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  1. What happens if one of the folks you hired temporarily leaves their Vectorworks App running while they are on the phone, or step away from the computer for quite some time not closing the window. This would eat into your "hours" This idea would require a lot of management to make sure the application is only open when drawing. This would also require lots of quitting and restarting Vectorworks throughout the day, which also could eat up productivity time in the office. Just my 2 cents. Rob
  2. Yes please! After laying out and editing some call outs, especially if notes need to be changed the formatting can be a bit cumbersome to get it looking neat and tidy in a drawing set. Rob
  3. rgcn

    Vision - PC or Mac

    Thanks @Edward Josephfor this list! I am a mac user but have often wondered what would be a very good comparable windows machine, and I think you have definitely given me something to consider. Cheers, Rob
  4. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Where is the self responsibility to determine the applications you use is compatible with an operating system? This is not just for Vectorworks, but any application. @R. BroadfootHow did Vectorworks rush you into installing 2019? Did they force you to download and install it on your machine? They did the same promotion as Apple does when a new OS is out. I have received Apple and Vectorworks emails touting the newest release and nowhere in those emails have they made me install the latest release. Yes you are paying a service fee every year to be up to date with the latest release as well as other services provided by Vectorworks. But You are not required to solely use that version from the moment you install it. I use both 2018 and 2019 depending on what project I am working on. And to correct you, you do have access to top notch technical support provided by the folks at Vectorworks. They have always been first class in helping with any problem thrown at them. Sometimes those are bugs, and those bugs will get forwarded to the engineers to squash. You claim to not caring how the magic happens to make the application work, but how is anyone to determine how that tech magic happens until they find out why it is not working? Clearly apple has done a lot of changes under the hood to not allow an application that works in 10.13 to fall apart in 10.14. That is what the engineers at Vectorworks do after the official OS has released. They figure out what apple has changed and patch it in their service packs. I have met many of the engineers at Design Summit, they are just human like the rest of us. They work very hard to make Vectorworks run and do the tech magic we all depend on. Rob
  5. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    You can probably ask the salesperson at Best Buy or Apple to find out how long a model new in box has been sitting in their store since the serial number is most likely printed on the box and they would have that logged. If the computer arrived before September 24th it will still have High Sierra on it. Rob
  6. Mark, It very well could be due to the incompatibility of High Sierra and Vectorworks 2016. Rob
  7. rgcn

    Artlantis Twinmotion

    As being someone who dabbles in Artlantis, I had recently found out that Artlantis 7 is not totally compatible with Vectorworks 2018, as there is no exporter provided by Artlantis that exports from Vectorworks 2018 to Artlantis 7. When you download the latest add on from Artlantis, it natively only exports to Artlantis 6.5. Of course you can open an Artlantis 6.5 file in 7 but I do not know if there are enough differences between those two releases to cause problem. Plus when you make changes to your Vectorworks model and want to updated the Atlantis file, it again will only export as a 6.5 and your working file is now a Artlantis 7 file. I have found that some wall component classes from VW aren't transposing properly to Artlantis 7 through the 6.5 route. Artlantis has stated in their forum that they will not be providing an update to the 2018 exporter for native Artlantis 7. They are unsure about Vectorworks 2019 to Artlantis 7. I find this troubling, especially on their website they describe the add-on for 2018 as Artlantis 6.5 and 7. It feels dishonest to me since I paid to upgrade to Atlantis 7 on the basis they had an Artlantis 7 add on for 2018. I have sent 2 emails and posted on their forum asking for more info on the VW 2018 / 2019 compatible add-on for Artlantis 7 with no responses in weeks. Rob
  8. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    What is so important in Mojave that everyone has to have it on release day? I totally understand that people shouldn’t need to hang out on the forum all day, BUT it is so easy to do a search when contemplating upgrading an OS or computer to see what is required for that software to run or if there are issues with an OS. Apple is notorious for changing builds and removing items from a build just before release day. Yes, it is a fair expectation that a new application will work in the current OS. Please note, the current OS at the time of release of 2019 was High Sierra. Mojave has only been live since Monday.
  9. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Jim Wilson posted on July 12 that Vectorworks users should not upgrade to Mojave. Long before apple released it. It’s up to the user to make sure their applications work with the operating system and computers they choose to use. Jim’s post is here
  10. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Yes, I wrote that part in the wrong order, yet the whole post I wrote still has the point of my message.
  11. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I really don’t understood the complaints that Vectorworks isn’t compatible with the latest OS right out of the gate. I think Jim has explained it well every year that they never know how Vectorworks will perform until Apple releases the public release of thei OS. I for one would never install the latest OS on my work dependant machine until I knew all the kinks were worked out with ALL applications I depend on to do my daily professional work. Demanding Vectorworks make their in beta application work with an in beta OS seems ridiculous. I’d rather Vectorworks work in the current OS and be able to do my job. Patience, the OS will become compatible with Vectorworks. Rob
  12. @michael john williams Are you using 2015 as per your signature, or are you currently running 2018? As there have been significant improvements since 2015. Also, if you have been watching the teaser tuesday info by JimW? You will see that they are indeed working on performance within 2019. Rob
  13. rgcn

    Brilliant VW keyboard shortcut

    @Matt Panzer This is a fantastic little tweak! I have always wanted to adjust nudging on the fly. Thank you! Rob
  14. rgcn

    Barn Door

    This is fantastic. I've spent too much time just sliding the door open and closed 🙂 Now the next step is to get this barn door to be scheduled. When I made my own barn doors, just a 2D / 3D symbol I would have to create a cased opening. Of course on the door schedule generated within Vectorworks, the barn door I made is labeled as a "cased opening" Rob


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