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  1. Robert Anderson

    How do you Model a Metal Roof Deck

    Not everyone will agree, but in my opinion, extrusions of sine-like curves is not the way to go. Just create a slab or roof face in (say) a 2" thickness or whatever your actual material describes, then apply a standard corrugated texture to it. You can add a parallel-lines surface hatch for HL rendering, See image. Actual geometry will negatively affect render times in all forms of rendering.
  2. Robert Anderson

    Symbol Rollover / Mouseover question

    This is a good suggestion. I got caught up in the "pointing to / hovering" workflow. Easy enough to do with Dropbox or any web-enabled storage. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Robert Anderson

    Vectorworks to Revit

    cberg, Unlike the Vectorworks file format, IFC does not handle coordinated 2D planar geometry to go with the 3D. The IFC file format is 3D only. (Well, technically it's not, but 2D geometry is considered "annotation" and is not part of the certification.) But all applications that export IFC are exporting 3D geometry only, AFAIK. In other words, this is not a Vectorworks export issue (it's exporting very high-quality IFC), this is an inability of Revit to convert IFC to Revit native objects.
  4. Robert Anderson

    Symbol Rollover / Mouseover question

    This is not currently possible. It is a great idea, though. You should wish-list it.
  5. Robert Anderson

    workspace problem

    I'm guessing you simply closed your tool palettes inadvertently. Go to the Windows menu and re-check the "Basic" and "Tool Palettes" items.
  6. Robert Anderson

    Rendering Issue

    What are your light sources in the scene?
  7. Robert Anderson

    Rendering Issue

    Under View:Set Lighting Options, try moving down the Ambient Light slider.
  8. Robert Anderson

    Font size

    Hi Andrew, I also have vision problems. Right now, if you are on a Mac, there are only limited options. Probably the best is to change the screen resolution using System Preferences. You can also adjust display contrast under the Accessibility:Display preferences. More UI / UX control is something we're working on.
  9. Robert Anderson


    I count not-quite 30 urinals in the Vectorworks product libraries. See attached.
  10. Robert Anderson

    How to get rid of unwanted artefacts in OpenGL?

    To take Jim's comment one step further. If this is a viewport presentation, use a stacked viewport. The "lower" viewport will be in OpenGL rendering with no edges, the "upper" viewport will be in HL. The texture artifacts at the gable walls can be fixed by reshaping the roof to be 0.01mm shorter.
  11. Robert Anderson

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Your first posting was about export to Revit, now this is about importing from Revit, so these are not the same thing! Revit can export a SAT file, which Vectorworks can import. If all you want is geometry, and don't care about object structure or data, I would give that a try. We use SAT file export from Revit and import into Vectorworks quite a bit for content conversion.
  12. Robert Anderson

    Vectorworks to Revit

    I'm interested to hear you say that IFC is not useful. IFC is our standard recommendation for exporting to Revit. Both Vectorworks and Revit are certified to import and export IFC 2x3 for model sharing and exchange. Since Autodesk has not published (and almost certainly will not publish) the RVT schema, and IFC is virtually the only non-native file format that Revit will open (see illustration), why is it you say that IFC is not useful?
  13. Robert Anderson

    Transforming Viewports into vector drawings

    Have you tried export to DWG / reimport of the sheet layers?
  14. Robert Anderson

    display IFC data in a work sheet

    You should use the GetIFCProperty function for this. See the screenshots. Note that there are some pre-defined wall reports in the Create Report command that have some examples of this also.
  15. Robert Anderson

    BIM OBJECT and file format

    The BIMobject tool in vectorworks will automatically filter BIMobject content for file types including VWX, DWG, SKP, and 3DS. If one of these file types is chosen in the BIMobject web-view window, the tool will automatically download and convert the file. If a VWX file is available, it is the obvious choice. Then I would probably prefer (in order) DWG (choose the 3D option, often there are 2D files also), SKP, and then 3DS. RVT / RFA files are not handled by the tool at this time.


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