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  1. this told me CHATgpt @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass=Marionette.OrderedClass): # APPEARANCE # Name this = Marionette.Node('Delete') this.SetDescription( 'Deletes an object if the condition is met.\nNote: Objects to be deleted are saved in a list and are deleted at the end of the network execution. So, there is no risk of referencing an object that no longer exists' ) # Input Ports obj = Marionette.PortIn(vs.Handle(0), 'hObj') obj.SetDescription('The object to delete') delete_flag = Marionette.PortIn(False, 'DeleteFlag') delete_flag.SetDescription('Boolean flag to decide whether to delete the object or not') # OIP Controls # Output Ports # BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): # inputs obj = self.Params.obj.value delete_flag = self.Params.delete_flag.value # script if delete_flag: vs.Marionette_DisposeObj(obj) # outputs
  2. hi there, chatGPT is not able to give me (not a programmer) a working code of the delete node, with an additional boolean input that decides wether to delete or not. is that possible in general or does this somehow not work in this way? BR KC
  3. Hi, i made some kind of rastered dowels for my cabinets, because the cabinetcreator of IC does not allow applying dowels in backplates. So i made this small marionette to have a red symbol which can be placed as a "box object" in the cabinets which is adoptable to the cabinet measures. network run - works wrapping - works object node - works symbol of "object node" - VWX CRASH does someone knows, whats wrong with my network? BR KC Duebelmarionette als Boxobjekt forum.vwx
  4. if i make an object node from the wrapper which contains "symbol from foldwer" and a symbol out of it, it may crash vwx?
  5. i want to make an object node, which places red symbols like this behind each segment of a named polygon. i need to put the segments length into the red symbols. with xg cabinets its working very good, except some unwanted behavior. Therefore i read out the "record" of the red symbols and found but it seems, that there are no fields with the data i need. So i need to remake the red symbol to make it be dynamic with a database? The red symbol is not that easy. You saw it before. But i dont know how to make the symbol react like now AND having a record with all the oip inputs.
  6. now its working, only few wires new connected and modified. the only stuff is not working is the fact, that a named popup node dont show in the pio. i think because i added in input port to this popstring to make a popup node which selects one of the named polygons in my file. Maybe someone knows, how to avoid this. pollygonselector.vwx
  7. all i wanna do is placing object nodes and modify the oip values, but this is generally not possible?
  8. but this pass node i cant deactivate by condition?
  9. i think best would be, i get a really good tutorial for "making nodes". sry for my lack of everything ^^
  10. i needed the name of the field, because it seems not to be the name i called the input node which is in the oip. is there any different way, to manipulate the OIP parameters of marionettes placed red symbols? i thought they were record based, maybe this is not the right way to do it. symbole am strang V2.vwx
  11. ah ok, i made it with chatGPT. @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( "Get Record Name" ) this.SetDescription( 'Returns the value of a data record field. If the data record does not exist or is not attached, it returns false' ) #Input Ports inObj = Marionette.PortIn( vs.Handle(0), 'hObj' ) inObj.SetDescription( "The input object" ) #OIP Controls #Output Ports obj = Marionette.PortOut('hObj') obj.SetDescription( "The original object" ) recName = Marionette.PortOut('sRecName') recName.SetDescription("The name of the attached record") #BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): # functions def getRecName(objHan): # This function returns the name of the first record attached to ObjHan, else an empty string totalRecCount = vs.NumRecords(objHan) if totalRecCount > 0: locRecHan = vs.GetRecord(objHan, 1) locRecName = vs.GetName(locRecHan) return locRecName return '' # inputs inObj = self.Params.inObj.value # script recName = getRecName(inObj) # outputs self.Params.recName.value = recName self.Params.obj.value = inObj it returns 1 record name. i failed to add an output with a list of the field names of this record. Then i tried to list all attached records, but that does not work too. 😞
  12. hi, how i can call the record name of a red symbol, placed with a marionett network. i need to place red symbols and put some parameters into them. Which nodes i have to use for this? BR KC
  13. Yes sry it sounds strange, they have to be dynamically on/off with condition fE. if i have a 1. selection what makes selection 2 invalide fE.
  14. if i have a network which places cabinets along a polygon, behind each segment 1 cabinet. in the OIP i need for each segment popups for the (red) symbol to select which has to be there, i dont know how i only got the popups in the same count as the polygon segments has. Also wenn das Polygon 5 segmente hat, brauche ich auch nur 5 popups zum auswaehlen des symbols. Momentan habe ich das hart eingebaut, dass ich immer 6 segmente habe.
  15. a name node, manipulated with chtgpt, with an input, solved it in a way, thats its working now, but still is not avaiblae in the oip of the wrapper if i wrap it. dont laugh about my speghetticode ^^ Polyselector 5 polys_v2.vwx
  16. i manipulated the code of the node (after i consulted ChatGPT) to get an input port and i tried to output the n-th element of the list i inputted. This works so far, except the selection is not "changing its selection choicenames" i think it has somethin to do with behaviour and run node complications. 2. if i wrap it, the named node is in the oip palette as a parameter. the outputstring has to be cleaned so the 2 ' has to be removed. Maybe someone has a clue, why the hack this is not reacting like i think it "shoud".
  17. Great Node. 2 quastions i have. 1. How to adress a folder within a folder? folder1/folder2 does not work. 2. is it possible to get a opengl icon in the selection? BR KC PS: hi SimA why do we searching the same thing at the same time? 🙂
  18. i found a node from aLandsberger, "get symbol from folder" that does exact this thing.
  19. Hi, i got an "Object node" made by a marionette. It has the inputports of all named input-nodes in the marionette wrapper. so far so good. is there any Way to make the not needed Inputports diasappear? f.E. i got 3 pulldown inputselectors. After selecting the first pulldownoption, some other in pulldown 2 should not be "pickable" or make the third input disappear? can this node be somehow valved or anything else? BR KC
  20. is it possible to manipulate a text in the following way? i got 2 texts well oriented and placed. fE "RB_2" is a text located at the startpoint of a polygon segment. the 800 is located in the middle of the same segment. How can i make the 800 is placed under RB_2 like in a second line like u do if u press enter while typing a text? Becaus of the location and orientation of the polygon its not possible to move it -y. It has to be like in the second line, however die polygon is located in the room. it can possible, that the polygon is looking like this. so i think i have to set the textproperties to a multilinetext. Best would be the "Numbers" are written in red and the strings in black. br KC
  21. if u name it u can have it in the ObjectInfoPalette of your marionette/wrapper/object-node If that is what u need, try it. I am 1 step further, i need the selection of symbols (in a specific folder) with pulldown in the oip 🙂
  22. #Modified April 2017 Made by CHAT Gpt with Kingchaos @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Popup String' ) this.SetDescription('This node demonstrates the use of a Popup OIP control. The values returned by this node will be integers based on your selection starting with 0 for the first option and increasing by 1 for consecutive options.') #Input Ports #OIP Controls input = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Popup', Marionette.WidgetType.Popup, 0, ['US-Endseite Preback RB V002', 'US-3er SK Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V00', 'US-Doppeltuer Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V00', 'US-Drehtuer Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V01', 'US-Einzeltuer m BL Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacel V00']) input.SetDescription('an OIP control representing the options designated within the script editor') #Output Ports output = Marionette.PortOut('s') output.SetDescription('a string representing the option selected in the OIP..') #BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): #inputs input = self.Params.input.value #script options = ['US-Endseite Preback RB V002', 'US-3er SK Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V00', 'US-Doppeltuer Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V00', 'US-Drehtuer Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacell V01', 'US-Einzeltuer m BL Dummymaterial SST Preback RB Koemacel V00'] selection_index = int(input) # convert the string input to an integer index selection = options[selection_index] # get the corresponding option #outputs self.Params.output.value = selection
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