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  1. I would like to have a look at that file as well please. From what you are describing, it does not sound like it should be slow. I might find out why it seems to perform poorly though. This issue should be fixed in the upcoming service pack. Thanks for reporting! I am not aware of a script to check coincident duplicates but I checked your file manually and the counts seems ok. I also created an empty file and inserted the same connectors you used and the count seemed to add up. Did you see this in the file you sent me? That is our mission and it should do just that 🙂
  2. You need to use the cabinet tool and then choose the saved preset from the mode bar. It doesn't work if you insert from the resource manager.
  3. Thanks, @Marcel Ostendorf for chipping in! Here's the direct link to the FAQ: https://en.extragroup.de/question/why-do-some-of-my-own-custom-screws-change-position-when-a-cabinet-is-reshaped/
  4. Hi Zeno, they are. As for all machinings that we model in interiorcad, you need to hide the class in 3D. See this FAQ: https://en.extragroup.de/question/why-are-my-millings-visible-in-hidden-line/
  5. Go to View -> Class Options. It should be Show/Snap/Modify Others. Is it?
  6. Hi Zeno! We do not show the profile currently in the part layout. We'll need to add that. Argh, yuck, we messed up the texture mapping badly for the profile. I'll need to get someone from engineering to look into that.
  7. It does. We supply CIX. We also interface with the more modern BSolid, also by Biesse.
  8. Not sure why they come up metric. When you first installed interiorcad you were asked to choose. Did you choose imperial then as well? Can you shoot me a document where you are getting metric units?
  9. Sure you want a barcode? I think QR codes are the preferred choice now but up to you. Both are no problem. Make sure you get "Cut Rite" for panel optimising. It should be supplied with your machine anyway if it's capable of nesting. We have an export for it so you get all your edgebanding information across as well. Cut Rite will create the graphic code from the information you get from interiorcad.
  10. Homag uses Woodwop as their machine software. We have been interfacing with Woodwop for 20+ years. No worries there. Will you be looking at a nesting-based or a point-to-point setup?
  11. That's kind of the point of interiorcad 🙂. It's very easy to do. You can use mm/inches or percentages or ratios even and you can define variable cells that will stretch and shrink. Have you done the tutorial in the Vectorworks University? It explains how it's done. Let me know if you have questions. https://university.vectorworks.net/course/index.php?search=interiorcad-basic-workflow-2021
  12. Ok, you need to turn off the contour class in the viewport. We can hide the contour in openGL and wireframe (we have assigned it a zero line thickness and a texture with 100% transparency so it does not show up but you can still select it) but not in hidden line.
  13. Of course I can tell you: use a Contour 3D object. Please make sure you have ticked the "3D Details" checkbox in the Object Info Palette of the cabinet object. The notch will not show up otherwise. You can skip the "convert to polygons"-part if you're not bothered about CNC output. I do that to get rid of the extra side. It is not required. Notch.mp4 Yes, the tutorial on the Vectorworks University. Glad you mention it. It is done: https://university.vectorworks.net/course/index.php?search=interiorcad-basic-workflow-2021. Enjoy! We have also updated the interiorcad manual: https://conf.extragroup.de:8443/im/latest
  14. You cannot use a hash placeholder when you use proportional division. It is not logical. Which proportion of the total height should the hash occupy? You have ratios of divisions so if you have a total of four boxes, you can input 1:2:2.4:3 but you cannot use a hash. You can use a hash if you use percentages: 30%;30%;10%;# will work for example.


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