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  1. I have, thank you for the links rDesign. For anyone reading this in the future, our current method is to set the story to the lowest floor in the level, then manually adjust intermediate slab Z heights in the OIP or just drag them up in the model. Then either AEC>fit walls to objects (slab layer), or manually adjust them with the reshape tool. Fitting the walls to the slab layer doesn't always work well because it will defer to the top slab in overlapping instances. I think there's definitely room for improvement.
  2. I'm not sure what the best method for VW would be to build in this functionality, but it needs to be done. We're designing a home with multiple floor levels on each story. It should be easy in Vectorworks, but it's actually complicated because stories aren't set up to handle split levels. The advantages of BIM decrease when you have to manually fiddle around with slab levels and wall heights.
  3. Associative dimensioning doesn't seem to work in viewports. Am I missing something? I'm in a plan viewport annotation. I have auto associate checked in document preferences. I'm dimensioning wall objects. If I go back to the design layer and move a wall, the dimension in the viewport annotations does not follow the wall move. What's up with that?
  4. We're using Vectorworks cloud tours fairly often these days. It's great for remote meetings and allowing clients to easily walk through designs. One of the larger drawbacks is that there is no way to update an image without deleting it. This means that when we create our next iteration of a project we have to create a completely new presentation and relink all of the images to the other views. It's not efficient. I'm asking for an option to update images (panoramas) within a tour so that we can continue to improve the tour without starting over. Here's a better explanation: https://www.loom.com/share/61e510d34ded48a9822b844d311a8526 Thanks
  5. Since covid, we're doing all of our meetings virtually. Cloud presentations have been very helpful in this way. We export panoramas from each room to organize and share walkthroughs with our clients. But... it takes too much time to manually export a panorama for each individual saved view. You can batch publish saved views to images, so it seems reasonable to ask for a batch export panorama feature. This would be a big time saver. Thanks
  6. Ah ha, thank you. That did the trick.
  7. I have an elevation marker that I would like to link to a viewport. The red broken link shows next to the marker. In the OIP, Section Viewport: Not Linked is grey so I cannot select the viewport. Screenshot attached. Does anyone know what's up with that? I can't seem to stumble upon another way to link it. I'm on VW 2020 Architect. Thanks, Kit
  8. @Kevin K I’m wondering if you have found a better solution to this issue. I’m about to start an A-frame house project.
  9. Here’s a presentation I made with VW cloud: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/presentations/11eaaceb6fcea4a2a50a0e4ea18416f9/ First, there’s no way to edit the cover page, which looks cheesy and shows my name instead of my company name. I already asked for that in another post. Second, there’s no way to enter full screen on a phone, which makes the frame size not responsive. Also, the VR function doesn’t work on an iPhone browser, even though there’s a button for it. All of our clients, whether we like it or not, use phone browsers. It would be good for VW to recognize this. If I send them a link to a presentation, they should be able to view the walkthroughs smoothly. If there’s a VR button, it should work.
  10. Thank you michaelk, this is exactly what I needed!
  11. Is there a way to create automated floor and roof type schedules? I have modified the pre-formatted wall style report to create a nice wall type schedule that suits our needs. I'm not sure how to do the same for roof and floor slabs. Any thoughts? I've attached my wall type schedule file and screen shot. Wall Type Schedule.vwx
  12. Thank you for these! The temperature, wind, and sun path work great. I get the attached error on the precipitation chart and the psychometric chart. I'm on Architect 2020. I'm having trouble figuring out the fix as I'm just getting started with marionette.
    Thanks so much for making these. I am also getting the Index Error message. I'm on VW Architect 2020.
  13. We haven't had this problem since January. We copied content into new files, redid our sheets, and stopped using project sharing. I've been afraid to use Project sharing since then, so we just don't work on the same project at the same time. It's not ideal, but at least we aren't back-tracking anymore.
  14. It seems as if there is no way to edit the appearance of the cover page for cloud presentations. I can add branding to the slides, but not to the cover page. It could look more professional. The "Created by..." makes it look like a high school report cover page. It would be nice to be able to change the font, add text, remove the created by and powered by and add a company logo.
  15. It's really easy to fit walls to roof, but it would be nice if there was a fit window to roof option. I have this scenario, image attached. And I'm tediously adjusting the rise on the raked window heads until they all fit to the pitched roof. It's not as easy as I would hope. I don't want to use a window wall because they need to show up on the window schedule. If anyone has a trick for this, please let me know!
  16. It would be nice if the text is automatically located outside the dimension line in vertical dimensions. By default vertical dimensions are inside the dim line. In the OIP I can manually move it by typing in a negative value, but that's a step we shouldn't have to make. Also, in some forums people suggest the flip text checkbox in the OIP. Unfortunately it rotates the text into the wrong orientation.
  17. I’m often searching for realistic materials for rendering, even with the existing libraries. Adobe Substance is a growing source for realistic materials. It could be integrated into Vectorworks much like BIMobject.
  18. We have also been having this problem regularly in the last three weeks. It happens in project sharing files as well as plain Vectorworks files. We are a two person firm, and it happens to both of us. There doesn't appear to be an easy fix or workaround. Because the backups can be contaminated somehow, we regularly duplicate the files that we're working in so that we can go back to those when the "unexpected end of file..." error happens. It only happens when we are opening a file, the file doesn't crash during use. Either this issue arises during saving and closing, or it happens during use and VW doesn't identify a problem until reopening the file. I have to say, we've lost a lot of time (and money) dealing with this. It's incredibly frustrating.
  19. Wow, I didn't know about that function. Thanks Christiaan! The only thing missing is the xline function where a line is infinite.
  20. It would be great if Vectorworks had a guide line (or construction line) tool. Something similar to the guide lines built into the SketchUp tape measure tool. Ideally it would create an xline (like in AutoCAD) that is automatically dashed and by default doesn't show in viewports. Hopefully it would be an infinite length line like in AutoCAD. SketchUp has a nifty feature that deletes all guidelines, so when you are finished constructing your detail you can delete the construction lines. It's surprising that there isn't a tool like this already, it seems like all other drafting software I've used does. In Vectorworks I end up drawing individual lines to construct drawings, then manually deleting them afterward (or forgetting and realizing later when looking through viewports!).
  21. I’m finding by fussing with the door settings and searching forums that the only way to make a corner door, like the image attached, is to convert a door to group and edit, or build one from scratch. Then I need to spend time getting it to show on the door schedule. Or, if I lived in New Zealand, which I don’t, I could get a Windoor license, which I can’t. In the high end residential world these corner doors are common. I would appreciate being able to make them using standard settings.
  22. Does anyone know how to change the scale of a callout that shows in multiple viewports in multiple scales? I created a detail viewport in a design layer. The callout looks great on the 1/4" scale plan, but the scale is way off on a 3/4" enlarged floor plan. Is there a setting that allows you to fine tune callout appearance without affecting it on every sheet? Thanks in advance! Kit


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