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  1. Hi, I have created a few roof faces and have offset some of the components do not operate the same way. Any ideas?? ThanksRoof Faces.vwx
  2. hi, Thanks for this. I ended up drawing the modifiers for house 1 in the xref file and then in the main file I turned off the xref site model but copied over the item modifiers and pasting them in the main file. Will play around some more.
  3. Hi if i put windows in a curved wall that is not a closed circle they appear correctly with the wall cut out. Close the circle and they still cut in 3d but not in plan. ????? see file. Any options other than creating 2 segments of a wall. Thanks Untitled1.vwx
  4. Hi, I have a subdivision 4 lots and as file is getting large i created a desperate file for House 1 which includes the site modifiers. The main file still has the site model and site modifiers. I want to work on House 1 including the site modifiers and then go to the main file and the xref comes in ok with the site modifiers and without the site model. The xref is on the same design layer as the other site modifiers and main file site model. The site model does not update from the xref. is there a way to make them change the site model in the main file??? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi What you do is set up the view you want in the Design Layer then on screen plane you draw a rectangle around the area you want then create a viewpoint from that. you should get what is attached. HTH
  6. Hi, Have your surveyor provide you with a .csv file. this data is the rl and eastings and northings from their survey data. They may need to change the file extension to .xyz or zip it up as the computer doesn't like to send program files. So it opens as an excel file and you may have to delete a few columns, the first one is usually numbered points 1-???, delete any that don't match the 3 columns see attached. then you go to AEC/ Survey import and import survey data, select the .csv file and you will get a whole bunch of 3d nodes, select all and create a site model and you should get a site model. HTH Edited June 18 by AlanW
  7. See attached file. no need to move the path only the profile to get in correct location. HTH EAP_v2020.vwx
  8. EAP Is easy. Extrudes down the centre of the object so you move the profile so the back is on the centre see attached. To adjust the profile you have to use the correct x,y or z to move the nodes otherwise using the far left it is not constrained and goes haywire. HTH I also only draw a polygon and drop the profile anywhere on the design layer and hit it and no probems. Untitled1_v2020.vwx
  9. AlanW

    Colour Fill

    @axhakeHi, Not sure if this help. ImgProcessing-03_ v2021.vwx
  10. @Aneesh CarvalhoHi, in this network there is a node that extrudes along the edge rather than down the center. HTH DP by 2_ v2020.vwx
  11. Usually find that the use at creation is not ticked and or not set to solid. Check the symbol also. HTH I notice yout item is on the none class and often it has not solid fill and your have not ticked use material, not sure if that makes a difference.
  12. So where i use TM is fast Client walkaround presentation. I have found the result without a lot of work provides the Client with a much clearer idea as to what they are getting. It the overall image and feel. I dont get into creating special bump or displacement textures as you dont see it as you are walking around. I know you can spend hours to get the static image looking amazing but i am really presenting the idea to the Client and sometimes its a full white model. The image top left is the basic VW open GL, next right is the TM straight export with glass and water added. then the final with materials and entourage. Always learning and thanks for the links to other items. Just letting others know what is possible. HTH
  13. @grant_PDHi Havn't been into the theatrical side of things but Epic Games that has spun TM off from the Unreal engine appears to have some amazing capabilities in theatre lighing presentation. Have a look at this video from the Epic games website.
  14. That works well, draw a straight wall. draw a polyline as the top of the wall, extrude and section solid the wall, delete the top and use the deform tool to bend to desired shape.
  15. Hi, Internal shadows without shadow decals. Mirror not as good without probe and never use displacement mapping except in one of my tutorials as never required to detail the grass. TM is a great extension to VW. Leave it at that.
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