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  1. I got it to work fine on my mac, not in dark mode, so I have no clue as to how to help. BTW, I never thought of turning a cable into a red symbol; cool idea.
  2. Have you looked into the financial footprint of AutoPlot Tools?
  3. You are not the only one who would be interested. For a while now. the German distributor has been adding wonderful tools that never seem to make it back to the mothership. They have a wonderful class editing system that it would be nice to have in the English version. The Datenbank abgleichen (Compare database) would be a fabulous addition for all industries. I have just put in a feature request for it to be added to the English version. Go to the feature request and vote for it.
  4. There is a very cool thing in VWX 2020 German version, called Datenbank abgleichen (Compare database). Very useful tool. Make possible to connect Excel Worksheet and compare Excel and VWX Databases, when you can choose which one to update. This would be such a wonderful addition for all industries. This should be a mandatory acquisition for the English and all other versions. It is hard to imagine why it has not happened. '
  5. Success! Your investigations into the SDK have made you the holder of arcane knowledge and a true guru.
  6. The format for a break out is: cable type > number of circuits x connector type. I think the Multicable VW checks to make sure the cable type in the break out matches the cable type selected. Is L2130 a type of cable? Did you put it in the CableType parameter list?
  7. Despite missing some of the good feedback, I never run in developer mode, and I always retrieve the index. However, I have always put the indents in Widget Prep. I am looking forward to making the moving them to the Init Event. Thank You !!
  8. You have to use the "Plug-in Manager" When the Plug-in Manager opens click on the left most tab, "Built-in Plug-ins". Then scroll down the list and select "Multicable VW" The click on the "Customize" button below the list. Once the "Customize" dialog opens, click on the "Parameters" tab on the top, and then scroll down the list and select the "Break Out Type" parameter. Once the Break Out Type parameter is selected click on the Edit button below the list. When the "Edit Parameter" dialog opens, click on the "Choices" button. When the "Edit Choices" dialog opens you will be presented with a list, and you can type in your break out choice any where in the list. That choice must be one line with nothing els on the line. You will need to do the same thing with the "CableType" parameter. Now for the scary part. Mistakes in this process can break the tool.
  9. I can't be of much help, because I don't know the application. Some questions. Drawing a feeder cable to a bistro would be straight forward. What do you want coming out of the distro? Is a Soca 7 a multi cable powering multiple motors? Does it have a break out? Is it a multi function cable powering a single motor? Excuse my ignorance.
  10. I always seem to be one conversation exchange behind. Using any other method than ODBC for a live data connection to Excel or any other app would require the active participation of the other app, its company and engineers. John McKernon is a lighting designer who desperately wanted to eliminate the import and export of data that was then required to communicate between LW and VW. VW wanted to solidify its hegemony over entertainment production drawings, so LW and VW actively cooperated in developing the link. I know you have invested a lot of time in developing your Excel templates, but if you want a live connection, use Lightwright. It has a surprising array of formatting capabilities. I expect that won't happen, so you are left with importing and exporting and putting in a feature request for VW to implement a feature like AutoCAD's Data Link. That would be a useful feature for all the industries that use VW. Before I got too excited about AutoCAD's Data Link feature, I would like to see it work with a real set of data, but there is no denying it is intriguing.
  11. The worksheet resides with VW so VW knows what the connection is. Excel does not know and does not care. AFAIK, the only way Excel can can exchange data with another file created and edited by another app is using ODBC. That even includes with its own in house apps like WORD. If ODBC is not being used then I think Excel would need to make a special effort to communicate with an app that didn't use ODBC. As a result, the AutoCAD link is interesting. I am guessing that they have simplified the user interface (UI) for creating the ODBC link. It would be nice to know how they get handles to the Excel part of the set up. It is all very curious and a bit intriguing. If AutoCAD uses a method other than ODBC that would also be intriguing. However, since AutoCAD has almost no tools for creating entertainment lighting, rigging, and sound drawings, I will never invest the time to investigate.
  12. As to my opinion about the LW/VW link, it is great. It needs to be turned on in each file. From then on, each app knows it needs to read the XML for updates, and each app knows what the agreed upon XML structure is. LW does data consistency checks and will instruct you on what to do if something is wonky. I'm sure the method could be used with other apps, but it requires that both apps implement the switch to turn it on and know where to look for the XML file and what its structure is. This is not something that could be implemented by VW alone. At least not the way it is implemented with LW. Do you think Microsoft would be willing to do something special with VW?
  13. Data Visualization is a super duper feature. Allowing the visualization of different data attached to the same object. This allows for different sheets to be prepared for different purposes and crews. I think it will be well worth the time invested to get it to work for you.
  14. You're very welcome, and it is why the list is here. Don't be shy
  15. You might be able to help. Perhaps your diagnosis and solution can point in a direction for me to look.
  16. It happens with every document, old or new, template or not, the first time it is opened on the first time a PIO instance is created or selected.
  17. If you had a worksheet like the one below, I'm not sure why collaborating or last minute changes would make editing fields any more difficult than editing in the OIP?
  18. You will only be able to edit symbols that have been downloaded to the file you are working in, but you save that file and any symbol definitions you have edited. Then right click on the symbol definition and edit the 2D and/or the 3D portions.
  19. Are you trying to edit the symbol in the Resource Manager or the Plug-in that is placed in the drawing? I have no problem editing any of the truss symbols in the Resource Manager and giving the geometry any color I want.
  20. What is it that you need specifically. Once you give each hoist an ID or label, editing in a worksheet where you only have the fields you want should be pretty efficient, and you get the coordinate reporting that is pretty slick, relative to a specified origin.
  21. When I open a new document and draw the cable path (the PIO), the indentation does not show up until I open or activate another document.
  22. I have no idea about AutoCAD's "Data Linking". I am handicapped by not being sure what an "AutoCAD table" is. In VW there is a worksheet and a database worksheet and they can occupy the same worksheet. I will assume that the table they are talking about is a database of object records. If they have implemented an easy user initiated link between an AutoCAD database and Excel, super. I would love to know more without having to purchase and learn AutoCAD. Are there "too many" problems creating the link to Excel in VW. I don't know. I just know that there are many problems, and it is hard to imagine that some heavy massaging of Excel is not required. I'm tempted but I will not speculate, on what exactly is required by AutoCAD and Excel to make this work. If you find out, let us know what they say the steps are, or some rough outline of same.
  23. Actually every Lighting Device has a UUID. There are so many other reasons. No, I'm not going to start listing them now, but I'll give them to you one at a time when I'm not doing something else. First. You can use the XML file created when you tell VW Spotlight to use data exchange. Open it up and see what you can make of it. Then how are you going to get Excel to automatically read and distribute the data to Excel cells without you telling it to and telling it how? If you have commands that accomplish this, how are they different from importing and exporting? Let's start there.
  24. 1. You're right. 2. I would bet a lot of money this won't happen for a very long time. 3. Scripting an an export command and an import command with the fields set up to match your Excel layout is not too difficult. It won't make it live, but it can ease the pain somewhat.


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