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  1. Has there been any movement on this? It seems like adding hidden line ability to clip cube would be near the top of VW's list. VW please add this ability, I use clip cubes all the time for detail documentation and open GL doesn't look professional in CD's.
  2. @Tom W. Thank you for the explanation, and @jeff prince thank you for the link. Honestly, the complexity of forcing the slab tool to create a sloped roof just for the workaround of creating panel breaks doesn't seem like an efficient use of time. I hope Vectorworks will add more functionality to roof slabs soon. If the software is able to create recesses in a slab I don't see why it can't do it in a roof slab.
  3. @jeff prince Thank you! this is exactly the top of work around I was looking for. I haven't tried a slab as a roof before. I'm not seeing how to specify the roof pitch, and I get an error when I try to simply rotate the slab to make a pitch. Am I missing something? Thanks, Kit
  4. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to create panel breaks in a particular component of a roof slab. This describes what I'm hoping for: https://www.loom.com/share/933b75daf42a423bbfd0cd29dcf1b1c4 We've been doing a lot of mass timber projects, and we're trying hard to maximize BIM to show panel layouts rather than draw lines in viewports on top of the model. Thanks, Kit
  5. I'm struggling with skylights again on a new project. Honestly, I'm surprised VW hasn't fixed this. The current options are to either deal with the inadequacies of the skylight objects included. Or cut a hole and create your own skylight object (this is what most people do). But why not have a parametric skylight tool, just like windows, with styles and everything, that automatically rotate and insert into the roof object? We need them to work with schedules, just like windows also. I agree with @Christiaan and @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD that this is way past due.
  6. @Redmodro do you reset plugins after seeing tags disassociate, or do you do it preemptively before publishing? What's your order of operations? Thanks, Kit
  7. Hi All, I'm hoping for help from anyone who is experiencing this issue. Aksenia at tech support gave me this script that detects unlinked data tags. The idea is to test your file before publishing to see if the tags were already broken before publishing. I haven't had a chance to do any testing, but I did confirm that the script works for me. If we confirm that the tags are unlinked (but showing linked) before publishing, the next step is to run the script after performing various tasks to see what task is unlinking the tags. I've attached the script, and a video of Aksenia installing it, she didn't include sound, but you can see the steps. Here's her text explanation of running the script: If we all test this individually we should have answers faster. Thanks! Kit 561013170_Howtousescript.mp4.0fab2fb6414374625535d9758540a56e.mp4 Script_v2021_2.vwx
  8. @Redmodro Our most recent issue didn't have any referenced files, although there could easily be more than one issue that triggers this.
  9. @Christiaan Thanks, I'm on the new update now. I guess we'll see if the update has any effect. Support sent me a new script that identifies unlinked tags in a file. The script requires sp3. I'm going to run the script once in a while to see what's triggering tags to unlink. They did discover one important thing though. Even though a tag displays the correct number, it doesn't mean it's linked. Apparently there's a bug that allows an unlinked tag to look linked. Apparently when we publish the previously unlinked tags lose their numbers. So although it appears that tags unlink during publishing, they are actually already unlinked but showing as if they are linked. Yikes, it'll be hard to isolate this without extra effort.
  10. This issue persists. I've been working with support and sending them videos of the issue as it happens. I have sent them files as well. Still no solution. This is happening to all our team members on different computers. Here's the latest video from today made by our employee Perry: https://www.loom.com/share/ba0f9170641746debb1905820c391ee6
  11. This feature would be awesome for half-walls. What I usually do is change the wall style to generic with no components so it shows as solid in plan, but that's not ideal because it then shows incorrectly in section. The other workaround I've tried is drawing a rectangle over it in annotation, also not great. The best solution I've seen is to just extrude a solid cap on the wall, but that cap won't adjust with wall revisions.
  12. I wish we were able to save renderworks backgrounds in saved views. It's just not possible now, unless I'm missing something. It's a feature that SketchUp has and VW doesn't. It would be very helpful: https://www.loom.com/share/2b6059bd7f734b34bcb79e6809ad204a
  13. @VWX USER 1 I should update this. We have been back on project sharing for a year now and no longer have this problem. Maybe a service pack fixed the issue, or maybe our new habits and dropbox organization fixed the issue: - We keep the project file in a separate folder from working files - At each phase of the project we move the project file into an archive folder, then duplicate it back into the project folder with a new name We are now working with several users per project and this problem seems to be resolved for us.
  14. Update: I was able to record a video of the tags disassociating while publishing to pdf. I sent the video and the file to VW and they were able to reproduce the unlinked tags. Except that it happened for them when they saved and committed, not when they published. This hasn't been my experience, so I'm guessing several things can trigger it. Has anyone else experienced this issue while saving and committing?
  15. Thanks Christiaan, I'm sorry you're having this issue too, but I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one reporting it. VW responded to my bug report. I uploaded the file that we've most recently had the issue with, although I'm not sure if they will be able to recreate the issue. I also referenced your bug report. Maybe we can compare notes: - The problem seems to happen only on shared projects. - We work on dropbox. The project file is in a separate folder from working files. - This issue seems to happen when we're publishing to pdf - Most recently I published a set to pdf, saw that some of the interior door tags had disassociated (noticed on the pdf), another team member opened the file, reassociated the blank tags, published, then we noticed that some other tags (this time window and door) had disassociated. She reassociated the next round of blank tags, published, and this time they stayed associated. It's hard to take a break to upload a bug report every time this happens, but I think we'll just need to do that or this might not be resolved. If anyone else reading this has had this issue, we'd love to hear about it. If we all submit reports as soon as it happens maybe VW can isolate the issue soon. Thanks, Kit
  16. This is a BIG problem, that we've been having for more than a year on our shared projects. We're currently on 2021 Architect with the current service pack. Since 2019 our windows and door tags randomly disassociate. Interestingly wall tags don't. We use window tags in annotation on viewports. It seems to be a project sharing issue. Any shared project will randomly disassociate it's window and door tags often. It generally happens after publishing to pdf. It's incredibly frustrating to see your work on plans and elevations disappear when you are trying to issue a set. It's especially disruptive on large projects where it can take an hour or more to re-associate tags. On one project it happened so often that we just typed tag numbers on top of tags with a text box, negating the advantages of BIM. Others have been having this issue since 2019 and have posted on the troubleshooting forum. Here's one: I don't see any answers other than it's a known issue and VW is working on it. In the life of a project we spend an average of 2 hours re-associating window and door tags per project (that we've recorded!). On average we have 21 projects per year. That's 42 hours per year that we have to eat because of a bug. I hope Vectorworks is starting to understand the magnitude of this issue. For the amount of re-work and frustration involved in this issue I would have thought VW would have fixed it by now. I hope you will move this to to top of your bug list.
  17. I often have transom windows above another door or window. I really like the clerestory checkbox in the OIP that automatically shows a window as a dashed box in plan, but it also shows all the layers of the wall it's cutting through, even if it's stacked on another window or door. I'm suggesting adding another check box called "transom" that would show the window dashed, but show the solid cut of the window or door below it. Here's better explanation: https://www.loom.com/share/0de05c4204a74d67b7ce02a0a9e2f766 Thanks, Kit
  18. Found the issue: Auto-Classing. For anyone with the same issue, here's how I solved it: File>Document Settings>Standard Naming Uncheck Auto-Naming
  19. I'm experiencing an issue where I can't change the class of window objects. It's so strange. It allows me to try, but it stays on the old class. Here's a video of the problem: https://www.loom.com/share/9b50bf03afa3440a94c10f399e615580 Has anyone experienced this?
  20. I've upgraded to 2021, and now the option for an end marker on sections lines is gone. Am I missing something? Thanks, Kit
  21. Here's a video showing what I'm seeing: https://www.loom.com/share/e88c76a11c374cc5bed515a1173731a5 I'm hoping someone has a fix for this.
  22. I am having the same issue as Gabriel. Export to panorama via cloud, it comes out as a white image. I'm on 2021, up to date.
  23. Nevermind. Miraculously working now, and I don't know why.
  24. We're working with a group of students who are on VW 2020 on windows computers - up to date with service packs. In 3d views the model disappears. The only render mode that works in 3d views for them is sketch. Clip cube is off. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks, Kit
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