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  1. Hi chaps - thx for your help but it is really fiddly - how do I make a feature request for it to work "properly" with the seating tool? I also note the chair spacing does not give realistic space for teh chair to be pulked out, and we dont apear to have an option to show this. Think this is also a sensible funtion and ould like to request it. thx again, chris.
  2. Ahh, ok - thnak you for your help. chris.
  3. Hi, How to you get the chair tool to have 3 chairs around a circular table? (it seems the chairs are only in even number increments and does not allow for odd number). Any insights much appreciated. chris.
  4. awesome - thank you Michael - I'll try that.
  5. awesome - thank you Michael - I'll try that.
  6. great - thank you Michael. Just looking at that now - is there a way to make a circular vision panel?
  7. Hi, is there a way to customise the top ribbon in VWX (the one with the magnifying glass, gear & tea pot etc) to add in icons to have plan, front elev, side elev etc on it? mny thx.
  8. Hi, Is there an "isolate objects" command in vectorworks? I'm trying out the 3d side of vectorworks and am a form Z user - in Form Z you can right click on the mouse and this command appears in the menu-it's very useful for complicated 3d scenes to reduce visual clutter. Is there anything similar in vectorworks? mny thx,
  9. Hi, Any know if it is possible to make a vision panel in a door in the door creation tool? mny thx,
  10. Hi Jim, I too am very interested in Marionette and the sub divs. I have a couple of questions: 1. Does this mean it will be possible to do Voroni stuff like this: 2.Will there be an option to have the scripting viewed in a separate window (like grasshopper) so you can interactively see the changes being made in real time time to the design, or will it be a case of open a pallet, make changes, press update, open pallet again, repeat, repeat? Many thanks,
  11. Thanks Jim so much for taking notice of this thread, and I really appreciate anything you are able to do to help the 3dconnexion space mouse be made to work properly in any new releases. For me personally I find the space mouse an enormous boost to productivity when working in other programs and also a joy to use. I do find it rather strange that this has been such a low priority in VWX which now focuses more and more on 3d. For me the space mouse is such an obvious and natural tool to use when working in 3d space and I'd suggest that VWX is way behind the competition (autodesk) in this regard. It's also rather odd that the other Nemetschek products of C4d, Archicad (and I assume Allplan - not tried it) work perfectly with the space mouse. So thanks again Jim and please keep us posted of what progress is going to be made in this area.
  12. I've been trying to use a space mouse with VWX for years now - and simply cant get it to work. it works fine out of the box with almost every other CAD software I have tried: ACAD, Archicad, c4d, sketchup, modo, form Z, rhino,...... but it seems completely unintuitive in VWX. I've tried re-maping the controls as per the settings in Christian's post, and little improvement with that. Either I'm being really stupid or perhaps it just works really badly with VWX - be really interested to hear other people's opinions and if this is a common consensus then please VWX dev team can we have this sorted for release 2016? best, Chris.


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