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  1. Why would this happen? Floor reflections will render with Fast RenderWorks, but will not render with Final Quality RenderWorks. The glass reflection works in both.
  2. Hello! Has anyone here ponied-up for an M1 Mac Mini yet? Does anyone know how well it would handle RenderWorks and walkthrough animation rendering? Thanks Chuck
  3. Cool, thanks. I've got 3 projects in the pipeline, one is closing in on completion so the NDA will be moot. I'll post up here when it comes out of the oven. Thanks again!
  4. Hello! I've been rendering for quite a while now, and have had good feedback from colleagues and clients. But most of the time that doesn't come with true critique and suggestions for improvement. Is there a forum that is oriented in this way, where experts can review the work of less experienced folks? Thanks
  5. Naomi, You should address this question directly to tech support in an email or phone call.
  6. Has anyone experienced walkthrough OpenGL animations with "white flashes" in the completed render? These the 'flashes" are essentially un-rendered frames. They can be edited out (iMovie for me) but that leaves tell-tale skips in an otherwise fairly smooth sequence. The only work-arounds I've been able to use so far are editing, or simply doing the render over and over until it renders correctly. The latter is why I have used the former. It's much quicker to cut the bad frames out than re-render the whole sequence. Given the schedules I'm faced with of late re-rendering really isn't practical. Does anyone here know why this glitch happens? Are there any other work-arounds? Many thanks, Chuck
  7. Can someone explain why converting a line into a light source doesn't work in any useful way? I've tried it in earlier versions of Vectorworks, and now in Architect 2020, it's just as useless. It's frustrating only in that it has such promise but fails to deliver. Thanks, Chuck
  8. Good day Marionetteers; Has anyone configured a script for producing geodesic spheres or domes? Thanks Chuck
  9. Hello folks; I've got a RenderWorks issue. I've built a fairly complex model under a series of tight deadlines, so I've been final rendering in Open GL with the 8 light limit. Now that the deadlines are passed, I'm trying the model out in RenderWorks. Lighting is needing work needless to say, and textures definitely need adjusting, also not surprising. What is surprising is textures that do not render. They work with the bitmap render tool, but not with Final Quality RenderWorks. I will add that I'm connected to a mac pro via screen share, from a 4k iMac. The textureless renders are happening on both systems. Screenshots are below. Thanks, in advance, for your input! Cheers! Final Quality RenderWorks OpenGL >>>> UPDATE <<<< I've noticed that when in OpenGL adjusting ambient light "seems" to cause some textures to not render in final quality renderworks. Screenshots below. OpenGL Final Quality RenderWorks
  10. Tarinbar, Yeah, I'm looking for the same thing.
  11. Howdy folks, Funny thing has been happening. in VW preferences (see attached) the auto save is set to overwrite - file backup is turned off. But VW saves a .bak file to the folder of origin anyway. I'm running VW2019/SP3, and working off our office server. Thanks, Chuck
  12. TIP: If you change the .bak suffix to .vwx the .bak file will convert to a useable VW file.
  13. Thanks Marissa! You are a most productive responder.
  14. Hi Marionette folks; I'm getting into Marionette, among other reasons, to be able to to tackle complex forms like the one shown below. The first image below shows a bit how I created the final shape, doing it the old fashioned way, starting out in 2D laying the form out in progressive shapes adapting them to the spine contour. I was thinking of the way a plane wing or fuselage is ribbed out. The configured ribs are stacked front to back and center aligned, then multiple extruded to the overall length of the spine-contour. Then I duplicated and flipped the extrusion and trimmed it. I'm thinking about the various commands and dimensions that I used to get this result, and after experimenting with the simple exercises I've found here on the site, I am beginning to see a little how this might be produced with a Marionette network. But I must say, when I see the network required to produce a 3 drawer file cabinet with casters, my mind is blown. I'd be highly motivated to see how others have attempted complex shapes like this one with Marionette. Thanks, in advance! Cheers! Chuck
  15. Awesome! Thanks. It's nice to know it's not pilot error.
  16. Thank you Marissa! I really appreciate your reply. I'm the only one here interested in Marionette, so there's really no one to discuss it with. CD
  17. Hi Robert, I have a question regarding results I'm getting when recreating tutorial scripts with VW Architect 2019. I'm attempting to meticulously recreate these scripts that originated in 2015, but my results (basic rectangle range/series/rotation) differ from the earlier versions. I've compared input variables between my version's nodes and the originals, and they're the same. The earlier nodes however, differ in their port labels. Also their codes differ from the 2017 updated code. I've attached code samples and images showing the difference in output that I've gotten. My question: Does the code from 2015 differ enough to get the kind of differences I'm getting, or am I simply not being thorough enough debugging my own work? Thanks very much. Chuck Rotate Node Code ORIGINAL.rtf Rotate Node Code MINE.rtf CD Marionette Experiments copy.vwx
  18. Has anyone experienced the following condition? Mac OS Mojave - VW Architect 2018: 1. Say you have 1 file open. 2. Then you minimize it to the Dock. 3. The you open a second file. 4. The new file opens, the old file springs up to the desktop behind the new file. Work on the new file. Then reach for the old file - and there it is, looks live when you bring it forward, and it can be navigated, but it cannot be edited. Nor can it be re-minimized to the Dock. You look at the dock and the old file's icon is still there. Click that icon, and the file re-springs to the desktop fully editable. 5. Conclusion, opening a new file with one in the Dock causes a "phantom" file window to come to the desktop from the Dock. No other app does this to my knowledge; just Vectorworks. This is at best, a minor annoyance. But one forgets at times and attempts to use the phantom window, which is the source of the annoyance.... Am I the only one who has this happen? Thanks, CD
  19. One of my colleagues had this problem a moment ago. Finding this thread was a huge help. Such an easy thing to accidentally change with an errant click. Thanks for posting fellas. CD
  20. Howdy folks; Been a VW user since it was called MiniCAD. iMac, Late 2014 High Sierra v10.13.6 (17G65) 4 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB We are on 2018 architect, and have been experiencing a strange glitch with larger models of a +200mb file size. When changing wire frame views the whole model becomes invisible. Sometimes it'll come back with command-5, sometimes with render to OpenGL. Sometimes it won't come back at all. Below is a screenshot which shows the model components still present as highlighting when the cursor rolls over them. Searches in the Trouble-Shoot forum for this or similar issues has turned up nothing. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks, Chuck Edit: I added another screenshot of additional glitchiness, plus a video that shows the rotational invisibility. Thanks for looking, Chuck IMG_0212.mov
  21. I'm having the same issue in a work group of two. We've tried import via Layer Import and via Design Layer Viewport. Subsequent viewports made from the imports work until the references are updated. Then the reference data shifts; sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little. In the case of a lot, the viewport content appears to vanish, in the case of just a little, the content is just visibly out of position within the VP crop. When it's "vanished" you can edit crop and find it.... it's just moved far away. I've sent an email to tech support. I'll share what I find out. VW Architect 2017 sp1, MAC OSX 10.12.5
  22. Much obliged Alan. It would seem that I am overdue for for a new pair of specs... Chuck
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