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Robert Anderson

Marionette Resources for Beginners

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Hi all, I thought that I'd try and put in one place some diverse Marionette resources for you who are new to Vectorworks' algorithmic / parametric modeling tool:


Basic Tutorial in Vectorworks documentation

More Advanced Tutorial in Vectorworks documentation

Marionette on YouTube (thank you Jim)

Marionette Developer Wiki (for Pythonistas)

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Hi Robert,


I have a question regarding results I'm getting when recreating tutorial scripts with VW Architect 2019.

I'm attempting to meticulously recreate these scripts that originated in 2015, but my results (basic rectangle range/series/rotation) differ from the earlier versions.

I've compared input variables between my version's nodes and the originals, and they're the same. The earlier nodes however, differ in their port labels. Also their codes differ from the 2017 updated code. 


I've attached code samples and images showing the difference in output that I've gotten.


My question: Does the code from 2015 differ enough to get the kind of differences I'm getting, or am I simply not being thorough enough debugging my own work?


Thanks very much.



Rotate Node Code ORIGINAL.rtf

Rotate Node Code MINE.rtf

> My Script vs Original Tutorial.png

> My Script Output vs Original Script Output.png

CD Marionette Experiments copy.vwx

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@Chuck Davidson

Most of the nodes will have no difference for code behavior between 2016 and 2019; the port naming is just a cosmetic change. My best guess prior to debugging this is the Rotate node, that node had a bug at one point that we fixed between these versions.

I'll take a deeper look and get back to you.

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Thank you Marissa!

I really appreciate your reply.

I'm the only one here interested in Marionette, so there's really no one to discuss it with.





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Well I took a look at this - and here is my finding 🙂

It is indeed related to our fix for the Rotate node.

The description has always read that the objects will be rotated around their center point if there was no point attached to "cent" (or what is now called "pCent")

As you can tell, the old node from your top network is not following that requirement, it is still rotating about the point (0,0).

Our fixed node correctly rotates the objects around their individual center points, as you can see in your lower network.

The fix is to add a Point3 node with the coordinates (0,0,0). (Unfortunately, it looks like a bug remains when using a Point2 node, so I'll file a bug and try to get that fixed.)

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 1.08.33 PM.png

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