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  1. rgcn

    Cabinet Drawers

    Kelvin, Stephan may have been pointing out that you can build this cabinet in the custom cabinet tool. Cheers, Rob
  2. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I too design a lot of commercial kitchens, I have a boiler plate letter that I will send to manufacturers, it takes a whole 3 minutes to format it to the specific manufacturer. If they bite and send a reply I will point them in the right direction if need be, or they will thank me and start looking into it. I have received positive feedback for doing so. I have also reached out to BIMobject to persuade their manufacturers to produce more Vectorworks content. I don't know how you took my comments as disdain for your needs, I was merely making a suggestion to help promote the application we all choose to use in these professions and hopefully help you find the native Vectorworks files you needed. Rob
  3. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    If you properly hound manufacturers (respectfully of course) you may find that they are willing to learn new ways of getting their equipment out to other formats. Myself and a colleague have successfully convinced some manufacturers to include Vectorworks native objects in their libraries. Its not always easy but its beneficial to get more manufacturers friendly with Vectorworks. The more folks we have out there persuading these companies the better. Rob
  4. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Have you contacted anyone at Vectorworks to look at the revit files you are having issue importing into 2018 and 2019? If its a bug, those files could inform them on what needs to be fixed. Rob
  5. rgcn

    Repeating different sized exterior finish

    I agree @zoomer I need to find a large swath of a photo to crop of a similar wall finish. I have been experimenting in photo software to try and create a good tile, but as you mentioned you do notice the repetition right away as there is no random discrepancy to each tile piece as you would see in the real world. I agree @Kevin Allen we need a way to add irregularities to tiles. This render also brings up another issue when I need just 2D elevations where I would show a hatch that matches the rendered finish. I will also need to create a randomized 2D tile hatch pattern to cover the whole building face. Rob
  6. I have attached an image of a often requested finish pattern on buildings that I am having difficulty finding a way to replicate on my rendered models. It is common with designers and architects who use Swisspearl or similar finish. Does anyone have a similar texture or seamless texture or a way of achieving this sort of different sized panels for an exterior finish? I am trying to sort out the math to create a seamless texture in Affinity Photo (Photoshop competitor) to get close to this desired effect but I thought I would check with folks here as well. I'm hoping @Jim Wilson has a quick solution for this 🙂 Cheers, Rob
  7. This would assume that all revit objects are created equal. I have found that many supplier created revit files are poorly created. I have downloaded quite a few revit objects from BIMobject to find that they are sparse with detail. The onus would be on the revit file maker to make the object properly, and as we know in Vectorworks, there are many ways to do one thing. Rob
  8. Just giving this thread a little bump as I encountered the need for this fix recently. I have a sloping site with two buildings on it with different finished floor datums. I had to split these into two different files and am sorting out how to reference them together into one site file. Rob
  9. rgcn

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer have full working apps on both iOS and Mac. They have created a great UI for the iPad that is different from the Mac version but easy to learn. I enjoy using these apps both on my Mac and iPad. It it may be worth looking at how they did theirs to figure out how to do it for Vectorworks 🙂 Rob
  10. rgcn

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    Thanks so much for this Jim. My MacBook Pro is getting long in the tooth and I do need to start investigating the best solution for me. This has definitely put the Mac Mini in my consideration list. I would like to see how this compares with a MacBook Pro using an eGPU. Rob
  11. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Yes, 3DConnexion’s tech support is awful. I have emailed them many times over the years with issues , and I think I have only received one response. Rob
  12. rgcn

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    My 3D Connexion Spacemouse Enterprise loses connection randomly on High Sierra. I simply unplug it and plug it back in to give it a reboot. This happens inside and outside of Vectorworks. In some instances with Apple’s OS, USB connected devices can cause issues upon computer boot up. Of course it’s not always feasible to always have all your USB devices unplugged during boot up. Rob
  13. I agree. I recently came across this exact issue. Even when trying to create a custom window, as soon as there are two side by side with a centre mullion, it invokes the transom. Rob
  14. rgcn

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    Thanks for this @Wes Gardner These are very clear and well laid out. This will definitely help explain stories better to folks I work with. Rob
  15. rgcn

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    This is a fantastic list Jim. And a lot of folks here have commented on wish list items I would like as well as some I hadn't thought of. Rob


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