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  1. line-weight - very nice renders of pond with platforms. totally agree with your remarks. how to do this ? is it a cad programme or 3ds, or PS?
  2. in theory, if a door is a fire door with intumescent strip, and smoke seals, then only a stop at the top of the frame is necessary - would make part M access a tad simpler than the ubiquitous 25mm thick vertical stop. I believe the Germans have a better way - rebate the door stile, rather than rebating the frame - a nice detail
  3. Sarah Barret's 2016 webinar series was excellent https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/43231-marionette-monday-webinar-questions/#comment-218297
  4. obviously custom symbols have some use, otherwise VWX wouldn't allow that user customisation in the plug-in parameters. but the wider point is do you want a model, or a fetishistic virtual reality ? Next we'll want screws, pellets, silicone sealants, lippings, dropdown acoustic seals, brush seals, intumescent seals etc. to be available parameters in the door tool - what excruciating prolixity! Horses for courses - as the British might say, rather than vorsprung dorch tequnik, and simple clear 1:5 2d for in-house standard joinery details - subject to shop-drawing review. Alternatively, download the BIM block from the manufacturer - but it is so frustrating that autodesk has cornered the market with its clumsy Revit monster How is Malcolm?
  5. use a custom symbol for your doors with the stops shown in 2d plan. - you scarcely need to show the stops in 3d, perhaps for 3d iso details, if so use hybrid custom symbol. a failing is that doors are by default shown in the centre-lines of walls : internal doors don't work like that, otherwise they'd rip their hinges out. it illustrates the disconnect between cad technicians and experienced architects which will only increase, as people who are required to grow their cad skills inexorably, inevitably know less about how things are actually made. any how mr biggs, how the devil is stinky north london?
  6. yes indeed we too may be of assistance https://coxfolio.wordpress.com/cv/
  7. hi, sorry but the 2018 vwx files are typically 150MBs plus welcome to check out our homepage. we'd be interested but fees would be a time-based or negotiated fixed-fee on monthly account
  8. coxfolio.wordpress.com - use the contact tab
  9. we congratulate Saaid Javed on the post-brexit immigration policy for UK announced today. At last fair opportunities shall be extended to commonwealth nations, many of which have embedded communities in UK, but have suffered the unfair priority indulged by EU free movement, which denied them visas to UK for so long. Employers in UK are now free to choose Jamaicans, Kenyans, Sri Lankans, Indians and Pakistanis over the predominantly white EU citizens, for a fairer and more diverse Britain.
  10. For many like us since 2009, living in the UK became too costly, too toxic, and too dangerous. Post-Brexit, a points based-system will control immigration, but it will still cost at least $2000 USD per month (+ tax) to rent a 2 bedroom flat in London - way beyond the reach of depressed, flat-lining architectural salaries. The major London practices fill their offices with young EU visitors, on low pay, because EU graduates' student fee repayments are far lower than UK Nationals - typically £50k +. That is a rip-off for clients; it has decimated the career prospects of countless young British Architects, and it degrades the architectural profession. We are highly experienced and highly competent Vectorworks Architects, able to provide a network of freelance designers and technicians, offering cloud-based BIM coordination, visual scripting (Marionette) and working drawings packages, for all your architectural needs. Competitively priced, never undersold, we are dedicated to raising the skills bar from its systemically low level. In East Africa, we have lifted a small staff out of chronic poverty and growing youth unemployment, while funding their further education needs. Help us achieve more for Africa's poor. Visit us today at vectorprojects.wordpress.com
  11. Problem entirely solved by removing migrated favourite files from the application support folder. Essentally, when favourite files from your upgraded version are migrated for the purpose of resource previews, they are not actually converted to the new file format. That can be proved by reviewing any instance where they are referenced - VW2018 says they are still in the old version format. Once old format favourites are removed VW2018 flies. Flaming brilliant - thanks and credit to the tech team for all the fantastic enhancements. Minor gripes - I find having to uncheck cropped perspective every time a slight bore. Ditto docking of window. So I put 'close file' as a right click in my document options. On resource browser option to close preview pane works but the option remains ticked - curious?
  12. oh dear ! Now the linetype preview in attributes palette is reduced to an agonising crawl. what' gone wrong guys? I can workaround the symbol replace problem by using the 'replace with symbol' command instead. Why should that dialogue open instantaneously, whereas the symbol 'replace' from the info palette take nearly 45 seconds ?? Now I have to find a workaround to linetype attribute as well ? I can always 'locate linetype in resource browser' instead but you have a problem here. There clearly are a number of bugs that I am on the brink of reverting to VW2015, because I need to get some work done. I can't spend more time (already 2 days) exploring VW2018 only to find that critical everyday tools have become intolerably slow. OS 10.10.5, 2.6 Ghz Intel i7, Ram 8GBs
  13. many thanks art v. the solution is to switch off the other libraries and favourites in the symbol preview search. invariably i am looking for a replacement only in the current open document.
  14. This is clearly a bug problem. If I use the 'replace with symbol command' instead of the 'replace symbol' from the object info palette, I get the preview-free symbol replace dialogue without delay. This whole resource preview obsession is a nightmare that needs fixing fast.
  15. Symbol replace is unacceptably slow to open the dialogue (30+ seconds), then the replace symbol preview pane takes even more time to open. I need to fix this urgently. I switched off preview pane in resource browser, but migrating files from 2015 adds many MBs filesize - i think this is due entirely to resource preview thumbnails. Can it be turned off? The preview are unecessary since the resource ikons provide a preview.
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