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  1. Hi Mark - is there a chance you could share a file with the objects you're working with? I'm having difficulty assuming what your vendor's symbols are created like. Attaching here or sending to me in a direct message is appropriate.
  2. Should be off of architecture and BIM 🙂
  3. You can just delete the line that says REFFILE, all of the gray text there 🙂
  4. So, Symbols cannot have different configurations, this would be a Plug In object (which is saved with red text in the resource manager) If I'm following correctly, you would have one symbol that was the same everywhere, but would want the position of the red box to move? For this, your Marionette script would place the static symbol object first and then layer the red box over the top in whatever position is defined with your option choice. I'm not sure that I am following the full goal correctly, if you could supply a simple file with a couple of the end results you're looking for I can probably make better sense of it.
  5. Since you state that these configurations are all stored as symbols already, it should be easy enough to write a script with an input field (either text or preconfigured popup) that would allow you to choose which configuration you want to be placed. I believe this would meet you request, please let me know if I'm incorrect.
  6. REFFILE is used for updating the scripts across all your nodes, it's useful when a node has a bug and needs to be updated in the source code, but what you've stumbled across is the small issue - each existing node in your document must be updated to refresh the script (so each time you open and close the node it will update it, but you need to do that for each existing node in your drawing). I *think* you could also use the "Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug-ins" command to refresh the script, but I am not 100%.
  7. I looked over these files and did not see that all of the scale symbol nodes had the "i", I often still saw an "s" When I updated these, all of the networks worked identically.
  8. Sorry @willofmaine, I was off on vacation last week. I am looking right now!
  9. The scale symbol node is outputting incorrect values. In the script, change the s in the last line to i and you'll get what you're looking for. Logging this as a bug now, thanks for finding it!
  10. There will be a breakout room centered around Marionette
  11. I'm working on a solution to this, is it a requirement that the resulting objects are rectangles, or can they be polygons?
  12. @Dendecko If you wire the rectangle you'd like subtracted to hTool instead of hBlank, does that work? If you're still struggling, could you attach a file? I'm not sure what the issue is that you're trying to describe.
  13. I have not encountered this, the next time you encounter it could you try to get a screen recording and provide the file where you're running into this so I can take a look? Feel free to directly message them to me.
  14. @line-weight I'm not seeing a wrapper in the original file that I shared, and I am also seeing that it behaves identically in 2022 to 2018, so I assume it also works correctly in 2021. Can you give me more information as to what you're encountering? Possibly share a file, either here or by direct message? More than happy to help you solve this issue!
  15. I created a custom node for this, and it's not currently deleting the last created object when finding this point (due to how Split2DObjectByLine works), but this should get you started! Use the dim node to define the Y dimension where you'd like to split the curve. My script currently works with polys, as I am unsure which object type you are displaying in your screenshot. Split Poly at Y Loc.vwx
  16. Are you in a top/plan view? That's required for wiring nodes together.
  17. @DBLD HI Dan! Can you tell me which version and build you encountered this in? Thanks! VB-182139
  18. I don't think it would be too hard. I'll take a stab at it once I have some free time.
  19. @spries I'm attaching a file with a modified Popup node. It will output the value chosen by the user. The lines that are modified: 13 - defines the list of options 14 - displays the list in 13 for the values in the Popup 30 - gets the selected item from the values in line 13 as defined by the result of the selection in 14, then converts it from string to float for numerical operations. I hope this helps! It's very similar to how Jesse described his method, but avoids the spaghetti mess of placing all of those nodes. moddedPopupNode.vwx
  20. Could you attach the Vectorworks file?
  21. You'll likely need to adjust some Z values prior to the solid addition - but just for visual clarification... Path Extrude Not Rotating_MFarrell.vwx
  22. Right, I'm suggesting you build the whole solid laying down first, make it a 3D object prior to rotating it to be perpendicular to the floor.
  23. Have you considered adding the EAPs to your panels prior to rotating them? Only rotating the one solid piece may be helpful.
  24. The issue is in the naming of some of your nodes. I think the primary culprit is the " ">" " node. I would suggest avoiding characters that are not letters or numbers. Was this created in 2021? Edit: it's the node AFTER that. Your > Text node is causing the issue. I'll be submitting this is a bug 🙂 Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
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