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  1. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @JMR i am new to vwx architects & bim environment. So i would like to try all the default tools & features in vwx. But i will save ur workaround as an option. 👍🏻.
  2. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Yup. VWX 2019 SP3.1
  3. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @Boh Thanks for your reply. I kept all the txt in my server so everybody in the project can use it. it is similar as what is in the user folder. I renamed the one in my user folder so it will detect the one in the server to be use. The file is all there otherwise i cant even select the finishes. My issue is just i cant edit the floor & wall finishes column in the worksheet but the ceiling finishes column can. Sound strange.😇 * maybe its a bug because it works fine in VWX 2018. 😔
  4. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @Boh Thanks for the tips, but still not working. 😔 Restart my computer, copy n paste to a new file but still not working. I tried in the template file given too, but its the same. Maybe its a version problem. Currently i am using VWX2019. What i found out is if I select ceiling finish edit it will work, but if I select the other option it does not work. I dont know how to categorized this issue, is it as bug or something else. But this is a very good template. Kudos to whoever made this.✌️
  5. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    I have followed all steps and my schedule works fine except i can edit my housekeeping schedule. i can only change the finishes for ceiling coz the list did pop up but not to wall & floor.
  6. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    @JMR Oops, too focus on the pre-set format i forgotten about 'records'. Sigh. Thanks, will try on this. Hi, Can i add a custom data in my space label because i need to include a simple room ventilation type ie: A/C, M/V, N/V ? I tried to use Additional Info in the additional data space settings but it is not editable. Is there any other way to do it or there is a correct way to do it? Thanks,
  7. Acip79

    Two-Way Finish Schedule

    Hi, Can i add a custom data in my space label because i need to include a simple room ventilation type ie: A/C, M/V, N/V ? I tried to use Additional Info in the additional data space settings but it is not editable. Is there any other way to do it or there is a correct way to do it? Thanks,
  8. Acip79

    Space Label

    Oops... just found out it relates to room finishes tab. sorry...😂
  9. Acip79

    Space Label

    Hi All, I have problem using space labels. Just need to find out if i am using it the correct way. Refer the attached image. Let say i have 2 spaces and it should reflect different rooms with different finishes for wall, floor & ceiling. The problem is i started with a space the one on the left (input data is paint, paint, paint, paint & plaster), then i made the second space which is the right image (input data is stone, stone, stone, stone & stone). My problem is anything i do to the 1st space label, all the data will automatically changed to follow the 2nd space. This space label is from VWX default library. Thanks, This are the default setting for the space label.
  10. Acip79

    File Split / Structure

    @Matt Overton , Thanks for ur thought. It is good to have sheets in model files but when it come to sections & elevations i still need it to be in a file with all the reference. Fyi i have separated the plans, sections and elevations in 3 individual files. 👌
  11. Hi there, Can anyone give an opinion how i split / structured my model and drawing files. Please refer attachments. The reason i split the files is for easy handling plus i need to share it with other disciplines which are using revit. The problem that i faced is on the files which i used to produce sheets & drawings. It is quite slow when updating the references & sometime do crash.Luckily it is on early stage so what i need is just plans, sections & elevations. I cant imagine what will happen in future since i am going for BIM for my project. BTW i am using VWX 2019 SP3. My file size currently (with all the references) is 934mb. Thanks in advance.
  12. Acip79

    Issues With Walls

    Hi, I am having 2 problem on walls now but it does not happen to all. 1. took a long time to join walls. (both are same wall style) 2. took a long time to create a rectangle / polygon if it is snapped to wall points. 3. took a long time to flip a wall What i can say is any operation on walls will take longer time. This problem started after i : 1. renamed my project file 2. renamed my stories & design layers Does my vwx file have problem or anything i can do to fix this? Thanks, IMG_2217.mov
  13. Acip79

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Sorry @line-weight , i am a bit confused on which method are you referring. 😇 i tried to set the classes to have hatching but nothing happen.
  14. Hi, I saw several posts which have similar problems with me. Can we have an option to make / override elements appearance to match classes settings when choosing 'Hidden Line' mode for section viewports? There is an option for it but it doesn't work. Elements in elevations will appear as solid white. Please see attached image. Thanks,
  15. Acip79

    Section / Elevation Settings

    Thanks @line-weight , I do prefer working by components & classes, the setup will be a bit complicated but its a good method if you ask me.Will have a try on this. So is it correct for me to say that i can't get any elements to have difference appearance if i choose 'Hidden Line' for Background Render coz it will appear as solid white only? I must go with OpenGL in order to get what i wanted. Thanks for the sharing.✌️


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