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  1. hmm, but, the empty OIP-Problem isn't a well known issue at VW inc.? I am wondering, because it's happening so regularly, independently of any file. Resetting the user folder helped only for some days... strange thing.
  2. no, it would be better, really hiding them, for example for dwg-exports
  3. For drawing plans for modification of buildings, data Data visualization should be able to hide objects, too. In Archicad for example it's called Rennovation filter. Here you can assign to an object, wether it is existing, new or should be demolished, in order to display all parts in the colors - black:existing, yellow: demolished, red: new or display only the old version or the new version of the building. However, data visualization actually isn't able to hide objects, which is essential for those plans. Here you can see, how it is solved in Archicad: is
  4. Hi, just take a look at the german resource manager (screenshot). The order of resource types is the order of the english resource types, not the alphabetical order of the german ones... This issue is as old as, Vectorworks? 10years +x? s
  5. got it and works, thanks 🙂
  6. great thing, however, somethings not working in the script. What's wrong with the quoted script aheada?
  7. doesn't help. It's not a VW-Spotlight issue, however...
  8. thanks, I will invest a few more minutes in searching and post a link to the result, as soon as I got it 😉
  9. Hi, im working with VW 2020 SP4, German, Architect. It happens sporadically, mainly after switching between more applications, that the object infopallette suddenly does show any object parameters only when I click into the text-fields. The only solution I know is resetting the VW 2020 user-folder. Is there any known issue? I never experienced anything like this before during the last 10 years (and I've been working myself in the German Vectorworks helpdesk-team for about 5 years)
  10. sure, but there are still more users working in the same project 😉. However, I think, we're losing the main topic of this post. Migrating and referencing storey-heights from one project (either from a simple vwx or a project-sharing-project) would be a very useful thing!
  11. I only said, that referencing lost a little importance in Vectorworks since project sharing somehow. (for reasonable thoughts of course) however, both, project sharing and references are useful tools, in my opinion.
  12. you mean, by referencing? the usual problems in referencing... I honestly restarted working with vw in mid of march...
  13. another issue would be referencing stories. I can imagine that there seemed to be no more need, since project sharing.... however, project sharing imho doesn't totally replace referencing...
  14. ... everytime I reopen the Datamanager, the settings switch back to "document settings" or "basic settings" ("Grundeinstellung" in german) however, I forget, wether I overwrite my last datamanager set or I work in an old preset... the hole set-handling is confusing
  15. hi, as far as I understood the data manager now does take an important role in the Vectorworks Bim workflow. In fact it offers great possibilities in optimizing a project's BIM-workflow. However, everytime I apply some changes to the data-mapping settings, the actual Data-Manager set switches from the last saved to "actual settings". Each time I want to save the settings, after having them modified, I have to insert the Data-set name manually. That's incomfortable for two reasons. 1) I would prefer to see a list of possible data sets, I already saved to be able to chose a set to overwrite instead of having to rewrite the set name everytime I apply some changes to the data mappings 2) the bigger problem is, that, the more I have to rewrite the same "data-set"-name, the higher is the probability, that I either some writing mistakes or I maybe lose some settings... However, the way Data Sets are stored in the data manager now is not 100% practical.


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