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  1. Robert Anderson

    Roof not creating a shadow during render

    OK -- when you select the Roof object, what fill attributes does the roof have in the Attributes palette? If it's None, try giving it a Solid fill.
  2. Robert Anderson

    Roof not creating a shadow during render

    What Renderworks Textures have you applied to the roof?
  3. Robert Anderson

    Multi Floor Buildings

    You should be able to use a Design Layer Viewport for this.
  4. Robert Anderson

    Soft Goods defaults

    Thanks for the clarification, Kevin!
  5. Robert Anderson

    Soft Goods defaults

    Go to Tools menu, Plug-ins submenu, Plug-in Manager command. You can drill down and set your preferred defaults:
  6. Robert Anderson

    Marionette Wrap

    Thomas, are all your scripts identical in structure? If so, this suggests that it may make more sense to structure the inputs to accommodate a 3 element list of inputs, with each entry having a criteria, recname, and field name. Then just run it once.
  7. Robert Anderson

    Piers in wall but with a void inside

    The only thing you can do at corners is unjoin the walls, reshape the ends, and patch. Obviously, the wall in which you put the insert is the one overlapping the corner.
  8. Robert Anderson

    Piers in wall but with a void inside

    Spotlight also has the "Create Wall Projection" command, in the Spotlight:Architectural submenu. Remember, however, that once you create a projection in a wall, you can't then add a door or window in that section of wall. So if you have openings in walls of different thickness, they should be different wall styles.
  9. Robert Anderson

    Piers in wall but with a void inside

    This is called a "Wall Projection" in Vectorworks Architect. Craw a rectangle over the plan view of the wall that is the size of the inside of your pier. Make sure the rect overlaps your air gap. Select the rectangle and the wall and run the "Create Wall Projection" command. Wrap the brick component on the left and nothing on the right. This creates a Wall Feature object inserted in the wall. You can resize it if you wish by double-clicking it or using the Enter Group command. Here are some images of the process:
  10. Robert Anderson

    Custom Doors and Frames

    Jonny, thanks for your further clarification. I might mention also interiorCAD which has a bunch of CNC functionality out-of-the-box. Not cheap, but if it does what you need then it can save a lot of expensive time. It is more cabinet-oriented though, and so the Marionette approach might be the best. It's not a big deal to pass a list of objects (e.g. doors) to a Mario script and have it "draw stuff". And our DWG export is pretty clean. My advice on designing the script is pretty much classic: start from the endpoint. Think about what the ideal output looks like, and work backwards to get that. For instance, here are some generic questions to answer: What do the door shop-drawings (intended) look like? Does your workflow require that there be a separate file for each door, or would 1 door per design layer be sufficient? What do you want to keep as a legal record of the project? How would you prefer to do quality review of the output (and what implications does this have on data structure)? What parts of the workflow might be best kept manual or semi-manual, and what has to be automated? ...etc.
  11. Robert Anderson

    Custom Doors and Frames

    JonnyP, is there any reason you don't want to use the standard Door Hardware feature?
  12. Robert Anderson

    Ballon Frame

    Agreed, this is why "balloon framing" is kind of obsolete ūüėč. (You can't find long pieces of lumber that are straight enough to do this any more.)
  13. Robert Anderson

    Ballon Frame

    "Balloon Framing" is a (sort-of outdated) label for what is more commonly called "wooden stud framing". Several of the standard Wall Styles that come in Vectorworks content supplied with Vectorworks Architect have wood-stud components. Do you want to model the studs individually? If so, look at the Wall Framer command in the AEC menu.
  14. Robert Anderson

    Wall Area

    You can do this with Marionette, but the only functions available are criteria-based functions, which makes the Marionette approach somewhat more complicated (compared to, say, handle-based functions).
  15. Robert Anderson

    Wall Area

    Look at the following worksheet functions: WALLAREA_GROSS (area of walls not subtracting openings) WALLAREA_NET (area of walls subtracting openings)


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