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  1. yeah, i use this ctrl-mouseclick for duplicating. now i know the interaction, thanks.
  2. where i can change it, bcd? i would like to have duplicates without offset while pressing "ctrl d"
  3. Thanks, ah ok, but my teacher told me to duplicate, i thought it would be possible to manipulate the duplicate tool. 🙂
  4. Hi all, in some tutorials the ppl duplicate objects and the duplicates have not a position offset. If i duplicate some stuff i allways have an offset in x and y? BR KC
  5. Manuel, jann er nicht die Daten der Tabelle in die Datenbank schreiben? Die wird doch aktuell gehalten, oder?
  6. How U can Manipulate your Symbols, Red Symbols Made by Marionette? With the get and "Set record" you Manipulate the Database records of a symbol. If your Symbols are working with Parameters of the Database this ist not so complicated. BR kc
  7. Hi all, i have to manipulate the working plane for different usagss so i am seeking for Nodes you made or downloaded, which can change the active working plane or better create a working plane and activate it. If there are some in my ressource, i did not find them maybe of bad translation or i am kind a blind. BR KC
  8. It Would be possible to Sketch a whole Shop interior in an hour, and it is changeable in 10 min to All u could change it.
  9. You can use a value node, if it exists. ^^
  10. What u want to input there? Which record? For me the project is canceled, because i cant manipulate the xg cabinet Name. The rest is done, if i can manipulate the cabinets name i am a vwx arcmage and i can clone cabinetstrings with a polyline rdy configured, connected to each Other parametrical, deactivatable and Named with cnc.
  11. Yes, but if i have 10 objects with Different heights it will result in 10 working planes. Is it possible to make a text in the y-z plane?
  12. If i cant rotate the Text, i will extrude it 0.1 mm and rotate or move that extrusions?
  13. I dont want to click, it must be placed automatically and adjust itsekf when i Chance the dimensionsof the cabinet in my oip of that Marionette.
  14. @Pat Stanford sounds interesting, You know whether it is possible to rotate a Text around a specific point in angles y or x axis or both?
  15. you know how this "text wrap" works? As i cant place my text without a workaround in offset to another text (placed next to 1 center point of a line), i simply want to place 2 texts on the same position while having one of them a textwrap, so the text will be shown on line 2. For this i think ineed to have a text with a starting "space bar" and all after my spacebar should be in row 2. Therefore i need an additional node to "chain" two strings (texts) into 1 f.E. I got a length-text and i want to read "L= 'length-text'" This is manipulated by hand. The blue text is located on the same postion but has a "line pitch" of 2, so if i make a text wrap it might looks like the picture.
  16. er hat mir schon geholfen, an einigen anderen Stellen. Der hat vermutlich keine Zeit.
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