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  1. I have run into this problem today. I see if I export to 2017, the skylight shows up in elevations, and sections. Rob
  2. These look incredible! Rob
  3. I have used Artlantis with some renderings, but mostly use Renderworks. It looks as though Abvent may be concentrating more on Twinmotion over Artlantis, but I could be wrong in speculating. I am happy to see it has come to mac and after these great little videos you posted, I am going to dive into the demo as well. Rob
  4. Oh wow! That would come in handy for the multiple clients I do work for! Thanks for the link, and yes Vectorworks needs this out of the box Rob
  5. This would be a great feature to have. Thanks for suggesting it! Rob
  6. This is going to be another great feature to help convince people to upgrade to 2018 from older versions. Rob
  7. I have had to make many work arounds to get these types of doors into my BIM models. These doors inevitably change in size and configuration during design and costing that it becomes a bit of a challenge to change on the fly when it needs to be. The doors are very desirable in many large custom homes. Rob
  8. I am finding on more and more projects, that contractors and subs wish that details would show where they originate. The back referencing would be a very beneficial option for both the people working on the file and the people building the project. The more information you can provide to the team, the more efficient the project will go. Rob
  9. That is pretty cool, will make populating shelves in renderings easy! Rob
  10. I really appreciate reading your experience over the last few versions of Interiorcad. I am a new user and only have experience with 2017. I have been working with clients that need shaker doors on their cabinets, so I have to do a work around to achieve that. Rob
  11. Looking forward to attending my first VDS this year. Rob
  12. Have you given Astropad a try on Vectorworks yet? I'm curious if anyones has found any use on it yet. Rob
  13. I had the same issue with an insulated wall assembly in plan. That switch to Best Compatibility worked for me. Thanks! Rob
  14. Seeing the video for the dimension tape in spotlight, I can see this little feature be very handy for quickly laying out windows and doors in architect. I know I would use it if I had a long wall that needed many equally spaced windows. I could quickly lay out the dimension tape in plan and set the markers to the intervals I wished to place many windows. Currently, my process would be to draw a line and use "Drafting Aids" and "Line into Segments" to get layout points. I can see switching to using a dimension tape would allow for quickly adjusting the intervals if I wanted more or less windows equally spaced. Rob
  15. Thanks for the fast response Jim, I have no experience at all with revit files, so I have no idea if this was even a good file to begin with. But I downloaded this from a manufacturer today. Rob MakeupAir.zip