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  1. khumenny

    Site Model Settings in Viewports

    Well, for no apparent reason it solved itself. I didn't re-open, re-start, or change anything. It just happened on a random VP update.
  2. khumenny

    Site Model Settings in Viewports

    Good Morning, I'm having trouble getting a site model to display properly in viewports of some files. Attached are screenshots of section viewports in 2 separate files, the one with the shaded site model is the way I want it to display (I over-ride the site model class to be a pattern fill), the other has the same settings/ vp overrides as the first but won't display as a pattern fill where the section line cuts through. I've tried changing the class setting as well with no luck. Has anyone else had / solved this issue? Am I missing something? Do I need another espresso...?
  3. khumenny

    Heliodon shadows not working

    Thanks Cipes, I tried all those without success. BG, you're the winner, though just re-inserting it didn't work... I had to insert a second heliodon and that re-set something once there were two. I did insert it in 3D view open GL while all the others were inserted in plan. Not sure if that had something to do with it. Thanks All!
  4. khumenny

    Heliodon shadows not working

    Thanks Jim, I don't have any other light objects. It does work in a new file, yes. I've purged and checked the existing problem file and still have no shadows.
  5. khumenny

    Heliodon shadows not working

    Has anyone had any issues with shadows not working in 2019? I had no trouble in 2018 but now I can't seem to get shadows in open GL or in rendered viewports.
  6. khumenny

    Cabinet Drawers

    Thanks Rob! I guess I need to look more closely at the custom cabinet tool.
  7. khumenny

    Cabinet Drawers

    No, I was referring to the kitchen cabinets with doors & drawers. Thanks though.
  8. The cabinet tool is great but it would be even greater if the drawer sizes could be specified, 3 equal size drawers is fairly common and there doesn't seem to be a way to change the default of ascending sizes from top to bottom. Unless I'm missing something....?
  9. I think an option for spaces to be more complex than a polygon with basic height, would be beneficial. For example, a sloped or pitched ceiling in a room. It would help at the massing stage of design to see the true shape as well as being useful by providing actual volume for energy modeling. Also, I'm sure others have requested this, but sloped slabs would be another good one.
  10. There should be a way to cap the jog in two walls of different thicknesses joining end to end. No? Like this attachment: Wall.pdf
  11. It would be great to have the same visibility options in section viewports as in elevation viewports.
  12. Texture surface hatches displaying in 2D plan view would be great for BIM workflow. Applying separate textures / hatches to top / edges / bottom of extruded shapes (ie: custom roofs) would also help.
  13. khumenny

    Door z height

    How did I miss that? Thanks!
  14. It would be great if doors could have a sill height like windows. I'm working solely in BIM now and have to hack a short wall under a door to raise it. (This is a local code requirement for doors to roof decks, etc. to be raised 6") Thanks in advance!


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