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  1. Somewhat related to this is the existing Window Schedule worksheets with images which I guess is quite close to a legend. I found it quite annoying that the images were just that, images, so one could not interact with the linework, take/show dimensions etc. One of the examples I saw in VW presentations about this future possible feature was window schedules, and in my opinion the tool will need to generate linework so that dimensions can be related to it like the image below. This is especially important as installations are more complex where the window frame is partially covered by the outer finish as shown. Yes, for the example of electrical symbols on a plan it would be great to link the legend to that viewport so that it reported only the symbols in that viewport. Like the OP, I also have a electrical symbol key/legend saved as a symbol that I drop onto sheet layers. I've seen others say they go in and edit the legend symbol to reflect what is shown in the viewport - I am too lazy to do this - but also I think it is just an opportunity for errors, plus it adds a lot of time checking the drawings by having to go through each and every item. For electrical symbol legends, it would be very helpful if the number of items could be reported also, as well as data such as manufacturer/model so that the legend becomes a schedule as well.
  2. Definitely agree - they could be made a lot better and clearer. I think it's the space object where you can select what information is actually shown in the OIP to stop it becoming too overwhelming. Also things like checkboxes could be improved so the consistency is better. All items have a title on the left, with a box on the right that the user interacts with, except the checkbox where the box is on the left and the title on the right hand side. It makes the palette less consistent - I think it would be better if all the interaction happened on the right with all the titles (and maybe future icons!) on the left.
  3. Fair enough, keeping backwards comparability makes sense. I often wonder what VW employees think when (if) they read these comments, “this guy thinks he knows what he wants but he doesn’t understand at all…” probably the same feeling we have with clients some times. Hopefully they remember to get rid of wall components when wall closure is more mature and keep things simple. In future it would be great if things can be directly edited too. Editing wall closures by VW generating a section of the window in question and wall components can be dragged to the correct position rather than editing in a table with numbers would be very nice and much more intuitive. This is a good first step in any case though.
  4. Windoor is available in VW Architect - I have used it this morning.
  5. Also it seems not to be turned on by default if you just make a quick wall and drop in an unstyled window to test? (unless I'm doing it wrong which is definitely possible!) Instead you need to create a symbol of the window, and turn on "use wall closure" from the "plug in object style options" from the resource manager. Two steps forwards and one step back - I wonder what the reasoning is for keeping both "wall detail" and adding "wall closure"? Surely "wall detail" could have been improved to have this functionality rather than make a new workflow?
  6. A favourite of mine so far : "To reduce unnecessary complexity, portions of Vectorworks that enable outdated 2D workflows have been deprecated. Objects can no longer be set to the screen plane, and drawings now always have a “unified” view, with the same view, lighting options, render mode, and Renderworks background for all design layers. Legacy 2D features can still be used in existing files that contain them, and they can be enabled on new files as a document preference." Hooray! I am a big fan of reducing unnecessary complexity!
  7. VW can control this, but it's too specific for 90% of the time. What I always almost do is half of the doors height and width to get a centre label. Then inevitably there are changes and they are off centre again. Looking forward to (the mythical) WinDoor in 2022!
  8. Perhaps this is a bit premature considering the more multi-core CPU support is arriving at the moment, but I wondered whether VW has plans to support multiple GPUs in future as I don't think it currently can. In 3D visualisation software it's not uncommon for computers to have multiple GPUs for rendering - if VW is going to support these programmes with plugins it would be great to have the same functionality. It's perhaps not so important for the VGM, but being able to flyover a model in rendered view mode and have it rerender quickly, such as how you can in say Blender for example might be pretty cool. Or maybe it's deemed overkill for VW - i'm not requesting it but interested to know what the consensus is
  9. A million times yes. It would also be nice if window and door tags could have a similar button.
  10. I hope it's then, but my guess would be a bit later given that we've only had one "teaser" which was a well produced video, it would seem strange to just make one or two of these but who knows. I would say it's more likely there would be 4 videos, 1 per week with the release around late September.
  11. Yes, this is what I have set up. Maybe i'm misappropriating my frustration with the amount of clicking that VW requires on this element. I remember reading a request on the wishlist that VW should hire someone who's specific role was to reduce the amount of clicking required!
  12. I would also like to know this. With the below update from Dave Donley, i've come back to take a look at VCS, As a practice, we have all our documents on GoogleDrive. For big projects that require project sharing, this is obviously an issue. A workaround for this is to have a free dropbox account, but this adds a bit more friction, spreads files out across multiple services and is very annoying when you bump up against the free limit. Is there a way for VCS to access GoogleDrive Shared Drives and then administer the project sharing?
  13. I agree, this functionality is already present in the 'tape measure tool' that automatically adjusts to viewport scale when you use it on a viewport. Adding this to dimensions would be great to cut down on clicks as you suggest.
  14. @zoomer I hope so, when I saw Juan wrote that the first teaser/new format teaser was coming at the end of August, system requirements wasn't what I had in mind!
  15. After a few years of this option remaining on, it has suddenly decided to be set to off - every morning it catches me out and I have to turn it on again. How can I save this as a preference? I am running VW 2021 SP4
  16. I saw on another thread that they are not doing Teaser Tuesdays this year and doing something different instead Edit: @JuanP wrote it here - Any idea when those videos are likely to come out, Juan?
  17. This would be very helpful. As we add more data to components to use systems like Energos or @Luka Stefanovic's new embodied carbon calculator it would save a huge amount of time to have something like this. As people have pointed out, it mimics how things are actually built - by assembling products. I don't know how it would be incorporated but perhaps there could be an option within materials to lock attributes such as thickness, thermal resistance etc. so in effect you could create a product such as a 100mm insulation board, 102.5mm brick or 18mm plywood etc.
  18. Export it to excel/googlesheets sadly - much easier to control formatting and scale it to fit on the paper size of choice. If you have a lot of entries, such that the work sheet would go to two pages, Vectorworks doesn't easily handle splitting it across multiple pages. Excel and others do this without effort.
  19. Well done, @Luka Stefanovic - looking forward to giving it a try!
  20. Yes, in the screenshot the "Location" column is the column with the formula "=GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ" I think I found this out after some deep forum searching myself, it's a shame this isn't better publicised by VW - often the solutions are there but just not obvious!
  21. Unless i've misunderstood, I think you can do what you ask with "=GETSPACENAMEFOROBJ" in a worksheet. See attached file, you need to be using spaces for your rooms but it seems to work ok.GetSpaceNameFromObj.vwx
  22. People seem to have good results running 8GB and 16GB but VW employees wrote that 8GB felt entry level. I believe @zoomer is using VW on a 16GB mac mini and would be worth speaking to
  23. I still have this problem when I select the 'most recent issue' button. Running VW2021 SP3.1 on MacOS Big Sur. Even if I sort by name or sheet number, when issuing one merged file of all the sheets, the order reverses again when I select 'Publish': Screen Recording 2021-04-22 at 11.22.59.mp4
  24. I'm on Mac and use Alfred (https://www.alfredapp.com/) for many things, but one very handy feature is snippets where by you can type a string of characters and they auto complete to something frequently used like your email address, the current date etc. I use the current date snippet a lot when exporting drawings so that my files are sorted by date. Of late this feature has stopped working (perhaps just in VW21/Big Sur) when I export pdfs (or publish) through vectorworks and I try to create a new folder to save drawings into. I also cannot use other main shortcuts such as cmd+A to select all text if I make a mistake or something. Is anyone else experiencing this? Video attached that helps explain. "// rdt" - reverse date, should autocomplete to "2021 04 15" today. Screen Recording 2021-04-15 at 10.18.11.mov
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