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  1. @hollister design Studio Hi if i understand your question correctly. If i edit a symbol, i double click to edit the 3d Components. then hit Ctrl A Ctrl 6 to view all. if i want to look at side i hit 4 on mun pad and Ctrl A Ctrl 6. to view all. sometimes i am looking at edge so i hit 2 on num pad and do same again to see object. Hope this helps.
  2. Is there a way to make the ticks all the same in the viewport. I have a number of dimensions set to various scales so all the text in the Viewports are the same but cannot get the ticks to be same size. Must be missing something simple. Top image is from Design Layer an d bottom from Sheet Layer Thanks in advance
  3. Do your 3d Locus show? if not go to VW preferences and show them always. If contours polys are solid they will hide whats beneath. Without seeing file that all i can think of.
  4. As far as i know the fence/railing tool does not send to surface and the Marionette is a stand alone item.
  5. @McG HI. this is the process. Open VW create a file with a few 3D items in it. Click Datasmith Link, hit Datasmith Preferences and choose a location for the file to be placed, Choose custom and place a folder in the location you want Call TM Test select this folder and go OK. Open TM 2023.1 Click Export Link in VW, open the file you created TM Test and click save (.udatasmith) it will export the information to that file. In TM click the import and direct link icon, you won’t see anything. Now Click Direct link auto sync in VW it will say “direct link auto started” and in a few seconds you will see the link pop up in TM and check your options and import Keep Hierarchy. You are ready to go. Move something in VW and it moves in TM. Have 2 screes and both open. Good luck and enjoy. You may get a message from TM that you need to change your graphics driver. Its pretty specific. I have a high-level gaming driver and TM crashed a few times and when I changed the driver to the one they suggested all is good. Alan
  6. Refer attached. wall colour render changes with endcap adding. Any ideas?? VW 2023 1711903977_Untitled2.vwx
  7. Is it possible to auto update xrefs rather than doing them manually?? Or is there a reason to always do it manually??
  8. @rudybeuc@gmail.comHi Yea we gave up years ago trying to print direct from VW. We pdf export and use a HP Instant printing software to drag the pdfs into and starts almost immediately. HTH
  9. LOL Where is your sense of humour, If your Client is not relaxed enough to see the funny side of falling through the floor in TM then they are the wrong client to work with probably.
  10. Hopefully i read the comments correctly about 2d designers. Dont know about others but if you are not using VW as a 3d tool you are missing out on a lot of productivity and chewing up time and money. Draw a wall in VW, it is 3d, use Design layers with the correct levels, use the survey site model, draw the roof using the roof tool and you have a 3d model that generates the elevations and plans and 3D views for the Client. Why wouldn't you do this its the VW program. and age is not an issue, learning new technology is not a problem keeps the brain going. Started drafting in 1971 and still going and still lots to learn about the VW program and TM Someone will prob tell me i didn't read the question right.
  11. @VIRTUALENVIRONS Hi this was modeled in VW and exported as C4D and imported into Twin Motion. I rendered, add landscape and lights in TM. Most of the materials are set in VW and are adjustable in TM. This is a screen shot from the 3D walk-around model in TM. what you see i can move in live time around and all the lights etc are as you see here. Even the plants move with the breeze and the cat in the image off screen moves and licks his paws. All adds realism. You can make it snow or rain and look at it anytime of the day with a sun slider. If you not using this for presentations you should. I looked at your website and what you seem to be able to do there can be done in Twin Motion easily.
  12. @mike m oz Hi I use Twin Motion, excellent program that works side by side with Vectorworks. Very easy to use and inexpensive. free to use no professionally and not that expensive for a perpetual licence and the results are amazing. You can walk a client through their design in live time and they can use a VR headset also. I export Cinema 4D from VW with textures set. Looking to work more with datasmith more now which is a direct link with VW and getting much smoother. Check out the Tutorials on line as they are helpful. Example attached, still image from a walkaround in 3D.
  13. @mike m ozHi you interested in getting the VR experience for your Client??
  14. Yes i agree, too many children. would be nice if say a door can be consolidated in the DS export to a door and frame. for instance. Am still using C4d Export with materials but would be nice to keep the VW hierarchy as you see it in VW not all exploded. The new Twin Motion 2023.1 Preview and DS syncing works better now, a lot faster and smoother. Looking forward to possible solution. Thanks
  15. Hi, Is it possible for objects like wall styles to have a set class designated for them so when i draw the wall it goes directly onto that class rather than the current design layer set class and having to move them to the class i want?? 2D or 3D objects like furniture drag in and goes to my FF&E Furniture class.?? Thanks in advance
  16. @LeeElstonHi there are a number of ways i use to resolve this. one attached is to put the Louvre on a class say called Louvre OFF 2d. I often have a full wall on a class called wall over which may have a fill clerestory and i turn this off in 2d. Many ways and am sure others will have their own versions. HTH
  17. @cbergHi Something seriously wrong with the piece of wall you are using. When you put the door in the wall goes full circle, if you add another door to the wall outside the original section the inside section of the wall disappears. See attached. i drew a curved and straight wall with a different wall style and it all worked fine. would delete the wall and draw another. HTH
  18. Hi I often hold the B key to select item and you can get a better selection option and then there is the hold J key and you get options of objects to select if you are over multiple objects. HTH
  19. Ya ok must do next time and will stop wasting everyone's time.
  20. @RideHi here i converted to 3D polys.
  21. @RideHi the way i did it is create 2 Separate polygons one front one back starting from same spot and go same direction "clockwise or other" Multiple extrude then shell solid, HTH
  22. @SuuellaHi , you mentioned a test balloon and template. The way our office uses 3d model is to generate the plan (with 2D overlays furniture etc) elevations and base sections. We use this to generate a 3D model to put into Twin motion to where we dress the model and walk the Client through in 3d often with a VR headset. We go construction documents the old fashion way detail in 2d accurately. I dont believe you can document a building fully within a fee budget in 3D. No one needs to detail all the flashing in 3d when a simple 2D will do. HTH
  23. @SuuellaHi not sure but i adjusted (reverted) back your container classes and this is what i get, i can manipulate the colors and line weight. Not sure if i am assessing your question correctly. wall test v2023 v2022.vwx
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