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  1. Hi, a simple search & replace command for code would be great. Obviously you risk damging the code using an external editor for editing the xml file (ike visual studio code or similar) So, a search & replace function would be quite great!
  2. I already mentioned it on Jira, all Adobe apps and also all Affinity apps do it. If you run the app and hold the "Alt"/"Option" key after clicking on the "Vectorworks" Icon I get an Options List, which asks me, which part of the user folder I want to have reset. The user folder is a big thing when there are problems in VW. And, it's a big thing for all helpdesk guys who support their users. So, why not make the step easier by enabling to reset the whole user folder or special parts, just with a shortcut? It would make a supporters life much easier. (the attached screenshot shows all affinity photo options after running Affinity Photo while holding the Alt key, just as an example)
  3. tried to disable pop-up blocking in chrome. That didn't help it πŸ˜‰
  4. actually we're using a qnap system, we recently switched to. some colleagues still did have reliability problems. Title blocks and dimensions have been suddenly disappearing from one commit to another (VW 2021). We don't work in project sharing via VPN (we tried to but, acutally we don't, from the beginning I tried to make the teams work via dropbox, which worked quite ok) We use the project sharing server mainly to be safe from afp/smb issues, also the qnap storage fortunately only supports smb and newer mac operating systems (Big Sur, Monterey) seem to have a better smb-system working) However I honestly never really have been satisfied from project sharing. However how we are using it, there's always some lag, some data missing, some bug (in 2022 there has been a data-visualization/opacity problem which caused, that opacity from solid fillings hasn't been transmitted to the project file). There's missing some kind of quality assurance-system in project sharing. PS is cool but it always feels like a system which still can cause some unexpected problems, also in VW 2023.
  5. no, the link does take me to the general road map page (I am using chrome, i tried the link with firefox and safari as well):
  6. @Tom W. @Matt Overton so, i will keep my fingers crossed 🀞. Sounds interesting
  7. @Matt Overton the link does refer to a list of tools, which one are you thinking of?
  8. in architecture floor plans are often individual, still more often it happens, that the same type of floor plan appears repeatingly in a building. 1) An apartment building has 2-6 types of apartments, all with the same floor plan 2) hotel rooms, single rooms in a hospital, motel, hostel... 3) a highrise building, skyscraper has stories which appear more than once in the building (story 3-x generally are the same) However, there doesn't exist a coherent way for managing floorplan instances in VW. - Symbols could be the object of choice, however every object inside a symbol is cut from all vectorworks story settings, stamp objects work in the scale 1:1 and not the actual drawing scale... - referenced design layers don't work very well as well At all both options are workarounds but there doesn't exist a reliable stable solution. I frankly actually don't know how it could be, maybe the option that the content from a symbol is story sensitive could be a solution? That would solve a lot of questions? What do you think?
  9. 1) a better server system, sth like bim cloud from archicad. - for a better quality of project sharing - for a better quality of cloud based project sharing, specially for users working from home! 2) check-out for resources (specially symbols) very urgently needed. depends on the project of course, but due to the fact that it's very easy and simple to create symbols many users love working with symbols. When these users now start working with project sharing they got stuck quite quickly in collisions caused by symbols edited by more than one user. Of course, a better organization in the project could help, but, honestly, we are working on a computer in order that the computer provides tasks like that, tasks like checking out symbols and releasing them, checking out object styles... I can understand, that that's not possible because of problems with the undo list which project sharing is based upon. However, it's neccessary!
  10. got that problem again, and, it persisted after closing Vectorworks. Only restarting the computer did help...
  11. just for all smaller studios, it would be great, offering the license server as docker image as well ;-). (we could also set up a windows virtual machine on our qnap but, a docker image would be thinner, i think)
  12. To get the tabs at the top of Automatic 1111 installation, go to Settings/User Interface, and in the Quick Settings list type the following: sd_model_checkpoint, CLIP_stop_at_last_layers, sd_lora, sd_vae ControlNet Web-Ui URL Link: https://github.com/Mikubill/sd-webui-... ControlNet Models Link: https://huggingface.co/webui/ControlN... I hope You Guys Like this Video There are lots of things yet to explore in stable diffusion. Do let me know in the comment section below How should I make videos regarding Stable Diffusion.
  13. there's no control model view in my text2img section, why? πŸ˜‰ , maybe i am using the wrong weight? or the wrong stavble diffusion version?
  14. does anybody have stable diffusion running on his machine? 1.5 or 2.x?
  15. πŸ˜„ that's more for SDK-guys, however, you won't get far without having access to an AI-platform like Veras. Creating the platform by yourself is a little bit more difficult... so, whoever wants to implement sth similar like veras needs a connection to 2th similar like veras than he needs to know, how to code the interface... doesn't sound that easy. Sounds more like a job for a big company and not for a single person...
  16. Here another video about Revit, this time with "Veras"... Also heard about Archicad having sth similar
  17. Hi, some of my colleagues are still working in VW 2021 (the size of the project still keeps them from migrating to VW 2023) and have problems during the last week committing changes. Sometimes dimensions (in design layers) are missing after committing changes and reopening the server based project file. I still haven't been able to reproduce that issue. Suddenly from one moment to the other all title blocks have been gone, as well, so we needed to restore the project file from an existing one. a) has there been a significant change during the last 2 Versions (2022 and 2023?) b) is there a way to provoke missing dimensions again? c) what "mistakes" can be made, in order that suddenly dimensions and title blocks are missing in Vectorworks? (sorry for double posting, but, somehow the title from the original post hasn't been clear enough) thanks, Matteo
  18. now suddenly all title block borders are missing as well 😬, restored the project file from an older backup... but still there remains a little bit of angrieness
  19. Hi, some of my colleagues are still working in VW 2021 (the size of the project still keeps them from migrating to VW 2023) and have problems during the last week committing changes. Sometimes dimensions (in design layers) are missing after committing changes and reopening the server based project file. I still haven't been able to reproduce that issue. Do you have any ideas? thank you, best regards, Matteo
  20. Hi, the new Vectorworks updating App is great!!! Way better than downloading the file from a website and still better than the german update tool, too. However, when you work in a studio with 20 or more workstations a deployment solution for the updates would be great as well. just a great idea for your roadmap πŸ˜‰
  21. I'm not interested in rechnical reasons πŸ˜‰ . NURBS-Curves are more finnicky in editing than polygon- or polyline-splines.
  22. @Kevin McAllister 1) where is that wish? I don't have the time to search it πŸ˜‰ 2) EAP = extrude along path? the tool before EAP was called sweap? what do you mean?
  23. Why must the path inside an extrude along path always be turned into a NURBS curve? Sure, the extrude could become a 3d-object and the path possibly isn't limited to a flat layer, but, what if? NURBS Curves are more complicated in handling than polygons or polylines. So, why am I forced to handle a NURBS-Curve inside a path extrude, when a polygon/polyline meets my requirements? Please place that whis immediately πŸ™‚
  24. I can answer my question by myself. I can't chose a path which is linked by an alias, when I want to create a new reference... sh***, we actually work with a server based project file and have some referenced vwx files which need to be stored somewhere else...
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