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  1. Acip79

    XY Coordinates

    Hi All, I recently upgraded to VWX2019. Yup, the processing is much better than VWX2018. I am trying to get the X,Y or N/E coordinates for setting out purposes. I used VB XY in previous version. However it does not work in 2019. Any workaround or method to get it done? Thanks,
  2. Acip79

    Check Out And Release

    @Hans-Olav Following the same topic, what should i do if the administrator released all the item checked out by me using the "custom release" command? What happened is i cannot commit any changes that i have made to project file. A message just popped up mentioning i need to contact my administrator. Even he doesn't know what to do.😬 End up we create a new project file.😅 Thanks,
  3. Acip79

    Roofs now not visible

    Hi Jim, That is what i did. It turns out this issue not happening to roof only but to some of extrusion object as well. Maybe this is a disadvantage in separating model in several files. 😞
  4. Acip79

    Roofs now not visible

    Hi All, I have a problem concerning roof element. Sorry if i am in the wrong thread. Firstly my model / files are separated by floors and blocks since the project i am working on can consider as huge & i am using VWX2018. What happened is the roof element in its original file sits fine according to stories that i wanted. Once i referenced it into my overall model file the roof element 'z' value will not follow its stories but will appear floating above the building. Any idea where should i look to resolve this issue? Thanks,
  5. Acip79

    Curtain Wall Rotated Frame

    Got it @zoomer . I am trying to fully utilise vwx tools, in this case the curtain wall. I will work using my normal method which similar to your explanation above. Good to know there is somebody else having the same difficulty as i am. 😀
  6. Hi there, I would like to use curtain wall tools to create my building facade. The problem is i need to customise the frame profile and rotation. Any idea ? Reason why i am using curtain wall tools is the option of controlling the grids in curtain wall. Attached is an image of how i would like my fins to look like. Thanks,
  7. Acip79

    Check Out And Release

    Hi Hans, That works just fine. Thanks.
  8. Acip79

    Check Out And Release

    Hi there, I am working in project sharing environment. And this happened, When i wanted to edit the element (in this case it is one of my viewport), the warning pop up saying the element are checked out by another user which is my name. I know it sounds odd but this is happening to me. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.
  9. Acip79

    Disappearing Title Block

    Hi All, I am using VWX 2018 and yup this problem still exist. Once i close and reopen my files title block is not visible, only the borders are.What i did was select the title block and move 0,0 and it will appear again. Goes well too is you double click title block for editting, move by nudge etc. as long you do some operation on the title block it will appear again.Just imagine if i have hundreds of sheets. Hopefully VWX will find a solution for it. Thanks,
  10. Acip79

    Export To IFC

    Hi, I opened the ifc file in revit & the grid line does not appear, only levels are in the ifc file. I export using 2x2 & 2x3 ifc format. Tried also to link in revit using ifc 4 format. But still does not appear. Its ok, i am just curious if there is other user facing the same issue and found the solution. Btw, i am both revit & vwx user. :-)
  11. Acip79

    Export To IFC

    Hi elepp, Thanks for the option but i still cant export grids & propertyline to IFC format. I downloaded the sample file in the tread given but it use combination of lines,text to make the grids but i use grid tool for mine & property line tool. the grid lines are assign to ifcgridaxis similar in the sample file. but still no luck on it. Thanks anyway.
  12. Acip79

    Export To IFC

    Hi, First of all I am a beginner in Vectorworks 2018. Sorry if my question have been resolved before but I could not find the related tread in this forum. Just a simple one. I am working with consultant that used Revit. How can I include my property line & grid line to exported IFC format. I need to pass this setting out for them to follow.I found out that levels will follow when I create the stories. Can anyone help me? Thanks,
  13. Acip79

    Property line object segments annotation

    Hi, I am upgrading from VWX 2D conventional use to VWX architects since I need to comply with BIM requirement to any current project. So I am really beginner to this workflow. I wonder is there any options to add prefix or suffix onto the property line segments annotation. In my country, what we are practicing now is despite the distance & bearings to be shown along the property line we used to annotate it according to its uses. Ex: boundary line. building setback line, basement setback line etc. As of now I will just put a text for it. Just wonder... Thanks.
  14. Acip79


    Thanks for the reply Pat. Will look into it.
  15. Acip79


    Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the reply but i know i can do that in a normal worksheets. But can i do this in the door schedule with the preset format? But i will get that tutorial manual.


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