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  1. Thank you Marissa, that what I was after. I will try to implement that node sequence into my test network and see if I encounter any issues or find more questions.
  2. Hello, I am new to marionette scripting. I am slowly getting the logic of how different nodes act and are used. I got a question regarding getting intersection points from objects. You have infinite intersection node that only does line to line intersection and extracts coordinates . Is there a node to get intersection coordinates between a line (2point) and a polyline (3point or more)? In the image, just a quick example I am trying to achieve: 2 objects were created from list of points (in this case just from existing objects by name). The node seems not to understand the intersection point correctly, because I am using a poly line object and the result is a funny coordinates for a red locus. Could somebody help to rewrite the intersection node, to be able to pick up a poly line objects from input? If somebody already written one I could use? The marionette library contains infinite segment intersection but it doesn't make any difference, although you would think that in this example, the intersection is on a segment of a poly line...😕 Thank you
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