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  1. @Christiaan I have changed the wording of the alert for an upcoming task anyway because I found the same thing. Here is the proposed new alert. If this can be improved even more, I am sure we will be happy to do so.
  2. Hey @Kaare Baekgaard I just tried and I cannot quite reproduce this. It seems to snap where it should. Can you attach your test file?
  3. This is a Windows bug which we have logged to be fixed. Thanks for reporting!
  4. HI @Hamo Thanks for the suggestion. We are constantly collecting user feedback and will adapt any design choice we have made if we think that the majority of users will benefit. We have collected feedback on colour choices and icon styles (by way of a survey and focus group) and we now have two styles of icons - the mocochrome icons that use the user's accent colour when active and icons we use for tools and modes, which have the ability to use colour accents that are part of the icon itself. The interactive scaling is one of the latter, being a mode of the Selection tool. As you can see from the first mode ('Disabled Interactive Scaling Mode'), we can use a red accent here. Hope that makes sense. As @E|FA has pointed out, it is already a wishlist item. While we cannot guarantee if and when wishes are granted, we obviously prioritise wishes with a higher count of votes!
  5. There are several places where Icons are kept: Vectorworks.vwr Plugins Vectorscript tools and commands As of Vectorworks 2024, toolset icons are also stored in Vectorworks.vwr for easier access. Unfortunately, with Vectorscript icons, you cannot get to them from the plugins. I am attaching them here for you. VS.zip
  6. Hi @abartek thanks for reporting, this is a known issue which we are looking into.
  7. Thank you! I will make sure it gets addressed.
  8. Hi, @MogTheSmilingCat could you post a screenshot of your setup? Thanks!
  9. If SVGs are not displayed as you expect, there can be several reasons for it. I noticed you are using a non-uniform stroke. This might be one of them although I haven't tried. Here are the known issues: Patterns not supported Transformations not supported Non-scaling strokes not supported (just ignored. The icon still displays correctly) Nested clipping paths not supported. (You can use a clip path but you cannot clip it again, using another clip path on top of it). Using "_dark" as a suffix will use that resource for dark mode. Failing to supply it will use the light version for dark mode. You can still use PNG but SVG is preferred, as it stays sharp when the UI is scaled. Use a vector graphic app like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or any other vector format authoring tool that lets you export SVG and you should be good. HTH
  10. It uses the accent colour you have set up in your Windows Personalisation > Colors preferences. Can you check and let me know if a different colour helps you read these?
  11. As were many others. Very privileged to be part of a fantastic team here at Vectorworks!
  12. You can use an NC Macro and add a Symbol to it to use as a boolean geometry. That will allow you to do pretty much any shape.
  13. Ok, I see. You want this: That's pocket. You need the full version of interiorcad for this to work. interior xs does not support it. But your workaround with a humungous router bit works, of course.
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