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  1. @Ian M.Hi from your sheet layer export and select as per attached. HTH
  2. @Allen BrownSelect the image prop and click crossed planes then you can walk around it. If you don' select this your image will still rotate to the camera. place camera and open gl the image prop faces the camera but the actual image prop on plan will not rotate
  3. @drelARCHhi, with the stairs showing through the slab turn off show top tread. That should fix that problem. Also in the section advanced property don’t tick seperate structural and non structural, this may help.
  4. AlanW

    Gravity node

    This is one of DomC's that may help. Suction Effects.vwx
  5. With nothing selected hold down the shift key and then cross over what you want. This way your first click will not select anything
  6. change view to layer plane on top ribbon
  7. @Bruce Kiefferhi try hitting 0 (Zero) on num pad does it for PC or change view to layer plane
  8. @unearthedHi found this file that i was looking for which may assist. Random Planting IProp_001v2018.vwx
  9. Not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to use cut and fill (Spoil) you need to see http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FSiteModel1%2FCreating_a_spoil_pile_area.htm&rhsearch=spoil pile&rhhlterm=spoil pile&rhsyns= In the VW help file and you balance the cut with a spoil pile so no dirt has to be taken off site. You draw a pad for the cut then you use a spoil pile for the dirt to go to then you balance the cut and fill calculations. see attached.
  10. Hi As i understand it the program reads all locations in order of workgroup folder first then user folder then program folder and and are all available to the user at same time so you don't lose any connection. Agree you can always put the empty folders over to workgroup but we only use a few, we have complete empty folders at office but not really needed.
  11. Your workgroup folder should be rather small. You don’t copy all the folders over in the operating system, only the folder heading folders and the single folder and file you need within. HTH
  12. @line-weight Hi i did notice that your lowest rl was a minus, put it to zero. put site modifiers on the DTM class and made section use at creation and i get this. HTH
  13. @TessFLooks fun, If you set object to use class definitions as in the attached and make all the classes use at creation you get solid filled walls and floors. If this helps? I also used the clip cube to look inside.
  14. @line-weightHi not sure if this is what you were after. Section style class was not use at creation, they all need to be to show fills. The site modifiers were not on the site modifer DTM class, without them being on this class they have no effect on the site model. You also need to have the model and modifiers applying to the proposed model and not the existing. HTH sitemodel_v2020_v2018.vwx
  15. HI, Anyone know what this item is and how to get rid of it??? Comes up when using the Section-Elevation Marker VW2020. Thanks


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