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  1. That's a big help, Evan. I can't say it enough though, having been taught the Layer Plane is your 2D Top/Plan plane, it's counterintuitive to consider the Screen Plane applies to 2D objects. When you/someone looks at the image above for the video, the Layer Plane is clearly 2D flat on the layer. I'm not even clear (only because I don't work with it) in what application one would want an object flat on my "screen" as shown in the image above and that video... maybe for a "working" plane. In fact, are you saying I should be drafting floor plans on the Screen Plane and not the Layer Plane?
  2. Thanks! That makes sense. All of this is sorta new on me, as it's never been an issue. I still need to research the Layer Plane/Screen Planes though, as I'm fairly certain I was taught to draft on Layer Plane if working in 2D... after all, when you open a new file it defaults to Layer Plane and Top/Plan... and that video I shared above ( ) makes sense to me. Even the screenshot of the video reads that the Layer Plane should be "2D Top/Plan View." Thanks again everyone! You're all appreciated!
  3. Yes, I get the parametric objects vs symbols, but as far as there 2D/3D existence I perceived a correlation. That said, and getting back to my first upload and question, why is it that when I create a symbol in Top/Plan on the Layer Plane it results in a 3D symbol? In the attached, I drafted two objects and then created a symbol using the same technique I always use and the ones used in video instructions. But why are they 3D? I'm also including a screenshot of my VWX window, but it's standard... no customization. And again, to all of you, this is me simply not getting it... I'm certain you're all correct. SYMBOLS - TEST 3.vwx
  4. Sorry I'm so slow to "get this," Pat. For background, this came up when a client commented to me I had different iBeam symbols... some of which were 3D and some were 2D in the same file (note everything drafted is in Top/Plan). He went on to say that he could not snap to the 3D iBeams. Firstly, I have no issues snapping and seeing curser cues to the 3D iBeams (I attached a file of the iBeams). Regardless, when I select an iBeam (new) from the Tool Set it's in 2D and I wouldn't even know how to convert it to 3D because I don't need to do that. Yet, several of my iBeams are clearly in 3D. So as a test, I made a number of passes at making new symbols (including following the video above and others) and when finished I could see that they're ALL 3D symbols in the Object Info Pallet. So again I don't understand how to create a 2D-specific symbol. Also (FYI), you stated that "The Screen Plane objects are shown when in Top/Plan view." I trust your knowledge and experience, but I was taught to keep all objects for Top/Plan view on the Layer Plane for the exact reason explained in this VWX issued video. I think ultimately, I need to dig deeper into this... SYMBOLS - TEST 2.vwx
  5. Thanks everyone, but this is still unclear to me. From the start of the video, the 1st symbol created reads as a 2D in the Object Info Pallet. I created the two symbols in the attached file over the course of a project... one is 2D and the other 3D. However, I believe I take the same steps every time I create a symbol. SYMBOLS - TEST.vwx
  6. Mind you, I don't tend to have any issues with having a 3D symbol in a 2D environment, how does one make a 2D-specific symbol?
  7. For the past several months or so, I CONSTANTLY have my plan view switch to orthogonal. I've reviewed any shortcuts related to view I can identify and may be triggering accidentally, but it's still happening... I had just been accepting it as a bug, but I can't imagine other users work this way. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Ah ha! That makes sense, now. I would've chased my tail a few more rounds without your help. Thanks, bgoff!
  9. I'm working with a plant symbol who's tick mark is not centered. I looked into other postings that reference editing this in "plant geometry," but that's not clear to me. I have tried locating the tick mark in the 2d/3d symbol, but it doesn't appear. Any input is appreciated.
  10. Yes, that's it! I think Pat touched on those settings in recent user group meeting, I just couldn't remember. Thanks to you both.
  11. I do use it with some frequency, the more I think about it. But yeah, sometimes I wouldn't mind having it off.
  12. I'm referring to the info that appears on the cursor while drafting (see attached). I guess I use it occasionally, but sometimes it's just one more item on a screen.... on technical drawing I think I'd leave it off if possible.
  13. The cursor datum could be turned off, correct? If so, please share how to do this.
  14. I've attached an image of this red symbol that's been appearing in recent days on my section makers. I don't think it's Landmark-specific, but that's what I'm working in today.
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