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  1. wow thank so much !!!!!!!!!!! this opens a whole new world in VW i guess.
  2. and indeed i do now have the problem of having groups and symbols not included. @Sam Jones I couldnt find out what to add to the script to include groups and symbols when i try this nothing happens anymore Hide(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & SEL=FALSE); thx in advance
  3. @Pat Stanford @Sam Jones , this helped a lot !! thx is it possible to assign a shortcut to a script ? that would be just super cool. i do have three scripts now: for Isolate selected i used: Hide(((SEL=FALSE)));  for Show All: Show(((VSEL=FALSE))); and Hide selected: Hide(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (VSEL=TRUE)); 😀😀😀
  4. @michaelk where do i find those scripts you, describe. sorry abslolute newbie with scripts in vw. but im missing these function so much in vw 3d environmet. thx simon


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