Thank you! I have 14k on my job
  13. HI all, Trying to find a decent 2d/3d symbol for a 19' Scissor lift and a single manliest - anyone have an assist Thanks Ethan
  14. Hi Claes, Which program are you using that has this option? Is it sketch-up ? TY Ethan
  15. Thank you Andy ! LOL! I have no idea where I found those either the first time - but I like them