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Isolate Object command

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Is there an "isolate objects" command in vectorworks?

I'm trying out the 3d side of vectorworks and am a form Z user - in Form Z you can right click on the mouse and this command appears in the menu-it's very useful for complicated 3d scenes to reduce visual clutter. Is there anything similar in vectorworks?

mny thx,

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Have you tried the clip cube? Select an object or objects, invoke the clip cube from the tool bar. You will get an adjustable cube. Object inside the cube are visible, objects outside are not.

And there's always the old school way. Select an object or objects. Group. Go inside the group (with show other objects while in edit modes turned off).

When you're done, exit the group and ungroup.

That's what we used to do before the clip cube. My fingers still remember the keyboard shortcuts:

Command-G, Command-Left Bracket to isolate

Command-Right Bracket, Command-U to return.



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Come to think of it, there is an even older way that might do exactly what you want.

These scripts will run deprecated commands that sound like they do exactly what Form Z does.

Select the object or objects you want to work on. Run the script, "Hide UN Selected"

When you're done, make sure to run the script "Show All"

I don't know where these scripts came from. Probably safe to credit Pat. Or Raymond.



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Simplest way is to make them yourself.


Edit your workspace and add Custom Visibility to the menu from the Legacy set. It was originally in the Tools menu with Custom Selection etc. before being moved to Legacy.


Run the tool and check the Create Script option. The first script you want to have it make is Show All so you can get things back after you hide them.


Then you can make a tool for Hide Objects that are Not Selected.


And as many other versions as you need to do what you are trying to do. Hide specific layers or classes. Or types of objects (text perhaps).


Very powerful.

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Wow I like that!


One thing though. I notice that creating a "Show all" script shows all objects but doesn't change their classes to visible. I.e. even objects on invisible classes are visible - which could get confusing.


I've noticed some right click menu items called "Hide Objects" & "Show All". "Hide objects" in the context menu hides all items which aren't selected, "Show Objects", available when nothing is selected shows everything except items that have their classes off.









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This is funny this came up and is active as I am actively trying to figure out a way to do this. 


I am very much in need of an isolate selection mode at the moment.  I think I am personally going to submit a wishlist item for this.


Unfortunately things in the drawing are already classed and layered.  The item is a curve and the clip cube does not give me the desired results.  If I group I give up some of the layering already in place.  There really should be a quick toggle to isolate items like in an edit mode, not sure how this is just coming to me now.

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I suspect it may be part of the Australasian version of VW

Try bringing in that “Custom Visibility...” command instead that @Pat Stanford mentioned. I played around with it but couldn’t figure out how to get a “show “ command that didn’t show objects on classes set to invisible. 

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For me the Custom Visibility tool does not effect objects with hidden Class or Layer visibilities.


The scripts created are really simple.


Show All:



Hide Visible Selected Objects



If scripts are acceptable, copy and paste everything in the code block in to a new blank Vectorscript from the Resouce Browser.


If you want to give them key shortcuts or add them to the  contextual right click menu you will need to use the Plug-in Manager (Tools:Plug-ins) to make them into a command and then add that command into your workspace.

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If you want to hide all but the selected objects you will need 2 commands, one to hide and one to unhide.  you need to be sure that you do not include symbols and plug-ins because selected objects may hide there interior components leaving you with just control points, if that.  The commands are


To hide all unselected objects



To show what you just hid.



Let me know if this is not what you need.


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 and indeed i do now have the problem of having groups and symbols not included.


@Sam Jones I couldnt find out what to add to the script to include groups and symbols

when i try this nothing happens anymore





thx in advance




Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-25 um 11.43.46.png

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@Sam Jones Can you please explain how to do add this Hide command I made according your instructions (posted February 25, 2019 ) into the Basic Tool Set : ''......You now have a command that you can put in your workspace.  You will have to decide in what menu and where, but once that is done you will have a menu command always available, and you can give it a keyboard shortcut if you wish.''

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