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  2. Re 1: I don’t think so. Re 2: You may be able to edit them in a worksheet. Create a report with drawing labels as the criteria which list layer and drawing number.
  3. This may not help, but since garage slabs generally slope I always use a Roof Face instead of a Floor or Slab. I then set the wall in which the overhead door/s is/are to Bottom Offset = -6" (eg), and lower the doors by the same amount. This works for me because I do not use Stories, and do not bind any objects to any other objects (in other words, no BIM for me).
  4. Hey Danielle. Do you have renderworks? If so you can control the 3D textures in a few places. The render tab of the object info palette is the first place to look. You can control wall textures for each individual component of your wall styles or via the “by object” option you can control textures for each different side of your wall. If you have multiple wall styles with components set up for different finishes then I would suggest using the “by component “ option and creating a class for each finish complete with its own texture and editing your wall style components to use these classes with textures set to “by class”. If you don’t have renderworks then the 3D appearance will be determined by editing the solid fill of your wall style components.
  5. Well, I've been struggling with this same issue the last two days. Had a file I've been working on for over a week and suddenly, when I go to update the C4D file, I would get nothing; even what was already imported would disappear. This was in TM2019. I was able to open the 2019 file in 2020 but when I tried to update the C4D file, it would go for awhile and then lock up. I went back to a back up file and same thing, even when using a back up C4D file. I tried downloading and reinstalling 19, trashing my user library, etc, etc. I found I couldn't even import a simple cube into a new TM file. Lots of googling and I finally came across this: Hi. On re-installing the apps on my Macbook Pro I have discovered the conflict (which is now back again!) as unfortunately it is a piece of software required for Remote Access to the office which I use regularly - Namely GlobalProtect version 4.1.7 -18 by Palo Alto Networks. As soon as this is installed Twinmotion will not import files. I didn't even remember that I had installed it but on a call Monday, we were reminded that we needed to use it to be able to remote access in to change our password if it was expiring (I had 5 days left) so I had downloaded it. Now I'm trying to get our IT dept to uninstall it so I can get my work done.
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  7. With the current work-separation situation, my associate and I are working remotely. We are using the redline tool to communicate changes and ideas on drawings. In order to overcome the small comment box in the OIP, we have developed a worksheet that we place on the drawings for easy access/editing long comments and discussions. How are others accomplishing this coordination, redline tool or other methods ? Thank you and be safe
  8. If you're looking for a cloud based RFI solution then PlanGrind is better for you assuming that you're looking for something more than just marking up a PDF. Revu and PlanGrid are quite different. I find it hard to compare them. I use Revu as my default PDF application and have used PlanGrid on various projects as part of the entire project teams effort. Using one does not preclude using the other. For example I would still use Revu as my PDF application even if I had PlanGrid. Revu is really just a PDF markup application with some nice purpose built features for the architectural and engineering industry. PlanGrid is a whole ecosystem built around drawings and other documents that is highly integrated with workflows for RFis, submittals, Punch Lists, task management etc. The pricing structure is different too. PlanGrid gets quite expensive with it's monthly fee vs the one time cost of Revu. Both are great for what they are but I wouldn't compare them.
  9. Hello. Is there a way to change the attribute on wall that I make with the wall tool? I seem to be able to change colors on the default unstyled walls when i'm in the 3D mode, but I can't figure out how to do this on walls I make myself. Hopefully I dont need to make a different wall type for each different color wall. Thank you, Danielle
  10. I usually draw up theater venues and break it down into layers and many classes. I usually do Venue, Venue Above, Balcony (if there is one), as Layers. Then in the classes there is long list of everything and varies by venue: Having the Venue Above layer helps to be able to turn off Grids/hanging positions and all that in one fell swoop. Same w/ a Balcony layer. Having everything in its own class allows you to turn off specific things with great precision. I have a LABELS class for all notations that are venue specific so I can turn those off and on as needed, since shows in the venue will have their own specific notes. Everything is saved to a master file and then referenced in to a specific show file so that you can't mess up the master file. Grant
  11. I foolishly changed the letter X keyboard shortcut for selection mode to be the keyboard shortcut for the X-ray tool. Now I have no shortcut for selection. Can someone please tell me how to restore the X as the shortcut for the selection. I do see how to change X-ray back to the B key.
  12. I'm not confident this is going to be what it would need to be. Cloud based apps are fine as long as they do not always need the cloud. As long as there is a desktop companion application that can be used when you don't have a connection then it's fine but otherwise I find it useless.
  13. I actually came across another problem with the same project and tagging exercise. I initially created tags on Design Layer. Then I realised I should probably annotate the drawing in the Sheet Layer, so moved them all across. Not that that was smooth - I am not aware of the way to move items with reference point between Design Layer and Annotation space on a Sheet Layer. As one could imagine, once moved all tags lost their association with tree objects. Now, when I tried to reassign them by just moving the marker, I was not able to choose which tree the tag should point to. VW tries to identify which object is relevant. And unfortunately it fails. For example, I tend to point to tree trunks, but always the wrong tree was selected. Does anyone know if there is a way to circle through the objects available within the tag's range? Like with some key pressed, e.g. like when using B key to X Ray the linework.
  14. Slanted walls on Revit 2021. http://www.aecbytes.com/tipsandtricks/2020/issue90-revit.html .... .... .... .... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Big wishlist item: Add Active Class Texture to Object Textures drop-down. Currently the Class Texture option only uses the Insertion Options class, not the Active Class. We're having great luck using different classes for different wall finishes, ie: Stucco 1, Stucco 2 etc... each Class has a different texture. Setting the stucco component to Active Class Texture yields nice results for walls, but for things like parapet walls, we need the Overall Object to follow along otherwise you need a separate parapet cap to hide the components in renderings.
  16. Hello- I have not used the Drawing Label tool much. I have two questions: 1) is there a way to set the default "distance" it is placed (in a Viewport) below the geometry? If so, where and how? 2) is there a way to renumber these as a group? I know how to renumber them individually through the OIP, but curious is I decide to delete some, or move some viewports to different pages, I may want to renumber them; I guess you could call it a "batch" renumber for lack of a better description. Thanks! VW 2020, sp 3.1
  17. When you import a Sketchup file, there is an option to import all Sketchup materials as Renderworks textures. They can then be edited as you wish within Vectorworks/Renderworks. So, just apply them to some geometry in Sketchup, save the file, and then import it into Vectorworks.
  18. Is there a way to lower the sill of the garage door? It seems to be tied to the slab of the first-floor story, but I need it to drop about 12" below the floor level of the first floor.
  19. Actually Reset All Plug-ins does not reset the file name. I have not been able to script an option to reset it either, but I have not given up yet.
  20. You have Sketch Rendering mode turned on. From the View menu: Rendering switch back to Wireframe. You can also set Sketch as a foreground render style on viewports.
  21. Due to the COVID pandemic, we had to switch our project file to Dropbox, and now I have 500+ callout notes in a shared Project File that have lost their database. I am trying to figure out how best to proceed with working with a shared Notes Database. I think we set up the file with absolute paths (not knowing that we would all be working remotely). VW Help Documentation on this topic is fairly vague. For example, the section on the Reconcile Note Command says, "The Reconcile Notes command handles differences between the database and the notes in the drawing. For example, if database callouts have been placed and the database is edited afterward, differences must be reconciled." Alright then. In real-world terms, what does this exactly mean? Does the tool help you locate databases that have changed paths? Or is this function more geared toward making sure all the callout note instances are consistent if someone changes it. A video demonstrating the various functions of the notes manager system would be truly helpful. @Christiaan Does that mean we should abandon our attempt at doing database management on a project using Dropbox? Should I have our team VPN into the server so that the file links directly to our server instead of the cloud? What do I do with all the notes that are now linked to somebody's user Dropbox folder? How do they get reconciled? Given the fact that work and most project files have moved to the cloud, some guidance from the VW team on this topic would be vastly appreciated.
  22. When I made my profile I remember there where a couple odd ones that I could not find either. I made those with a screenshot from the icon in the application. These odd icons must be hidden somewhere else in the program
  23. Sooo... this just started happening: Every time I try and make a change to my model - e.g. change an object's transparency; insert a plug-in object; etc - the line style of the WHOLE model changes to ... squiggly! See attached pics - before and after inserting a Carriage bolt. Same happens when I make some other changes. The squiggles appear regardless of different classes and layers. What have I done wrong??
  24. Hi Michael I decided to start again & check as I go....Imported pdf, cropped it fine, tried to print & nothing. I've spent an hour (!) trying different things & printer settings. I have printed a pdf before so know it can be done on my kit. Any thoughts? Apologies for being such a beginner! PS I don't know what you mean when you were explaining about pdf being referenced vs imported..don't know what caching a file is...despite googling 😐
  25. @Wes Gardner Thanks for that. I'm using a non story wall style and it works for what I am doing. While believe me I get the idea of having things structured a certain way to help with automation etc. It was just frustrating not getting it for a bit there. Either way I think I am okay for now. Matt
  26. I'd like to bump this topic.. I've tried a number of strategies here, without a bombproof solution. texture mapping mode consistent between floors, attribute mapping tool used to align the texture bitmap.. Often the hatch is still not aligned between floors.. Anyone have a reliable repeatable method here?
  27. As of 2020, this is no longer the case. Pipes, Ladders, and the three Truss tools no longer need to be converted to Hanging Positions in order to directly interact with Lighting Devices and other Spotlight objects (Softgoods, speakers, video screens...)
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