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  1. I also found this video on YouTube - starting with the right photo is 1/2 the battle !!! Ethan
  2. Hey all - I went back and forth with tech support a few times. The Interior Corner was not my issue. My control lines were too close to each other and my verticals to dead vertical to each other. Combined, these did not leave enough variables to correctly calculate my model. for what its worth
  3. Hi all -- I found the culprit - and actually it was my MacBook's SMC Controller. My entire system was churning into overdrive - and if I went to Activity Monitor - my Windows Server & MDS were churning overtime! I reset the SMC controller and life is MUCH better all around !!
  4. Got it ! For those reading this the "Gate" is where the Shutter would cut into in a physical light. You need to go wireframe or X-Ray and zoom in on the unit to see it & select it. I have a feeling that a macro could be made for "Select Instrument - Give 1% Shutter Cut - Set Working Plane to "Gate" - Look at working plane" But its above my ability Thank you !
  5. I'll start looking - its something I inherited
  6. I'm working on a file that is not very complex - yet is over 100MB. Something in it is supremely slowing me down. Is there a way to do any kind of audit or filter to find out what is creating the slowness? Thanks E
  7. Hi - I'm trying to do some shutter cuts - and I think that it would be best to do this from the "Set View to Light" Command found in a "Light" Symbol. However - once that Light is buried in a Lighting Device (ie. S4-19º) - you no longer have access to the Set View to Light command. Any ideas on a workaround? Thanks ESet View to Light commandSet View to Light commandSet View to Light command
  8. Thanks - I've got the normal conrers nailed - its' when I got to "Interior" Corner ref points that my world gets whacky !
  9. Hi Josh - having trouble finding the Updated Tutorial - can you point me in the right direction? Thnaks e
  10. (FacePalm) Thank you !
  11. I find myself forever going to the Color Palette and having to go through the 4 drop downs to reset all to the "Color by Class", "Fill by Class" "Style by Class" etc ... Does anyone know a shortcut or script to automate this?
  12. not sure if you saw, but this is one of the thing in the mac pipeline ...
  13. Thank you ! I was able to add as a menu item - now I need to hunt down how to add as a right click item Thank you! Ethan
  14. Any one try the Razer Blade yet ? Only negative I see is the possible load fans and running warm ?
  15. Thanks Tom ... in the end - which machine do you get? I am pretty balanced between drawing & rendering. Thank you, Ethan