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  1. rgcn

    Barn Door

    This is fantastic. I've spent too much time just sliding the door open and closed 🙂 Now the next step is to get this barn door to be scheduled. When I made my own barn doors, just a 2D / 3D symbol I would have to create a cased opening. Of course on the door schedule generated within Vectorworks, the barn door I made is labeled as a "cased opening" Rob
  2. rgcn

    Uninstalling Vectorworks 2018

    If an uninstaller is missing, what is the best way to uninstall 2018 on a mac? Can someone share the uninstaller from another mac? Rob
  3. rgcn

    Custom Section Markers

    Thanks for the clear explanation Pat, this is very helpful. Rob
  4. rgcn

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    So very much looking forward to this! I'm very happy that its moved a bit westward. Rob
  5. rgcn

    7 and more hour render

    Very nice work @Zeno! keep up the good work, and keep pushing your renderings further. It will pay off! Rob
  6. Thanks so much for the updated file! Cheers, Rob
  7. This is fantastic @Alan WoodwellI am looking forward to giving this a try! Rob
  8. I followed the technique demonstrated by affinity photo here to create my own seamless textures. I'm sure the same technique works for photoshop, but I prefer using Affinity Photo. https://vimeo.com/134838293 After you finish the texture, you can create a bump map of the image to give it some more realism. Rob
  9. rgcn

    Pc vs Mac for VW?

    I would love for @Jonathan Pickupto chime in, since he uses both Mac and Windows. I am uncertain which he uses more, although I know he uses his windows machine for his webinars. Rob
  10. rgcn

    Text Scale in Symbol

    @AndySmithArchI have seen this issue quite a few times, and every time I have suggested using design layer referencing. It takes a little bit of mind shift to use this method, but in the long run it will save you a ton of headaches. Rob
  11. rgcn

    Skylight Bug

    I have run into this problem today. I see if I export to 2017, the skylight shows up in elevations, and sections. Rob
  12. rgcn

    Vectorworks 2018

    These look incredible! Rob
  13. rgcn

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    I have used Artlantis with some renderings, but mostly use Renderworks. It looks as though Abvent may be concentrating more on Twinmotion over Artlantis, but I could be wrong in speculating. I am happy to see it has come to mac and after these great little videos you posted, I am going to dive into the demo as well. Rob
  14. rgcn

    Buy SmartPaste

    Oh wow! That would come in handy for the multiple clients I do work for! Thanks for the link, and yes Vectorworks needs this out of the box Rob
  15. rgcn

    Renderworks render times

    This would be a great feature to have. Thanks for suggesting it! Rob