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where's the roadmap gone?!!


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1 hour ago, Tobias Kern said:

i guess, it is because today is the start of the VW 2022 Teaser Tuesday weeks


I saw on another thread that they are not doing Teaser Tuesdays this year and doing something different instead


Edit: @JuanP wrote it here - 

Any idea when those videos are likely to come out, Juan?



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52 minutes ago, JuanP said:

@neal-2002You can have a good idea of what's coming in Vectorworks 2022 by visiting our current public roadmap. You can see the Scheduled, In Development, and Active Research upcoming changes.


I hope this helps. - Juan P.






Well if redshift and door/window reveal inner leaf wrap is in 2022 that’s fine - otherwise I think I’ll just hold off the vss - I ain’t in no rush to update/become a beta tester until at least sp3/4…

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I would be pretty disappointed if not.


More curious about how much adapted and optimized VW will be for Apple Silicon,

Or just compatible, without the Rosetta overhead.


Even Blender is native Apple ARM.

But so far there isn't any optimization for ARM or Metal support.



And even more interesting,

is VW 2022 mac OS 12 Monterey ready ?

Will the corrupt File Opening Dialogs be finally resizable in horizontal direction too

and no more add another Finder Column after each start of VW ?

Meanwhile my File Open/Import/Export ... Dialogs are about 5-6 Screen Widths ....

Lots of Window grabbing. Hope I can survive the time frame until VW 2022 release

this way .....

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3 hours ago, JuanP said:

there is one bug that Apple it's trying to fix.



Until now I only see the corrupt File Open Window.

I am surprised this may be an Apple Bug, as I haven't seen

that in any other Apps so far. But what do I know.


Anyway, fine that Monterey is expected to be initially supported.

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