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  1. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    Yes you're right as you can see from the picture I took: it's massive thatched roof!! ❤
  2. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    Thanks for sharing Kevin K., although I think Vectorworks | Renderworks can do a nice job with the 'Lit fog' combined with a 'filter' as well. See here one of my renders:
  3. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    @Tom W. I found something: You can have the light coming from a background and you can have the background image come from a completely different background .... in the attached video 'Remarkable Renderworks Ep. 26: Environment Lighting' Daniel Jansenson explaines how as of 7.07min.
  4. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    That's how I understand it as well........... Best to ask @PVA - Jim : could you please clarify your statement: I often use Physical Sky coupled with a heliodon for the environment lighting and then just the regular "fake" jpeg HDR background for the visuals and reflections to avoid this entirely. from: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/57611-whats-special-about-an-hdri-background/&do=findComment&comment=288065 Is Tom W. correct?
  5. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    Thanks again @Tom W. & for the clear explanation. I am not sure if that is possible with a Physical Sky and HDRI sky or day. Guess not... But combining two backgrounds has been done as I understand from Jim: see Quote from post @PVA - Jim ''I often use Physical Sky coupled with a heliodon for the environment lighting and then just the regular "fake" jpeg HDR background for the visuals and reflections to avoid this entirely. '' https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/57611-whats-special-about-an-hdri-background/&do=findComment&comment=288065
  6. C.T

    HDRI Domes

    Can anyone please help me out? As I understand the Physical Sky can intergrade with the Heliodon as long as 'physical sun & sky' is turned on in oip. Is this also true for a HDRI (background). Or is that what makes them different from each other? If the HDRI is not responding with Heliodon is it possible/ logical to use Physical Sky and HDRI background both at the same time to have the benefits of light effect as well as a HDRI background image for a particular view/ outlook? What's the difference (if any) between: Physical Sky & Physical Sky Day HDRI Sky & HDRI Day..............................................? @Dave Donley @Luis M Ruiz @PVA - Jim @zoomer @Kevin Allen
  7. Thanx @zoomer. Yes I know what you mean... at one point I got sick of all the options and reviews as well. ....eventually I found a great one: ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733QS-HG015T, 17.3" laptop 1TB SSD, WiFi 6, Win 10 Processor AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU - 8 cores Threads16 clock 3300 MHz Turbo 4600 MHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop-GPU Memory16 GB (GDDR6) I have been using it for a week or so and very happy with it... working on a large file (300mb) with lot's of high quality exterior renders (50 pieces) which took an hour in total to render. 👏👏 I would recommend this laptop since it's very fast and doesn't make much sound and heat up hardly.
  8. When activating the push-pull tool, 'snap to working plane' in the snapping dialog box automatically turns on. Is there a way to have it turned off by default? Or is there another way to prevent snapping to working plane without turning this mode of whenever using the push-pull tool?
  9. @zoomer I am looking at a 17inch laptop I need for VW2021 architects. I do 2d/3D and renderworks. So need a laptop that can perform well. I checked https://www.vectorworks.net/support/quality-tested-hardware and had my eye on the Lenovo Thinkpad 17. Unfortunately in the Netherlands is not available right now. In the 'same' price range I can get i.e. Acer ConceptD CN517-71P 72TO Intel core i7 9750H Hexa Core (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz) RAM 32GB NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 - Dedicated 6 GB 1000GB SSD NVMe, PCIe HDMI separate number keyboard or DELL XPS 17 9700, Intel® 10th gen. Core™ i7 Intel Core i7-10750H Hexa Core (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz) RAM16GB DDR4-SD 512GB SSD Intel UHD Graphics,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (4GB GDDR6) Intel core™-processoren, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 NVIDIA ® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti no HDMI no number keyboard ;( They both are not listed on the VW website Quality-Tested Hardware. Can you please advise?
  10. In the Vectorworks (2021)> Preferences I set the Smart Options Display to View/Draw - Building Shell - Previous Tools - 3D Modeling (clockwise) I am using a wacom tablet, so instead of using 'show with spacebar' and or 'middle mouse button' in Workspace Editor> Keys I set the a hotkey to 'Trigger Smart Options Display'. Now I noticed a bug: after leaving my computer alone for an hour or so the icons change (well flux me ∿∿ is this even possible?). It's not a big deal, cause while the icons are gone bonkers the functions are still in tact. Just wondering of any of you noticed this bug too? And maybe for Vectorworks something to look at?
  11. That's the idea. Working on a kitchen design for a bungalow. Do you mind I am using one of yours? ☕
  12. @Kevin K I managed to get this far in vectorworks, see rendered image. I'll send you the files.
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