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  3. Does anyone know how to have a infinite cylce of progress until a function is finished? Is this possible with Python/Vectorscript calls? A note on the SDK example page says it is possible, http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/SDK:Progress_Dialoghttp://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/SDK:Progress_Dialog. Wondering if thats unique to the C++ SDK..
  4. I would use a Subdivision. Iteration level 0. Then, connect the edges with the Add Edge mode. Should always be triangles (in my example I didn't make sure I had triangles. It's just to show you what I mean). It is very quick and efficient.
  5. I think Kevin has it right. The Mesh object in step 5 allows movement of individual vertices or groups of vertices. The trick is to select using the select tool with a click on a vertex, or surround a vertex or group of vertices with a marquee (or lasso, or polygon if the select mode is changed to one of these options). This selection can be done in any view (well, the side views don't help much at the start, because the mesh just looks like a line.) The selected vertex can be moved in z direction by dragging, or numerically by tabbing into the smart cursor cues until the z field is active. -B
  6. I wonder if there is anything in creating the base shapes in 2d, then floating some 3d locus points above and using Extrude multiple. I would rough in the base shapes like this then draw 3d polygons to connect spots that need it. Sorry for no example, I'm not at a computer.
  7. You can also go to Format Cells… > Number Tab > Boolean and then enter the values you want displayed for True and False
  8. Here's a slightly different take on how to approach this - I started a 2d rectangle as my boundary in Top/Plan and quickly drew a bunch of lines to form a variety of triangles (Far left). Next I used the paint bucket mode of the polygon tool to quickly "draw" the triangles themselves. Then I selected the triangles (polygons) using the Magic Wand tool, used Cut to get them out of the way, deleted the foundation guidelines (rectangle and lines) and paste the triangles back in place. Next I converted the triangles to 3d polygons. Next I converted the 3d triangles to a mesh (second from the right, highlighted in orange). Finally I selected individual join points and moved them in the Z direction. The advantage to this approach is you can use the joined property of the mesh to your advantage. Even if you place 3d depth loci first so you have something to snap to, the mesh is the way to go. Note that I've drawn the panel on its back and it would need to be rotated into its vertical orientation once its complete. Kevin Facetted Surface.vwx
  9. @bcd thanks for chipping in, yeh that kinda gets something like 👍, hopefully VW may add an image effect to achieve something similar a little more efficiently 😁
  10. Yesterday
  11. There is really no limit in Vision. You will probably have to adjust the Far Clip Plan and you may see some z-fighting is some geometry depending on your view distance and Far Clip plane settings. One of the reasons Vision has no limit on the vies is that we use an acceleration based camera view rather than absolute camera position values so we don't have limits on our camera/view location. I know there have been some very large models produced in Vision.
  12. Not seeing that in VW2020 SP2.1 Top/Plan Create group on design layer with layer elevation of zero. Enter Group/Exit Group. No axis lines. Move group to design layer with layer elevation of 1 foot. Enter Group/Exit Group. No axis lines.
  13. I second what @Kevin Allen said. I had to do a table with a very similar design on the front, and it involved a lot of 3d polygons.
  14. In the label legend manager did you select the option to display the labels in 2D? There are separate settings fro creating each label in 2D and 3D.
  15. This is a known issue should be fixed in a future 2020 service pack.
  16. Running into an issue where the X/Y values on the hoists only updates when we have "Relative X, Y On Plot" checked. This shows the little arrows on the hoist, however, we do not wish to display those and only show the X/Y in the hoist data display. Why will the X/Y only show when the arrows are turned on?
  17. Are the Gaps intentional? I would use 3D Locus objects and 3D Ploygons
  18. Quite a bit of right-click functionality has been added in the last few releases that specifically relate to the object that is right-clicked on. Currently, it lives at the bottom of the menu. I would like it at the top............... as I am writing this I thought: surely there will be a way to do this in the Workspace editor. And there is! Relocate the Properties command to the top of the Object Context menu and all object specific commands will be located above it every time you do a right-click. Thought I would share a small discovery!
  19. I absolutely had tried that a few times before but the problem does seem to have fixed itself this time? Which...great, but also, weird.
  20. Overview: The CAD Drafter is responsible for creating detailed CAD drawings to be utilized in the set up of staging and structures. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Read and interpret drawings and blueprints to obtain specifications Draft components used in staging structures such as; truss arches, truss grids, and stage deck designs. Revise and update existing drawings reflecting design changes Update the standard deck and truss arch library Work and communicate with all departments involved in production to meet client’s requests and project requirements in a timely manner Other duties as assigned Qualification Standards: Minimum 2 years’ related work experience; Ability to analyze and interpret designs to apply proper assembly Strong interpersonal skills with ability to work with different personalities Proficient in computer programs including Google Suite products, and must be proficient in Vectorworks Must be a self-starter and motivated to work with minimal guidance Excellent communication skills both verbal and written Excellent organizational skills with the ability to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment Flexible schedule with the ability to work some evenings, weekends and holidays as required Please send your resume to hr@gallagherstaging.com No phone calls please
  21. Hello, I'm trying to create a build drawing for a 3D backdrop that mimics the facets of a diamond. What is the best course of action to extrude this in 3D? The total size of the backdrop is 10' x 10' with a maximum depth of 10"
  22. Thanks for helping out here Lisa.
  23. Switching both views to open GL rendering also results in similar rendering, which is good enough in this case. I'm still stumped about the different rendering results when using Renderworks rendering for both views. But the open GL work-around is good enough. Ed
  24. Thanks for those ideas. We have a different heliodon for each view. We attempted to light the two sides similarly. And yes, If I use a section VP instead the upper elevation renders similarly. So I'm still wondering if there is something different in the way rendering works between elevations vs. sections. Ed
  25. jcrock


    Thanks Wes, but I decided against using this hatch detail on the current plan. I see that there is a general waterproofing line option in the attributes palette that I will try using on an exploded detail view later. However, can you recommend by any chance, a particular wall style or hatch to represent a dry mounted hollow core concrete wall that will serve to protect a waterproofed/asphalt covered rear supporting wall of a house on a sloped site? Its purpose is to act as a barrier against layers of rock and stone that will be used as an infil behind the first story of the house. Jeremy
  26. In case no one comes up with a better solution you could try it by checking the referenced files for the symbol. When the symbol you want to check is in the resource list off the file it should be referenced. (I assume that ther ewould be conflict when you reference a file that has sym "A" and sym "A" is already in the master file). VectorWorks::TVWArray_ReferencedFileInfo outRefFilesInfo; gSDK->GetReferencedFilesInfo(outRefFilesInfo); VectorWorks::SReferencedFileInfo info = outRefFilesInfo.GetAt(0); // Iterate trough the total count info.winFilePathName; // Build a resource list and check if the Symbol is contained. http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:BuildResourceListN regards, Patrick
  27. Third time's the charm (I think) 🙂 Try this: =IF(('Door Data'.'Fire Rated?'), '✔︎', '') It turns out it was't the question mark that was the problem - so go ahead and leave it in the name. The record and field names have some "special characters" (spaces and a question mark). In order to get the full names to be recognized, you need to add single quotes as I added. HTH!
  28. You will need 2 Viewports and 1 Rectangle stacked as follows: Top Viewport - HLR - Cropped to Suit; above a Rectangle with Left-Right Gradient that transitions from transparent to opaque white; above a Bottom Viewport rendered to taste.
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