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  1. i had the same problems, too. In fact it's been a converted workspace.
  2. Hi, has anyone some recommendations for a macbook pro 16" USB-C/Thunderbolt docking station? We are looking for an easy to use, reliable docking station to use - with an 4K external monitor which gets connected with the correct screen resolution! - as power supply - for attaching the macbook to an RJ45 Ethernet Cable Just one single USB-C Cable to plug in, not one for the docking station, one for the monitor, one for power... The docking stations we actually bought don't do that job. (more than one mb pro 16")
  3. sure, in Germany we all have quertz keyboards, there are also keys with strange dots on vocals O_o (they look like Ä,Ö,Ü) , and, we are all driving on the right side of the street here and we are using dimensions in a so called "metrical system". The quarter pounder with cheese for example here is named "royal ts" and, wait, we still use latin letters and arabian numbers, but, why does this matter? 😉 And why does Ctrl-Z work on windows and Command-Y works on Mac? 😄 however, now I know more
  4. Hi, just call "issue". The Script-Editor on Mac doesn't support cmd-z. On Windows Ctrl-Z instead does work. Just a small Enhancement-Request...
  5. HAREA = vs.AreaN("('datenbank'.'Haus'="+HNRS+")") made it. The Variable also only works without single quotes. (not HAREA = vs.AreaN("('datenbank'.'Haus'='"+HNRS+"')") ) first step made 😄 thank you!!!
  6. finally have been able to resume my work on python, never thought it would be that different between vectorscript and python. The code from above doesn't return me any syntax errors, however, it doesn't still work I actually try to calculcate the area of all objects with the same criteria, (like I already have been able to do in Vectorscript) I tried it your way, then I tried it the other way you suggested me last time in vectorscript. Concatenating strings works fine in python, with + signs and with vs.Concat. However the area-function doesn't return me the area of all objects with the wanted criteria. So I integrated the AlrtDialog in the end of the script, just to see what really is happening inside the script, and, every concatenation looks really good. However, the area is always empty. I also wrote # in front of the area function, just to see, if there was another problem. From that moment the HAREA variable was always = 1234. (because I set it = 1234 in the 5th line) Somehow I want to port my script to python, too 1) because I am learning both, python and vectorscript 2) because i think that python in long terms is the better choice... thanks for your great help to my last questions! (unfortunately tabs don't work as I want them to work in the forum-quote) python_criteria_test.vwx
  7. Hi, is there any possibility of mapping numeric data into a string ifc-string variable and prevent the variable from having many decimal places? like num2str from vectorscript? Unfortunately the data manager doesn't run on vector script :D.
  8. already tried to, there's no installer however - "installing" in fact is just copying the app in the application-folder... I also tried to delete all data in the user-library twice, without success...
  9. Hi, i tried to run the unreal engine on mac os. It starts with the Epic Games Launcher. However, the Software is stuck in an update-attempt. Might be caused by the trouble from epic and apple, i guess. Am I right? I didn't find an answer on my problem in google. (the text in english "please wait while we start your update")
  10. in Germany we have the "CW-Tür"-door-object 😉 but, it should be able to have a doorless in a controllable class, too. I will have a look.
  11. there must be some way to integrate a dummy object in every door or door leaf, which is lying in one space, only. Like chipping your door to be able to locate it :D, although thought about vectorscript, but, I still don't know how to verify in which direction and in which space object the door is opening to 😞
  12. maybe THAT'S the problem. I cannot save a set of Data-Visualization, Layer-visibilities as a set. That's one big advantage of Archicad, actually. There's really a lot of stringency in that system. First tab - the drawings, second tab - all saved views which contain sets of layer visibilities, filters, there also exists an own "reconstruction" filter renovation-projects, and, the third tab are layouts.
  13. @_c_ could you give me some support in this issue, please? 😉


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