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  1. António da Cunha

    3D solid Import from AutoCAD

    There it is. Thank you. Stairs.dwg
  2. António da Cunha

    3D solid Import from AutoCAD

    Hello, I have stairs created with AutoCAD, which is a 3D volume (solid). Imported to Vectorworks and they appear as NURBS inside a Group. I'm not able to convert the NURBS to a generic Solid. Is there a possibility to have this 3D import as a Solid in Vectorworks and not NURBS? Thank you in advance!
  3. António da Cunha

    VR Oculus Rift

    Yes. That is what I was looking for. Thank you! I found that exact same document about 40 minutes ago, but your added explanation makes everything much better. Thank you, Jim!
  4. António da Cunha

    VR Oculus Rift

    Hello, I need a link where Vectorworks says that Oculus Rift and other variants are supported. I've been searching for such and can't find. Is there some place where Vectorworks states that? If yes, please provide me the link. I really need that. Thank you!
  5. António da Cunha

    Export Image maximum size?

    Its a Viewport of a Park, with around 221 x 244 meters at 72 DPS and my MAC has 16 GB RAM. Edit: 221 x 244 meters. Means I am trying to export it at 1:1 scale as an image. If its dependent on RAM, that makes sense and already cleared my question. I really thank you for that, Good Sir.
  6. António da Cunha

    Export Image maximum size?

    Hello, What is the maximum size to export a Viewport as Image? Pixels? Width? Height? Can I have a specific number? I get this message: "Could not export image due to invalid size of width or height."
  7. António da Cunha

    Remote QR-Code blank and Start Server Crash

    Hello, What could be the reason for the Remote QR-Code not appearing (blank) and when clicking on "Start Server" VW crashing? Broken Plug-in? Firewall blocking? ...something else? Thank you!
  8. António da Cunha

    Is it possible to create a Section-Viewport in Wireframe? 

    Yes. That will do for something specific that I need. Thank you very much. Well thought!
  9. António da Cunha

    Is it possible to create a Section-Viewport in Wireframe? 

    Anyone, please?
  10. Is it possible to create a Section-Viewport in Wireframe? I want my model to be represented in Wireframe, but after I create a Section of it, I do not find an option that lets me keep it as Wireframe in the Section-Viewport. Closest I find in the list is "Hidden Line". Thank you!
  11. António da Cunha

    Export 3D PDF - Layers Order

    Is it possible to influence the order of Layers and classes when exporting 3D PDF? I have an order of Layers 01, 02, 03, etc... and I want them to be exported in that order as a 3D PDF and stay in that order when opening my PDF viewer. Is this possible? Right now they stay in a disorganised order. Thank you!
  12. António da Cunha

    Export Import DWG Problems - General questions

    It worked. Youre great! Thank you so much! I am happy that such a simple command solves the situation and above all that is not a problem from Vectorworks! Thank you!!
  13. Hello, When I Export a File from Vectorworks as .DWG, certain curves lines (arcs) and polylines change to line segments that are not curved anymore and the shapes change from round shapes to shapes with angles (squared). If I import back that same file to Vectorworks, some longer lines become fragmented in smaller lines. Is there any options to avoid this situations or at least make it smaller? Increasing the document DPI did not helped. In general I find several problems with Export .dwg and Import .dwg Thank you.
  14. Yesterday I watched the Webinar "Irrigation design in vectorworks landmark" until the end, but during the Q&A the time was already about 10 minutes past the determined 1 hour length, hence making me late for another appointment. So I had to close it. I still got a questionnaire about my satisfaction but this morning I noticed that I didn't received the usual mail stating that I was there plus the Email with the Certificate. This means I've to let the Webinar run until the its last second, even though the time is far more than what was previous determined so I can get it done? Whats going on? This also means that 1 hour length can be way more than that, making me stuck to this way longer than what was previously programmed, never being sure when it will end. I take time seriously and 1 hour is 1 hour. Not plus 15 or 20 minutes. I made a big effort to open this one hour in my schedule and watch this Webinar and had another important appointment right after that couldn't wait. If I close the program during Q&A I should still be able to get the Certification, I watched the full Webinar for the full 1 hour of duration that in reality was even more.
  15. I have a Polyline 2D area that is my "Path" and I have a NURBS that I want to Extrude Along Path. Question: Can I convert that NURBS into a polyline so I can make the Extrude Along Path? When I try to convert the Copy does not stay in the same place. It just rotates around when I rotate like its floating in space. Or can I just do it with a NURBS? Thanks!


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