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  1. @Christiaan Did you make a formal request for this with Vectorworks? Rob
  2. I would like to bump this. Code requirements stipulate a minimum clear width at doors we must adhere to when designing for accessibility. I need to be able to show a clear dimension on critical door widths between the frame stops and door leaf. Being able to customize this frame dimension in the door tool would help match any manufacturer's shop drawings to make sure we meet the code requirements. Rob
  3. That is some well thought out perspective on the value of these high end Macs. Thanks for this. Rob
  4. Must resist riding it around the office
  5. This new Mac Pro is insane!
  6. Jim, I wish you all the best. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and talking to you at the design summit. I truly appreciate every ounce of knowledge you have shared with us. You have made my use of Vectorworks that much greater. Hope our paths will cross again and I can tip back a beer or two with you some day. Cheers, Rob
  7. I received an email today that has made me quite unhappy. Bluebeam has decided to drop Revu for Mac. Bluebeam never really put much effort into the Mac platform, their Revu was quite sub-par compared to the Windows version, but I was able to use it almost daily in my professional practice. Since Bluebeam and Vectorworks are part of the same family, how did this happen? How does one part of the company drop Mac support when all their other applications (as far as I know) have Mac versions? Here is a copy of the letter. Hello, We’re writing to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to stop developing future versions of Bluebeam Revu for Mac. We understand that this decision will impact many users and organizations, and we’re committed to providing the support and resources required to keep you and your company on track during this transition. We’ll also release the Revu for Mac 2.1 update in Q2. This update includes improvements to our measurement tools and addresses some critical issues. When we originally developed Revu for Mac, our intention was to extend the incredible efficiency and collaboration power of Bluebeam Revu to the Mac platform. While we pursued this multi-platform approach, advancements in cloud-computing redefined what was possible and provided an opportunity for us to reevaluate our strategy. At the end of 2018, we committed to building a new cloud-based ecosystem of solutions that delivers powerful features, tools and workflows accessible from any device and from any location. You will first see this vision coming to life in new products like Bluebeam Atlas and features like Drawings. In order to invest in this long-term vision, we have made the decision to begin the process of winding down the Revu for Mac product. We know that Revu for Mac provides specific benefits for your business. To minimize the disruption this decision may have, we will provide you with the following: You can continue to use your existing license of Revu for Mac. To learn more about your support options, please read our support article. All customers who are on Revu for Mac 2.0 will have access to the 2.1 release. Please note that we will not release any additional updates after March 2020. Customers who are on Revu for Mac 1.0 will be able to purchase an upgrade for a limited time only (until 6/1/19) at a discounted price. If you’re interested, please reach out to sales@bluebeam.com or your local reseller. Please note that this is only available for upgrades; as of today, Maintenance sales and renewals are no longer available. Customers who are interested in Revu for Windows can purchase a Standard, CAD or eXtreme license for a special price. If you’re interested, please reach out to sales@bluebeam.com or your local reseller. Please note that Bluebeam does not provide support for Mac applications like Parallels or Boot Camp. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Thank you, The Bluebeam Team I found it humorous that they go on to suggest that customers could purchase the Windows version to continue using Revu. I am severely disappointed in Bluebeam with this decision. Rob
  8. @khumenny Did you migrate from the old mac, or did you do a clean install of all the applications? If you did migrate, I suggest you make a second user account on the iMac and install Vectorworks from scratch and see if the performance improves. Cheers, Rob
  9. I don't recall there ever being a stand alone Vectorworks Viewer for iOS. Only nomad. You can still get the Mac and Windows versions of the viewer here. https://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/vectorworks-file-viewer Rob
  10. @MelanieR When you got your new MacBook Pro, did you migrate your user account from a backup (Time Machine) or directly from an older Mac? Or was this computer fresh out of the box with no migration what so ever? Rob
  11. How do you mean you get nowhere? Has tech support given you any inkling as to what the issue may be? It's been my experience with the folks at tech support that they will either tell you what you're seeing is absolutely a bug or that there is something wrong with your file or something is amiss on your computer. If it is indeed a bug then clearly it won't be resolved right away until the engineers get to it. In a lot of cases that is resolved in the next sweep of a SP. Tech support has never gone radio silent on an issue.
  12. You should have a look at the 3DConnexion space mouse. These make 3D maneuvering a breeze in Vectorworks. I have both the wireless and enterprise. Rob
  13. Work arounds can lead to the implementation of a feature. The engineers can't predict every way someone will use Vectorworks. By asking for something like this to be changed in Vectorworks brings it to the attention of people who write the code. Rob
  14. I would follow Neil and Jim's recommendation to contact tech support directly. I have been using 2019 SP 2 on a 5 year old MacBook Pro without any issue with any of my renderings in any of my files.Tech support has the means to take your file apart and examine your computer specifications to help determine what the issue is. Rob
  15. I agree with Gadzooks on the first recommendation. You would have to sub class the doors on the floors to differentiate them between layers when showing the 2 floors in the same vp. I would suggest that be added to the wishlist request section. That would be a great filter to add to shut off that class for that layer only when showing more than one floor plan. Rob
  16. 500 MB sounds awfully large for a modest sized design. My rather large projects are around 250mb with photo realistic renderings. It sounds to me like you may have a high poly object inserted in the file or something is calculating away from origin. Something simple like a line or node many miles from origin would throw the whole render calculation out of whack. Have you imported anything from a AutoCAD File, revit objects or Sketchup objects? Can you post the file on here for others to look at and give input? Have you tried tech support? Those folks can find the most nagging of issues in a file. Rob
  17. I am seeing this difference as well in my sections between 2018 and 2019. Its only happening with my walls. Slabs don't show components in "Merge Cross Sections" Rob
  18. I have found the easiest way to create a property line is to have the site plan situated in its correct orientation. Trace the property line with the polygon tool, then with the polygon selected, I go to AEC > Create Objects From Shapes... then select property line from the pull down. It converts the polygon to a bang on property line representative of the legal survey. I just did one this afternoon for the project I am working on as I just received the survey an hour ago. Rob
  19. Kelvin, Stephan may have been pointing out that you can build this cabinet in the custom cabinet tool. Cheers, Rob
  20. I too design a lot of commercial kitchens, I have a boiler plate letter that I will send to manufacturers, it takes a whole 3 minutes to format it to the specific manufacturer. If they bite and send a reply I will point them in the right direction if need be, or they will thank me and start looking into it. I have received positive feedback for doing so. I have also reached out to BIMobject to persuade their manufacturers to produce more Vectorworks content. I don't know how you took my comments as disdain for your needs, I was merely making a suggestion to help promote the application we all choose to use in these professions and hopefully help you find the native Vectorworks files you needed. Rob
  21. If you properly hound manufacturers (respectfully of course) you may find that they are willing to learn new ways of getting their equipment out to other formats. Myself and a colleague have successfully convinced some manufacturers to include Vectorworks native objects in their libraries. Its not always easy but its beneficial to get more manufacturers friendly with Vectorworks. The more folks we have out there persuading these companies the better. Rob
  22. Have you contacted anyone at Vectorworks to look at the revit files you are having issue importing into 2018 and 2019? If its a bug, those files could inform them on what needs to be fixed. Rob
  23. I agree @zoomer I need to find a large swath of a photo to crop of a similar wall finish. I have been experimenting in photo software to try and create a good tile, but as you mentioned you do notice the repetition right away as there is no random discrepancy to each tile piece as you would see in the real world. I agree @Kevin Allen we need a way to add irregularities to tiles. This render also brings up another issue when I need just 2D elevations where I would show a hatch that matches the rendered finish. I will also need to create a randomized 2D tile hatch pattern to cover the whole building face. Rob
  24. I have attached an image of a often requested finish pattern on buildings that I am having difficulty finding a way to replicate on my rendered models. It is common with designers and architects who use Swisspearl or similar finish. Does anyone have a similar texture or seamless texture or a way of achieving this sort of different sized panels for an exterior finish? I am trying to sort out the math to create a seamless texture in Affinity Photo (Photoshop competitor) to get close to this desired effect but I thought I would check with folks here as well. I'm hoping @Jim Wilson has a quick solution for this 🙂 Cheers, Rob
  25. This would assume that all revit objects are created equal. I have found that many supplier created revit files are poorly created. I have downloaded quite a few revit objects from BIMobject to find that they are sparse with detail. The onus would be on the revit file maker to make the object properly, and as we know in Vectorworks, there are many ways to do one thing. Rob
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