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  1. @ChristiaanHi, you simply go into the script and change the attributes and color will change. HTH can put and external node that you can change in the OIP. Also you can add node to use Class texture see below
  2. Hi, Have uploaded a quick start to get you from Vectorworks to TwinMotion. Great program for presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5tUTDSaCZE&feature=youtu.be HTH So easy to use and realistic Hopefully a plugin from VW to TM soon
  3. Hi Nice, looks great, thanks for sharing it. 🙂
  4. AlanW

    Driveway Ramp

    Hi you could draw a series pf 3D polygons across the driveway plan and loft the surface from these lines. you need to convert the 3D polys to Nurbs and ungroup to loft. HTH Ramp.vwx
  5. Hi Export KML file set you longitude and latitude and Z height etc then double click on the file and it should open in Google Earth HTH
  6. Hi, Just to let you know the Samsung works fine with a powerful computer, Seems the headset was dropping the visual with a lower computer. Its amazing seeing this in VR, so clear and so quick to get the model from VW to Twin Motion.
  7. Yes the group thing. cant be done in VW 2021 unless i got it wrong and there is another way. Copy one viewport to another Vectorworks file. been doing it for ages and showed others how to do it.
  8. Have noticed that the ability (Trick)of copy viewports has been stopped in 2021. This feature is very useful and it would be wonderful if it can be reinstated. Was there a reason that this trick was disabled??????
  9. @Angel HI, Attached is the file for dragging out windows and doors and putting them in a sheet. Original Post HTHWindow_Schedule_171213.vwx
  10. @Kennedyme Hi good idea but my workaround if i cannot do all the notes in the design layer is to place all the notes in the annotation layer of the top left viewport, just dont move the viewports around. HTH
  11. Hi, Using Twin motion successful with HTC Vive but cannot connect a Samsumg HMD OdySSey+. the mixed reality platform seems to take over and Steam wont recognize a headset. Anyone had any success with connecting one? Thanks in advance.
  12. @Ian M.Hi from your sheet layer export and select as per attached. HTH
  13. @Allen BrownSelect the image prop and click crossed planes then you can walk around it. If you don' select this your image will still rotate to the camera. place camera and open gl the image prop faces the camera but the actual image prop on plan will not rotate
  14. @drelARCHhi, with the stairs showing through the slab turn off show top tread. That should fix that problem. Also in the section advanced property don’t tick seperate structural and non structural, this may help.
  15. This is one of DomC's that may help. Suction Effects.vwx


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