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  1. If U want to make such parametric stuff in a few minutes try topsolid. In Case U want to produce your 3d stuff on cnc machines, U need years for each Module with vw. BR kc
  2. KingChaos

    Input data

    Why U want to Put it into a seperated Mask?
  3. Are there interiorcad nodes existing?
  4. I did not found the node for placing part3d of interiorcad. U know where it is or how ist IS named? What U would do instead of sorting Them ans get the surface boundary for making Part 3d? The task is, Putting existing geometry on the CNC machine. Before i Started this Job i could Not Imagine, that with vektorworks it is so complicated Putting imported 3d geometrY Into CNC Code and i never thought that unparametrical modelling exists. Thx so far Then. Maybe i will get an additional different Software for me to do the stuff VW cant do.
  5. Hi Marionettes 🙂 is it possible to get some Marionette which does the stuff in the title? I can´t do this by Hand, because there are app. hundreds of pieces from a parasolid file (which are non ineriorcad 3D-parts) and i Need to get them onto my machine. So i Need to "extract" the Surface (out of the modelling tools) and turn the Output (poly) into a 3D-part. By hand this is really slow and annoying, if u got hundreds of solids u have to machine. So i think, if i can imagine a Marionette, which , sort them by thickness, rotate them all in the following way-> that the Main-Surface of the pieces are in the same "Level Z=0" then get the "extract tool" of the top Surface into a poly and made 3D-Parts for interior cad. (the last step is possible to do it manually, because i can select multiple polys and using the flash-tool-3D-part for making multiple 3D-parts with one click) BR KC PS: applying the Name of the parasolid-volumes onto the polys or the 3D parts (if it is poss to make this 3D-part-interiorcad command by marionette) would be a nice plus.
  6. What ist the difference between Plugin and Plugin symbol? The German Translation often varies ^^
  7. How U learned to use and create those Plugins?
  8. At First i have to translate yOur answer, all the Makro names differ German language. Thx a Lot. Maybe you misunderstand me while i am using wrong Translation. I SAW a YouTube movie where Lisa did some Volume subtraction with Marionette
  9. What does that means? Is it possible to use the 3D-part Interiorcad in a Marionette or not? Is there any tutorial for implementing it into Marionette? br KC
  10. I need Input to Draw Something Like the assembly in the Pictures in the Attachment with just drawin a polyLine. Drawing polyline and waiting the Counter get Drawn by itself. This was Made by me with topsolid Wood. IT iS ready for Rendering AND machining after i Made the polyline and fully parametrical dir adjusting all you have to adjust. I used App. 100 Parameters and the deepest structure gots 8 sublevels of assemblies. IT took me a few month but IT contains dozents of subvariants and different Fronts and Glasssystems. So the Sales people can offer the stuff right at their First Meeting with the customer. Even the cleaning Personal could Draw a Counter with that Tool. I Hope i dont cry, If i cant code it with VW. 😉
  11. IT would really fasten my learning Speed, If i can get the vs or Python Code of those Tools. But hey, OK.
  12. IT Changes the Texture of the volumes If i manipulate the geometry with my Parameters.
  13. If there will be one only 1 object (composed Polyline out of single lines) it will stay 1 2D-object, even if i marked on "Group"? That ist fantastic, because i think then VW can use my parametric Marionette path and my parametric Marionette Profil as a valid geometry for a path extrude? I thought it must be a Group, because i marked on "Group" but hey, this is fine. @DomC Maybe Dob talked About blue Symbols, sorry then. Until now i am not able to make some PIO, because i get no Manual or Training Video or pdf for making those. The interiorcad support great, but they too busy and my Questions are too specific, that they cant help me with that stuff.
  14. Maybe Wrap the Script and right click "Change to object node" Then U can save IT AS a Symbol so or similar.


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