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  1. Halftone

    You are right, the contour is not designed to adjust the router's z on the fly. As for the drillings, conversion is done automatically in cases where no matching drill is found for a given diameter. I understand the need to stop the tool to return home between each milling. I'm not totally sure it would do that, actually. AFAIR, it only returns to safe distance between different directions of drillings. There is a setting for that in your machine configuration. Anyway, if this works for you, that's fantastic and the result looks promising!
  2. Halftone

    Ok, I thought you had VectorWop, our VWX-to-machine interface. It comes with a built-in DXF output (and one for Hops, too, actually). You are the Bert I know from "forest+", right?
  3. Halftone

    Hey Bert, I was wondering how long until you came up with something in Marionette. You know you can use interiorcad's DXF output to get the milling info? Post us some photos when you're done. Nice work!
  4. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    Hi Ron, the Classic system needs manual migration. The new system will migrate itself. However, since you are still on Classic, you need to set up your tools for the custom-parts-based new system first. Where are you based and who is your dealer? I can contact them and advise how to go about.
  5. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    @Armari InteriorsI'm posting a reply to a private conversation here so everybody can see the answer. You asked how to create a drilling that will go through both the drawer front and the drawer box front of the cabinet. The "derive Part" is legacy technology, as is the cabinet "Classic". My best advice is to start using the new system, which was designed to allow any custom milling. I have made a quick video to show you how to achieve what you need. This will work fine in interiorcad 2017, too.
  6. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    That's what I mean. It's unreliable. Download the file as STEP format and drag it into your VWX file.
  7. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

  8. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    Ah I think that's where the problem is: Try using "HDRI White" or set the saturation of your panorama to something like 300% (possibly more - you can do that in Vectorworks). Panoramas are problematic in that way because they tint the rendering. I use HDRI White almost exclusively now.
  9. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    You just paste it in. Only works reliably on Windows though because of the JAVA they use. I always opt for STEP format, download, then drag and drop into VWX. HTH
  10. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    Here is the file. For non-interiorcad users: Use the Symbol insertion tool to place the handles. The red drillings will turn black only if the handle is placed on an eligible object (i.e. an interiorcad 3D custom part). If you use simple extrudes, no CNC drilling information is passed on. Häfele.vwx.zip
  11. Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

    We have added quite a few Häfele handles to interiorcad of late. I count over 100. They are completely textured and even come with CNC drilling information. Which ones are you missing?
  12. Final 350 dpi render, suggestion request

    Hi Zeno, a lot of attention to detail. Nice job. Love the radiator and A/C unit. Just a few comments: The floor texture is a bit too small. It shows tiling. I would try and use a larger image to avoid that effect. I have attached one as an example. In a modern scene, I would not necessarily use so many antique books. Plus, the "Conversation Lexicon" you chose only has 6 or 7 books. It gets repeated and that's not its intended purpose. I would use the Penguin or paperback books perhaps. The Encyclopaedia Britannica similarly only has 13 volumes. It is unlikely that duplicate copies would be used. The three framed images you have on the hallway wall are exactly the same. They are also in an unusual place - very close to the corner. I understand why you placed them there - because you did not want them to be obscured but that is exactly what makes them look a tad unnatural in their place. The book shelf needs some more sides. It would never hold up with all the books in it. The shelf would simply bend. The lamp next to the TV could do with some backlighting to allow some light through. Here is an example for you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cq7o4s1yet3j6d6/Point Lights.vwx?dl=0 Avoid repeating elements. There are some green spheres on the kitchen top and some identical books on the lounge table. Those are a giveaway :-) The scene is very yellow. perhaps use some cooler shades for ambient lighting? Sounds like a lot of criticism but your work is very good and you are doing a lot of things right. There is really not much wrong with this scene. Keep up the great work!
  13. Renderworks disappearing / not available

    I have the first customer who is seeing this on a MacPro from 2009. Switching workspaces helps for a short time but it will revert eventually to becoming unavailable with the Renderworks tab missing from the OIP entirely.
  14. cabinets

    If you have installed interiorcad or interior xs correctly, it is immediately available in VWX. You may have to switch workspaces though. Go to Tools -> Workspaces and find the interiorcad /interior xs workspace. Does that help?
  15. Renderworks disappearing / not available

    Jim, I have never seen this happen on a Mac system. It is invariably Windows systems and we had this happen a lot with 2017. We have just migrated our interiorcad users to 2018 and it is starting to happen again. I have a set of REDIST executables that sometimes fix the problem but not always. I have attached them here. Not sure if this helps because this is not a reliable fix. Redist.zip


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