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  1. Robert Anderson

    Vectorworks to Revit

    Your first posting was about export to Revit, now this is about importing from Revit, so these are not the same thing! Revit can export a SAT file, which Vectorworks can import. If all you want is geometry, and don't care about object structure or data, I would give that a try. We use SAT file export from Revit and import into Vectorworks quite a bit for content conversion.
  2. Robert Anderson

    Vectorworks to Revit

    I'm interested to hear you say that IFC is not useful. IFC is our standard recommendation for exporting to Revit. Both Vectorworks and Revit are certified to import and export IFC 2x3 for model sharing and exchange. Since Autodesk has not published (and almost certainly will not publish) the RVT schema, and IFC is virtually the only non-native file format that Revit will open (see illustration), why is it you say that IFC is not useful?
  3. Robert Anderson

    Transforming Viewports into vector drawings

    Have you tried export to DWG / reimport of the sheet layers?
  4. Robert Anderson

    display IFC data in a work sheet

    You should use the GetIFCProperty function for this. See the screenshots. Note that there are some pre-defined wall reports in the Create Report command that have some examples of this also.
  5. Robert Anderson

    BIM OBJECT and file format

    The BIMobject tool in vectorworks will automatically filter BIMobject content for file types including VWX, DWG, SKP, and 3DS. If one of these file types is chosen in the BIMobject web-view window, the tool will automatically download and convert the file. If a VWX file is available, it is the obvious choice. Then I would probably prefer (in order) DWG (choose the 3D option, often there are 2D files also), SKP, and then 3DS. RVT / RFA files are not handled by the tool at this time.
  6. Robert Anderson

    Best way to Create a Large billowy Sail?

    I would use a subdivision surface.
  7. Robert Anderson

    Toolset picture files.

    I took a look at the workspace (.VWW) files. It looks like all the toolset icons are directly stored as base64-encoded ASCII. It's been quite a while since I played with base64 encoding. I copied and pasted some of the encoded text and used the MacOS Terminal command line to convert to an icon. Here's my result ūüôā : It looks like my icon has been hit by Hurricane Florence. Anyway, the raw data is all there, and it's a single line in the Terminal editor to convert a base64 file. If you have all of it, that is. For more on this, see: https://drewsymo.com/2016/05/09/simple-base64-encode-decode-on-mac-osx-linux-with-openssl/
  8. Robert Anderson

    Toolset picture files.

    Mac is different from Windows. NOTE: The following procedure can corrupt Vectorworks if you do it incorrectly. Proceed at your own risk. The Vectorworks app is a "package" file. Right click the Vectorworks App icon and choose "Show Package Contents". Vectorworks will open up a folder showing its contents. Warning: You do not want to change anything in this folder. Open up the Resources folder, and there will be a file (a big one) called Vectorworks.vwr. Option-drag a copy of this file to your desktop and close the Vectorworks App package window (whew!) Change the name of the desktop "Vectorworks.VWR" file to "Vectorworks.ZIP". It will turn into a folder. Open this folder up and have at it. Unless I miss my guess, the stuff you're looking for is in the subfolder /Images/Tools/.
  9. Robert Anderson

    Timesheet / TimeCard ?

    Vectorworks will do this, and has had this capability since (I think) the MiniCad days. In Vectorworks Preferences, enable :"Log Time in Program" (It's the second control on the Session tab.) Vectorworks will now write a text file to your user folder called "Vectorworks Log" that is a listing of major document events, See screenshot.
  10. Hi Simon, please check your EULA (End-user License Agreement). You'll find under § 1.5 (Terms Common to all Licenses) the following: The Licensee may not: [..] Sub-license, sell, lend, rent, transfer, assign, or lease any portion of the software (including any former version of the software) or the license granted under this agreement.
  11. Robert Anderson

    VELFAC windows

    I've looked at your file, and it looks to me like a bug in the sill code. For now, I'd recommend turning off sills and placing them as independent symbols. See the attached file: Sill_test_v2018.vwx I'll submit your other file to the Window/Door engineer as a bugfile. Thanks!
  12. Robert Anderson

    VELFAC windows

    @RDS Casa, I'll look into the issue of the window sills. It may be that I have to reverse the sign on an offset. I'll let you know.
  13. Robert Anderson

    VELFAC windows

    RDS Casa, you are correct, the sash width offsets are incorrect in the libraries. The Vectorworks window can do a reasonable approximation (say LOD 300) of a Velfac window. I have entered a bug for this in our tracking system. In the meantime, if you need to make a Velfac window, the following settings in the "Sash and Jamb" pane of the Window dialog should get you there: Hope this helps.
  14. Robert Anderson

    Top US Architectural Schools of 2019

    Here are the Design Intelligence rankings. (I am happy that my alma mater, Rice University SOA, and their dean Sarah Whiting did so well in the survey. Go Owls!)
  15. Robert Anderson

    Link Text to Record Across Multiple Sheet Layers

    Is it safe to assume you're using Vectorworks Architect 2018? If so, all you have to do is make a "Title Block Border" style using that tool, identify which fields you want fixed (by project) and variable (by sheet) in that style, and you're off and running. More can be found here: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FSetup%2FConcept_Using_Title_Block_Borders.htm


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