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  1. Sorry too hear that too. You are right... I'll need to take the bad with the good. Would be great Vectorworks worldwide can appreciate the importance of the tool and put some effort into merging the good of both.
  2. I've got the same Hybrid Vectorworks as you have. The potentials and option of this window/ door tool are great but there are also down sides of this tool: First of all inserting window/ door is not intuitive as the 'american' version window/ door tool: - you have to set the direction of the window (facing inside/ outside/ left/ right) the through the preference dialog box. The direction is based on the direction of the wall direction. - The tool is not interactive as in, you insert window/ door in the wall and then hoover with you mouse to set the direction. - It's not possible to use the Flip tool (there is a flip button, but this is not suppose to be there), which is a great shame!!!!!! - To change most of the settings you cannot change them in the 'object info' palette, but you need to go to the preferences dialog box: with no 'preview' option anywhere in the dialog box. - Using 'saved set' or parameters plug in: I tried to save the set, this will listen to direction of wall and there is no way to flip direction (only to reverse the wall direction... but then I need to rejoin walls) - I tried to use the eyedropper tool to copy parameters of plug-in, this copies the everything including the position, size and direction (inside/ outside) because it will listen to direction of wall (effect on the placement of exterior and interior sill). Sorry to be so negative, but here I am struggling with a drawing for a bungalow, with a lot of different walls, doors and windows (in different directions, positions and sizes). I feel this is taking me too long..... Am I missing something, is there an easier way to approach this tool please?
  3. Used to have same tools + cast iron drawing table with 40kg weight to control the rulers. 😅 Good old days somehow....
  4. I've got a small tablet so the movements are done by mainly moving wrist, that covers the whole screen (projection). Just curious how it works for you: Do you need to move your whole arm to reach corner of screen?
  5. OMG i've been overusing my thumb 🤣🤣 Thanks for the tip.
  6. I use keyboard + Wacom Bamboo Pen as following (no mouse at all): - Spacebar to Pan. - Spacebar+CTRL to zoomscoll. - Spacebar+CTRL+MMB (pen button) to orbit. See image for notes.
  7. How would that work? What is it you would like to know? The main tip: Ones you have hands on a pen-tablet you need to unplug the mouse!!!!!! You shouldn't use both at the same time and let the pen do the work (in fact I only use the pen and turned of the touch function too). It works perfectly smooth for VW, all other (non) design programs and internet. I agree that clicking of the mouse is harmful causes strains in back, arms, shoulders. That for me is the gone ~ I am loving it 🥰.
  8. Good for her, it has some healing powers too!
  9. If you need any help in future with interior design. Feel free to contact me. Happy to send portfolio (office-, residental-, retail design)
  10. Whether you like the taste: More phones means we need more Coriander (to filter out the heavy metals from your body) 😊 But that's way off topic, sorry about that.
  11. Thank you for the offer, but I am not sure where I need the resolution for? Don't have any (jump) issues with i.e. Vectorworks- or regulars Photoshop designwork and I am a Happy Camper. 🤗 One small correction though. It might not look like it, but the Wacom Bamboo Pen does have a 2 button function: Furthermore I use: - Spacebar to Pan. - Spacebar+CTRL to zoomscoll. - Spacebar+CTRL+MMB (of pen) to orbit.
  12. Although I've got a PC myself, I loved to work on an Apple Mac computer as well. Just couldn't work with it's Magic Mouse, but Yes that's just me.. 😅 Since you ask @Christiaan in my opinion: - Not ergonomic (too flat for your hand palm) - Middle mouse tapping doesn't feel natural... it performs as a mouse and touch pad at the same time. 🙄 - Wireless issues: 1. Charging location 2. In the office we had 6 Macs placed together on one working table. Somehow the mouses got muddled up which made it impossible to start up the computer (since you need the mouse to activate the user login box). There is no way to connect the mouse to the computer when it is wireless, not plug and play.... @Helm I agree, the Apple attitude and focus is going down: there where Vectorworks 2019 performance problems upgrading system to macOS Catalina or macOS Mojave (can't remember which one).
  13. Keyboard is fine, got a English (US) international QWERTY keyboard. I set '1' as a short cut key for 'Smart Options Display' which works. I just would like to cancel/ get ride of the Middle Mouse button (of pen) activating the pan tool. But I am afraid that this Middle Mouse shortcut cannot be modified......?
  14. Thank you @_c_ With a Wacom Bamboo Tablet the settings are less advanced, meaning I cannot set buttons per application. I did indeed set a short-cut key to provoke the 'Smart Options Display' (chance a few actually, see image).
  15. Yes the magic mouse is terrible in usage and also if you need to charge it (ones in a while) Apple was so creative to design the cable connection on the bottom of the mouse. So when you're in the middle of a project (need to finish something of course) and your running out of mouse juice and need to recharge. .. you cannot use the mouse while it is charging! 🤣🤣 More magic is using a (wacom) pen tablet in my opinion! 🙏
  16. Can't agree more! Since using Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet only I do not have this pain/ knot in my back I used to have when using a mouse.
  17. @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD it works somehow different with the Pen as it doesn't rest/ sits still on the Tablet. So I need to tap to in order to provoke the 'Smart Options Display' and with holding the middle mouse button this will then display the 'Pan Tool'. But now you mentioned the double tap, I tried to double tap with the pen on the tablet without pressing the middle mouse button, then hold still for 1 or 2 sec. and the display comes up as well. Plus I also set a short key for the 'Smart Options Display'.
  18. With the new Vectorwoks 2021 there is the great new feature 'Smart Options Display' I set in 'Vectorworks Preferences' to 'show with middle mouse button'. I am using a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, where I have one of the buttons set as 'middle mouse' behavior. Which normally functions fine as a middle mouse button. But with this feature the middle mouse button provokes the 'pan' tool (as in the old days) most of the times and sometimes it will trigger the 'Smart Option Display'. I am experiencing a mouse clicking battle 😅 and would like to tum of the 'pan' function when using the 'middle mouse' button. Does anyone here knows a way around this please? @_c_ @hollister design Studio @Tony Kostreski @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD
  19. Good point (this is unnecessary clicking behavior, which reminds me of Sketch-up ) ! For the more complex (shape) symbols I could do with the outer/ total dimensions. Shown in the attached image as the orange selection box.
  20. That's something... thanks. It's a bit a shame the letters stay near the cross point of the axes, so when you have your model in the center they are hard to read. Would be nice if they stayed near the border of the screen.
  21. Very recognizable. Still wouldn't mind the X Y Z letter in the working-space.
  22. 😅 Especially since it also depends on the plane view your in!
  23. Maybe I am the only one, but I found it hard to get my head around the Axis when using the Modify> 'Rotate Object in 3D' dialog box. Can you therefore please : 1. Add the letters of the axis X, Y & Z into the working plane as floating text next to the line if possible. 2. And make a 'preview' button in 'rotate object in 3D' dialog box. Attached file for clarification of what I mean.


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