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  1. Hi, I still use C4D to export my final model from VW and do all the dressing up in TM. Never have any issues with strange textures or geometry. Datasmith not working properly yet as far as i can see. I import based on Textures always. VW create different items with any texture and change them in TM. HTH
  2. @Dave DonleyHI, I have noticed that i can save my Datasmith file from VW to any location which is good but TM wont allow me to select another location of the file. I am using the current TM 202.2 Preview 1 to test. Am i still missing something?? Still working with C4D exports. Example of my work.
  3. Hi Dont try to move your model in TM as it is referenced to VW file based on the RLs Click on the site model in right dialogue boxes and hit f to locate it. if you move it each time you change the VW model and reimport you will have to move the model. Leave it where it is. HTH
  4. Hi, Then main thing when using EAP is not to try to move the line move the profile as the extrude runs down the centre of the profile. moving the profile moves the profile to the side of the line. hope this helps. Just use a polyline of 3d poly.
  5. @Pat StanfordThanks for reply Pat. Am Interested in knowing how much they pay for and what speed is their upload and download? Also what is the time delay in getting files up and down? More comments welcome. Seems like everyone is dragging the files up and down and working on them locally, not using cloud as a server, as we do in the office, may be wrong but still need to get head around this if its possible and feasible as an everyday working setup. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is anyone using Cloud storage for all their server everyday working files? Our office is considering it but using Team viewer to download drawings they can take 20min of so for an average drawing, then i work on it at home. My concern is if i am continually saving this file as i am working on it is it as instant save as quick as it is to a local server? Any comments welcome Alan
  7. Hi, Anyone else having issues with stability of VW2022 SP2???? Stalls and crashes many times a day. If I drag a window or wall or just do menial tasks it will stall and crash????????? Any remedies??
  8. HI, What's the best affordable electronic measuring device that will draw your 3d plan as you measure. Is there one that does it accurately?? some use you camera on Iphone but they can be up to 25mm out. Thanks
  9. @TomHi, Did you use by component or by Class or texture and are you using VW 2022??? The only options now are By Class or Texture, Component is not there anymore.
  10. Hi i cant get the roof textures to show bu component in 2022. I exported back to 2021 and i can select by component and all works fine. seems there is no option to select by component. Am i missing something?? Thanks Roof.vwx Roof_v2021.vwx
  11. Hi, I have windows 11 and and extremely quick computer and find that some viewports can take 10 min to update and often stall. Tried same on an old slow windows 10 and it rendered the same viewports in 1/10 of the time. can only surmise that its associated with Windows 11. anyone else experiencing the same issues???
  12. Thanks Dave, I would be putting pressure on Epic Games (Twin Motion ) to have this option available on a server it makes sense when working in an office and a number of people on different computers working on the. If i export the Datasmith file to another location the Datasmith direct link cant find it. in the meantime i will use Cinema 4D export. Thanks
  13. @zoomerHi I have no issue with C4D files as set i up a folder in the project file in the server and export the C4D from VW to that location and the texture file arrives in the same location automatically. All easy to control. Datasmith no way to control the destination as far as i can see.
  14. Hi when i use the datasmith file rather than cinema 4d i cant change a few of the textures that work perfectly in cinema 4D. see attached the pool water. Any ideas, been having this issue each time i try to use Datasmith so i revert to Cimema 4D export as all works fine. hope we can find the issue. Thanks Seems certain textures from VW cant be altered in Twinmotion if you use Datasmith. See last image you cant select the pool water or the site model grass. all others you can eyedrop and they show up and can change. MMMMMmmmmmm.
  15. Hi I have updated my Twin Motion to 2022.1 and all seems fine now. I still want to know how to export the datasmith file to the server in a specific file location rather than to my user file. Thanks
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