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  1. Hi Stephan, 

    I am a brand new IC user, but long time Vectorworks user in the US, doing almost all cabinet shop drawings as a subcontractor. I also use Microvellum for one client's cabinet line. 


    I am wondering if I a missing something. I fumbled my way around drawing a kitchen using IC, then went back to assign / reassign name/numbers in a more expected progression. I was not finding some cabinets that apparently had the number I was trying to assign to a different cabinet. I set up a database in a worksheet to pull in the "3D Cabinet" objects, thinking I could find the name in the list, and use "select item" to go to it. All good. However, I could not pull the "Name" info into the database...height, width, depth, insertion pt were options, but not the Name. But I can pull that info for a Custom Part. Is this hidden intentionally, or am I not getting to in the correct manner, or?


    I have long since gotten my cabinet numbering straight in the file, but I would like to show this name/number info in 2D elevations. This is something that Microvellum does which is helpful for the cabinet shop guys. I am guessing I can figure out a marionette that would put the name/number text in a plane just in front of the door's plane. This is a big assumption, since I have been scripting in vectorscript for 20 years, but I have never learned to use marionette. Or is there already a way to show just this I have missed? 


    Brendan "BMB" on the discord suggested using Data tags. I assume he meant to attach a record that would have a cabinet number which I could reference. That may work, except that: A) it adds a possible "seanism" - I could have a typo in my record which would only cause confusion, B) I could also forget to change it when I change the cabinet numbering. It would be much better to access the object's name directly if possible. 


    Thanks for any info you can give,  


  2. I think it's quite possible with the tools we have in Vectorworks. I used the Deform tool with Taper Solid mode. Should be pretty close to what you need @Brandon Kleiman Skew.mp4
  3. Short answer: yes. We did not forget about this. We have this firmly in our gunsights but there are some dependencies which we will need to resolve first. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the long wait!
  4. I don't think we're doing anything here. It's entirely a macOS system thing.
  5. Hi @LeeElston text has indeed decreased in size somewhat. Sorry about the inconvenience this is causing you! I am sure you probably know this already but for what it's worth: you can incease text size in the Windows system setings, in case that is an option for you.
  6. Thank you, I can see it now. Leave it with me, I will create a bug for it.
  7. Hmm, that's interesting. I just tried on Windows and I am seeing the snaps. Are you able to file a bug for this?
  8. I'm not seeing this with the latest beta. Do you have a sample file showing the issue?
  9. I would love to understand your dream world a little better 🙂 . Could you post/DM with an example?
  10. I tried to reproduce this but I was not successful. In a Vectorworks worksheet, adjacent cells seem to share borders. You can turn the border on and off between any two cells from either of the two neighbouring cells. This is not the same as, for example, html, where each cell has its own border (and that comes with other quirks, like border-collapse properties etc.). If this does not work for you reliably, that sounds like an edge case or a bug. Do you have a sample file that demonstrates this? Could you share this file? Thanks!
  11. That's a bug. Thanks for letting us know! Could you share your screen resolution and UI scale preferences from your Windows settings as a screenshot here? I will try and reproduce it on my end to get it fixed.
  12. @Christiaan I have changed the wording of the alert for an upcoming task anyway because I found the same thing. Here is the proposed new alert. If this can be improved even more, I am sure we will be happy to do so.
  13. Hey @Kaare Baekgaard I just tried and I cannot quite reproduce this. It seems to snap where it should. Can you attach your test file?
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