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  1. Yes there is. You can download it on https://extragroup.com
  2. Just SVG import would be nice. Never mind EPS. Not sure about what you mean by lack of accuracy. SVG is quite accurate in my experience.
  3. It's likely a sorting issue. Have you tried changing the sorting order of the numbers column? That should fix it.
  4. Sorry if we missed something, @Ride. Whom did you approach? As @Woodychips said: it's out. https://en.extragroup.de/buy/
  5. You can adjust the door width by increasing the gap, then attach a free custom part. Or you could draw the opening triangles and put them in the same class. many options...
  6. Hi Dave, We have a FAQ article on managing the material database. https://en.extragroup.de/faq/ search for "material". Let me know if questions remain. Thanks!
  7. Hi Dave, You mean horizontal bifolds? We do not currently support those from within the cabinet object. We have recently added support for vertical bifolds. You can still make them quite easily by adjusting the door width and adding an extra panel. We will add horizontal bifolds to the cabinet as well. No timeline yet.
  8. Hi Martina, can you check the origins of this file please? Vectorworks won't open it, as it tells me the file was once edited with an illegal version. Not necessarily your bad, but you may want to check licensing. I cannot get this to open at my end. Here's more info: https://piracy.vectorworks.net/IllegalFile.php
  9. Yes that should work. Please always attach a document, not just a screenshot. I'll have a look. Thanks!
  10. Here is a Datatag which uses the tagged geometry's object data to draw a hexagonal label around the text. I made this to get the label to adjust to the text without distortion. You might be able to adapt this. Tag Door-IT4.vwx
  11. Hi Ed, That shape is not supported (yet). You will need to use individual custom parts to create something like this.
  12. No, we don't allow it. We will need to make some changes to this as users have been quite unhappy about it but this change will have a lot of side effects and is a big project.
  13. You need Vectorwop, our CNC interface. It outputs CIX, directly to BiesseWorks.
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