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  2. I worked at a design team that used Unreal Studio (on Windows), and your assumption is fairly accurate. While Unreal Studio is far more powerful, it requires infinitely more tinkering to output the final product. That's where TM comes in by building a front end GUI, specifically for us (not gamers). While our renders weren't as polished as Cinema, they were literal screenshots. Also, to clarify, someone above used the term "baked". Real time does not = baked. Baking lights into a scene is more akin to what we've experienced in Cinema/Renderworks. That's also why one of the toughest things to render in Unreal/TM is atmosphere: smoke, fog, beams (of light). It always has that uncanny valley.
  3. Assuming that's due to Apple's limitation of AMD GPU's on the Mac, so until AMD has their own version of RTX...
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  5. Thanks Klinzey, The problem lied in the font/font size that was associated with the object(instrument summary) For some reason when working with file created by some of my associates, some new objects (dimensions and instrument summaries so far) are created with a font size that is either null or too small to see. I suspect that is that there is a font or font size that exists on the file creator's machine but not on mine. I suppose I need to pay more attention to that font mapping pop-up next time I pick up on an existing project. The Fix: With the object selected, menu item Text > Font Size {select a font size}
  6. opened a v2019 file in v2020, (it might have originally been drafted in v2018 or earlier) I can't figure out how to add fill behind text in label manager for channel numbers, twofers, etc. Doesn't seem to be an option in label manager.
  7. @rseybert I just tried in 2020 with VP class overrides for class color for the light and I could not get it to work. I looked at Jim's presentation and he was changing the class color of the lens not the light. He was one of the people I had the discussion about class coloring of the light with VP overrides. It works fine for the geometry but not for the light source.
  8. What about using your symbols with the Use Symbol Geometry feature of Doors and Windows so you can get the benefit of drawing exactly what you want while still getting the insertion ability of the PIOs?
  9. Not that I know of but check this thread for a script that will let you replace your loci with a symbol.
  10. I read VW 2021 will be about new Wall System. My expectations are, as always, pretty low 🙂 Let's hope for a surprise. Nevertheless there are quite a few workarounds. Beside There may be also by faking Composition Dimensions with custom Components Heights to look like stacked Components for visualization purposes if applicable. Or using a second Wall above the Windows, on a separate Class or better Layer to hide for horizontal sections Plan Generation. Maybe more. What is most suitable depends on the specific Project. Generally you can insert Windows and Doors in a single Wall only. Also stacked duplicated Walls may cause problems with Auto- Joining
  11. I think you need individual Symbol duplicate for each setup. And that it will only work for a special Wall Thickness and Components Dimensions. On the other hand you are pretty free with the Geometry that will create the Wall Opening and can add all kinds of wall covers, lintels and such stuff.
  12. Willie

    Locus Points

    Hello, Is there anyway to make Locus points visible to print? Thanks
  13. @klinzey Thanks for looking into it. It's interesting that this is being diagnosed as not being possible. There is a webinar on the VW University page that shows this exact process being done and being successful. The webinar is here: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=39&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=78
  14. When you make custom symbols, they are no longer "Window" objects, so "Plan Wall Offset" isn't an option: But it should be!! 😁
  15. I have tried setting the color of a Vectorworks light object by class in prior versions and it does not work. Even thou you can use the attributes palette to set the color of the light, coloring by class will not work. I put in a wish list request as coloring a Vectorworks light object by class has been requested by several users.
  16. Simon PH


    I've seen this issue raised before but haven't as yet come across a fix. I am using a Mac and we have our VW files stored on dropbox. Every time I open a VW I get a message saying that all my references are broken. The reference files are absolute path. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks
  17. @Ron Creason Could you send us a screenshot of error message. Please make sure to NOT to show the complete serial number.
  18. @kroman I haven t seen this problem with the Instrument Summary before. I recommend contacting tech support directly so they can take a look at your file.
  19. Thank you so much Raymond. This works well. Andrew
  20. G.B

    Script error

    @MullinRJ Thank you for your answer I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. The message no longer appeared, but the graphic malfunctions persist. From the things i noticed one is that the settings in The interactive tab change independently and this produce purple or yellow screen and other things. Maybe you are right, maybe it's just the version...i hope, because i want buy it, so...
  21. Nice trick, I'll love to see Stacked Walls in Vectorworks someday...
  22. My solution has been to use exterior walls without exterior cladding, and then model the siding as 3d objects. Not ideal, but it works. Technique courtesy of @Jonathan Pickup.
  23. does the plan wall offset not work for your window symbols?
  24. That's a very good question, I'll ready if anyone have a good way to do this, without using 2 walls one on top of each other...
  25. MullinRJ

    Script error

    Hello @G.B , It is a problem with the "Interior Elevation Marker" tool. Does the problem repeat after you restart VW? If so, someone at the factory will have to answer your questions. I tried it on my licensed version of VW and it works. It could be related to the evaluation version, or it could be a problem with the tool and the way you are using VW (setup, units, view, etc.). It's hard to tell from here. Restart and write back. Raymond
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