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  1. @Luis M RuizHi, nice work. Have been using TM 2020.2 for while and using a Samsumg Galaxy VR headset which works amazing well. Interested as to how you set up the 3d spin around?? Have a lot of work but cant show as work related. Thanks. Great program and loving it with VW.
  2. Hi, I have been informed from OzCAD that the MultiStamp tool has been retired as it was completely superseded by the superior Data Tag in 2021. We will need to become familiar with this tool because it is going to see a lot more development in the future which will make it even more compelling.
  3. Hi, Anyone else noticed that aMultistamp created in VW 2020 becomes StampCW when opened in 2021 and is Un-editable? If i export it back to VW 2020 all is fine it becomes a Multistamp again?????????????? Am I missing something?
  4. @RumbleHi i use a Renderworks Style i created to produce sun studies for shadow diagrams, it only creates a shadow and no building. . Use 2 viewports on top of one another and important to have the alpha channel unticked. Also doors open in 3d or not cast shadows. See attached. HTH PS If you turn off the doors and glass the sun show through to beyond. Shadows_v2020.vwx Shadows.vwx
  5. Hi, I notice you have walls set by object, this really only deals with one wall at a time. If yo use by component and set your wall style the same way (and draw walls clockwise) yo can change all of the same wall styles in one go. See attached file VW 2021. HTH Wall.vwx
  6. One other issue i found is that with some textures from VW via Datasmith you cant drag and drop an TM texture to see attached where as you can with C4D export, you have to make a new texture in TM then drag it on. The test zip has a VW, Tm and Assets that you would need to put in a folder named "Untitled1_Assets" shows the issue in the attached image for VW to look at. @Dave Donley test.zip
  7. HI, We just received the SP3 in Australia with DataSmith and there is a huge difference in the materials before adjusting in Twin Motion. Anyone else experiencing this? See attached, Cinema 4D on left and Datasmith on right. Also internal the materials all seem much darker not sure which is best yet, need to experiment more. What are other peoples experiences???
  8. @simbobHi, if you set the the desired design layer on edit viewport then it will always go to that file even if you change design layers while working in the file. Thant's what i have found.
  9. @hollister design StudioHi you could if you wanted straight lines use the create handrail and have a sheet of glass and sent to surface. HTH
  10. @MaltbyDesignHi you change it in your dimension style see attached. HTH
  11. I am guessing the class is not set to use at creation and not solid fill.
  12. @ilimatiareHi this means you have created a section marker without referencing it to a viewport. See attached if create a viewport from the marker the icon will go away HTH
  13. @edwardusHi delete the background in Photoshop then export as a .png it will be transparent.
  14. Hi, Have a look at the example in the Forum,
  15. HI all seems to work well in 2021. Nice work.


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