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  2. Pat Stanford

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Yes, Anything you can do in VS you can also do in Pythonscript. In Pythonscript you can actually do more. I just personally dislike the white space as delimiter notion of Python. Makes it very hard for me to debug. Yes you can get and set vetches of mesh objects with Python. You need a handle to the mesh, an index to the vertex you want to move, and just pad the X/Y/X positions you want it to take.
  3. Yesterday
  4. CMaxwell

    Custom Diagonal Muntins

    Is it possible to do diagonal munitins so as to create a diamond pattern? Or do they have to be placed into the model 'manually'?
  5. CMaxwell

    Muntins on Custom Sash

    Is it possible to do diagonal munitins so as to create a diamond pattern? Or do they have to be placed into the model 'manually'?
  6. Alan Woodwell

    Weird behaviour of a pad site modifier

    Hi I had problems with pad with retaining edges so I just used pads, got same results and no issues.
  7. michaelk

    Editing text lag

    I know it's possible. I've never done it.
  8. Zeno

    No Stories, No Problem

    I don’t understand why people can’t understand stories.. it’s a very powerful tool, foundamental for paramethric and BIM worflow!
  9. Does anyone here know if there are any issues singing in to Service Select from Canada. I am recently unable to sign in. It keeps taking me to the login page.
  10. barkest

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Thanks Pat Would I be correct in saying that if you can use VS you can do it in Python as well? I also use Blender so it could be a win win for me as my Py skills, that I don't currently have, are transferable. With Py I could move verts as needed. I have no idea if I want to do this but if I can move verts then I could do most things with a mesh. thank you again for your help
  11. Pat Stanford

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Yes, you can use Marionette for this, but this is the type of thing that I think Vectorscript (VS) is better at than Marionette. Many of the things you have listed above are a single line of code in VS once you get a couple of 10-20 line "wrappers" that you can basically reuse. In Marionette since everything is a node, you end up having to add a lot of extra nodes to do some of these things. It will also depend on more explicitly what you are trying to do. If you want to operate on a single selected object that will be much easier than if you want to operate on multiple objects in the drawing. The Marionette Gurus and I have a friendly ongoing debate about Marionette vs VS. What type of object are you talking about with a Face Size? Give us a little better description of what you want to do and we can offer better recommendations.
  12. Pat Stanford

    Replacing extruded shape with 3D symbol

    Not easily. It appears that the Racks in the Objects-Ent Stage:Rack Cases.vewx are all individual symbols rather than being a plugin object (PIO). That means that you will not be able to easily modify the size. If I am missing a PIO that generates a case, then you could theoretically write a script that would get the dimensions and center point of your extrude, delete it, and them place a PIO at that location and set the parameters for the size. You could theoretically do this with the symbols, but you would have to go through the list and pick the ones that are closest to your dimensions which many not be close enough for your needs. If you have not scripted before there is a pretty steep learning curve. As in 5 to 10 hours or more. It will depend entirely on your programming experience and how many bells and whistles you need. Make sure you really define the problem with all of the exceptions before you start trying to write it. Hopefully someone else has a better answer. If you decide to go with a script I will be glad to try and help. Just ask again.
  13. GoodPeter

    Custom Cable Connectors/Accessories

    Thanks so much - i'll try this Monday back at the office. Our team really appreciates your help.
  14. martinfdc

    Best Bang for the buck Imac vs Imac Pro

    Hi @jeff prince I'd go for the iMac instead of the iMac Pro. It's Intel i9 processor is very good and according to what I've been seeing on the internet has been managing thermals very good. It's a shame though that the new iMac doesn't have a T2 chip or two more thunderbolt ports and the 10Gb ethernet port but all of this stuff are not essential at least for me... Also never buy RAM from apple if you have the option to upgrade it yourself and buy it elsewhere. A video comparing both machines: Here I leave you two screenshots of a beast of a machine under $6000 ($4249.00 + $948.99 = $5,197.99) https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/imac/27-inch-3.7ghz-6-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-4.6ghz-2tb# https://eshop.macsales.com/cart/?added=OWC2666DR4S128S Hope all this helps a bit on your decision.
  15. Can I use marionette to assign parameters to an existing object? This means size, scale, rotation and also face size Not used marionette before but not fazed if the solution is complex as long as it can do it thank you
  16. jlensansom

    Editing text lag

    ah, yes that must be it. can i revert to an earlier OS?
  17. Good morning, during an interchange process with a structural bim authoring software, a very important issue was identified: the separate management between the analytical model and the geometric model. This is essential if you need to represent the real size of an object and decide where its reference axis is located. In VW this is automatically associated and from what I understand it is necessary to change all aspects of the model to be able to respond to different needs. Is there a way to manage the analytical model independently?
  18. Good morning, I'm studying a manual on bim. In the description of a process related to the BIM REPOSITORY it describes the updating procedure that takes place between the different applications also thanks to two factors. The management of a unique ID of the object (I believe it is the GUID) and the fact of being able to assign a timestamp to the specific object. the text says that VW does not support either of these two aspects. I know that the GUID is not a problem, but how do we put it with the thanks @Joe Marshall @_c_ @Mihail Rizov
  19. Hi All, This may be a very newbie question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.. (including in search!) Simply put, is it possible to replace an extruded rectangle shape with a symbol from the resource library whilst keeping the shapes dimensions? I have drawn up some truck packs recently using simple 3d shapes to represent accurately the sizes of our touring cases, this works fine but it would be great now to be able to replace these simple blocks with some of the pre built flight cases available in the resource manager, and have them resize automatically to fill the originally specified space (I realise the locations of wheels etc may not be accurate but that isn't a problem for these packs). Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm using V2017 spotlight if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance, Jack
  20. The Addsurface function only takes in two handles. How would you do a list of handles? As per screenshot below: where some rectangles are overlapping and some aren't? using Addsurface in a for loop seems impossible as once the surfaces are added h1, h2 are deleted. Thoughts anyone?
  21. Igne

    student license extension not working

    Hey! I have the same issue. I have already applied for extension a few time and still don't have it.
  22. Robert Janiak


    It was accidentally problem. I can not reply again. I think, ethernet configuration was wrong.
  23. Benson Shaw

    Weird behaviour of a pad site modifier

    I saw similar on your orig post. The pad w retaining edge that disappeared. I did select one and noted that OIP reported infinite xy coordinates. It vanished when deselected. Sorry no solutions, but it indicates something wrong with the pad or nearby mods. Sometimes surrounding the whole system of mods with a grad limits object solves some problems with aberrant spikes and holes and folds. Might be worth a try. -B
  24. Last week
  25. scottmoore

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    I totally understand that and agree that it would be pretty unreasonable at this point.
  26. josue Corona

    Data Tag Line tool

    There a new data tag line tool in vector works. Theres one where that it has number with a circle and as you put more circle the number increases . I was wondering if anyone knew if theres a script or something in vector works that instead of being a number inside the circle. there would a Letter instead. The letter will change as you put next following circle. thank you .
  27. tismacfan2

    drawing a cupboard

    Could you not help me by adjusting the script according to your comments please. What I don't really understand much about it. Thanks in advance
  28. Pat Stanford

    Need help creating a Z Rotation script

    ForEachObject handles the Handles for you. 😉 Notice the definition of Callback(H1:Handle); What this means is that the procedure has to be passed the handle to an object to be able to run. So if your were going to "manually" call the procedure you would have to do something like Callback(HandletoMyObject); or else you would get an error. Internally that is exactly what ForEachObject does. It makes a list of the handles of all the objects that match the criteria and then it calls Callback one time for each object passing the handle to the object as a parameter. So at the top of Callback H1 will contain the handle to the object passed by ForEachObject. The fact that you redefine what that handle points to does not matter to the code. It just knows that it called Callback with the handles it was supposed to use. Clear?
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