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  1. Yeah - found a few online solutions - was hoping form something simpler and Mac! what I found is: https://www.autodwg.com/dgn-to-dwg/default.aspx
  2. Hello, Working ona project and the ground plans are in Microstation .dgn format. Anyone have any brilliance on how to get into VectorWorks? Thanks! EJR
  3. https://blog.vectorworks.net/2017/05/designs-made-walking-simtread-2-5-software I found a blog-post for SimTread - can't find much else?
  4. In VW 2019 there was a plug-in to work with CROWD:IT https://www.accu-rate.de/en/en-crowdit-x-vectorworks/ What happened to that? Is there any other Crowd Simulation tool? We are looking for pinch points in our design and want to play with fire code compliance, etc. Thank you
  5. Bumping this for a muslin material. I'm looking to make a scrim and it would be quite useful 🙂
  6. was this a bamboo symbol by chance?
  7. Oh yes we have! Forget new features - fix the ones that are tere.
  8. I'm so happy to see this tool grow and grow !
  9. Was not trying to do that. By setting bracing to 0 and face to 0, I was still getting the outside frame 🙂
  10. + set framing width/depth to 0 Thanks !
  11. Hi - Is there way to have jacks span multiple flats? ie. if I'm making 12' high wall with 4x8's ? Thank you 🙂 edit - add image
  12. Is there a way to copy a custom color scheme between the different Visualizations ? I have 3+ schemes and 7 colors / scheme. Looking to create consistency across them all. Thank you 🙂
  13. I haven't been able to work it with spaces, but have it going with Data Viz
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