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Story Groups (for split level, multi-building support)



  • We'd like support for split levels built directly into the Stories feature.



  • As it stands we currently have to use Level Types to create split level building models (and multiple buildings in one file with different elevation heights)
  • I don't think Level Types is logically the right place to provide this capability
  • It means that any standard Level Types you'd typically have in a model need to be multipled by the number of split levels you have, which creates unnecessarily complex lists of Level Types
  • If we want to control top and bottom bindings by Wall Style it means multiplying all our Wall Styles
  • Or it means we can't copy a wall across from one part of the building to another without being forced to redefine the top and bottom bindings to suit that level


Possible Solution

  • Story Groups
  • Each group of storeys could have its own elevations defined independently of other storeys
  • We could then define Level Types that would work across Story Groups (e.g. FFL-0 would be the same definition across split levels, and the Storey Group would control any elevation height difference between split levels.)
  • Which means we could have Wall Styles with top and bottom bindings defined by Level Type that work across split levels
  • Or we could copy a wall from one split level to another and not be forced to redefine the top and bottom bindings



  • The result, when dealing with split levels, would mean less Level Types, less Wall Styles and less manual manipulation of top and bottom bindings
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Need also to allow us to have two storeys at the same elevation!


Or be allowed to duplicate a design layer, and retain the storey assignment, and allow us to set the same storey and the same level so that we can do options!

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I believe the IFC spec includes a storey grouping entity already. So to me, it would be a great extension if Vectorworks exposed it. 

Would help with:-

- multiple buildings on the same site.

- extensions.

- off site building off impact assessments. 

- Split levels.

- Mezzanines

- Row houses


edit: Dare I say it we could even use it to version a storey for design testing


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Just giving this thread a little bump as I encountered the need for this fix recently.  I have a sloping site with two buildings on it with different finished floor datums.


I had to split these into two different files and am sorting out how to reference them together into one site file.




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