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  1. Yeah they can jog, but not turn if that makes sense so you can have the section line actually go from 8' to say 16' out but not really change direction which is what I am attempting. I wish it was that easy. What I described is a similar example, what I am actually trying to do is significantly more complicated.
  2. I fear I made a mistake in acting quickly to look at something. I have a file we are working on with project sharing in a shared Dropbox folder. The project file and the working files are in the same directory. I have been just working from my files working file and saving/committing to the project file as needed. I wanted to look at something quickly with a coworker and accidentally opened the project file and didn't catch it. I wasn't actually "working" on stuff in that file we were just chatting about things and moving around in there. However, I did drop in a rectangle just to show something. My issues is I now have the rectangle in my file when I go back to my working file and I am unable to delete it because it is tied to a working file that essentially does not exist. It is the "same" working file I am in. I cannot seem to forcibly check out or do anything to it. I am also the admin of the file. Any thoughts on what I should/could do to get rid of my rouge rectangle?
  3. I am wondering what others may have done in the past for a situation I am presented with. I am essentially wanting to draw a section viewport that jogs and changes direction. I guess my closest comparison would be from the architectural front. Say you have a kitchen that is a "U" shape, but you want one view that essentially shows all of the cabinets "unwrapped" you would almost want to make a section viewport for an elevation that is the shape of the "u" just a little smaller. I have not found a way to do this. I am essentially trying to do the same thing as this and I have to imagine some people on here have come up with some creative ways to achieve this.
  4. Actually, one thing I have been wondering with images is that it seems as if the "row height" does not seem to autofit when there is an image in there. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Yep, that was just what I was looking for. I don't generally do images in worksheets so wasn't super familiar with where to find that. I guess we just have to ask the worksheet master!
  6. When using the image function on a report/worksheet database is there a way to keep the images at a standard scale or ratio? I.E. I am showing a list of truss with truss symbols in there, but let's say I have a 12"x12" corner piece on a row and the next row a 12"x12"x 120" piece that 120" piece looks visually significantly smaller compared to the other piece. I ideally just want to lock the sizes to be consistent and I have not seen a great way to do this yet. However, my guess is someone here may have. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Matt
  7. MattG

    Arc Dimensioning

    It is but not across multiple arc.......that is my issue. It doesn't seem to work if I compose them and recognize the base arc.
  8. MattG

    Arc Dimensioning

    Yeah sort of thought about that, but wasn't sure if someone had some sort of cool work around without doing the kind of "pretend" non-associative dimension. I do dummy dims in perspective views all the time and it just sucks when you update things and they don't update.
  9. MattG

    Arc Dimensioning

    I am trying to dimension items along a path. I am wondering what others would do for this type of dimension. Basically, the path is made up of different arcs. See the attached simplified picture. Typically I will do things like this with curved stage trussing, but generally, those items are all on an arc that is a consistent angle. I generally use the arc length dimension tool to note where things land on an arc by adding a dummy arc to it and apply the dimension to that arc. However in this example, I want to dimension point "C" starting from the lower left point like A & B, but the arc changes diameters along the way. What would be a good way to dimension that distance in other's opinions? Thanks, Matt
  10. MattG

    Font Mapping - Re Mapping

    I don't think you are understanding what my issue is if you think it is OS specific. I certainly can see why there would be issues with the cloud services. That is I believe a separate similar issue. I have had odd luck with cloud services and have my own grievances with how that is currently working. Below is a super simple video of what is happening. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tkxorko4evtzomf/Font Mapping.mp4?dl=0 I have a file with font 1 using fonts on a local machine. I generally don't share all fonts because some are purchased fonts and I do not think that is right. I also use a lot of Adobe Typekit fonts because I work in InDesign a lot and like to keep all that consistent. The file goes to machine 2 that does not have that font. That font is replaced with font mapping to whatever that user uses or defaults to. I get that file back I want it to return to the original font. What I want is a way to be able to have some sort of a digital fingerprint or something that says that font was originally font "x" and whenever font "x" is available it should use that. Right now any reference to font 1 is lost when that font is remapped. I definitely could file that as a bug, and probably will, but I was curious if anyone else had any great workarounds for when this may come up in their workflow. I think the 2 obvious answers are to use text styles, but this still has some issues or to share all fonts, but I don't particularly like the idea of that.
  11. MattG

    Font Mapping - Re Mapping

    I don't see how this issue would be OS specific? It seems pretty straightforward it is font based. I don't necessarily think it is "broken" on VW's part, but I do think it is something that would be nice to be addressed. Matt
  12. MattG

    Font Mapping - Re Mapping

    Yep that is basically exactly my issue. So most noticeably we have a disclaimer for liability on our drawings. I have some fonts we use part of adobe typekit. I use the condensed versions for things like that that really no one ever actually reads to make them occupy as little space as possible. Then arial or whatever comes into play and not anything like that looks all silly. In a perfect world, the program would remember what it was set up to originally and just default back to that when the original font is available and only map when the defined font is unavailable.
  13. Here is an interesting one, and I feel I should have been able to figure this out but I think I know the answer. I use a set of custom fonts on a lot of drawings. I use them 1 because I like them 2 because they are condensed that lets notes not be so large etc. I sent a file to someone who did not have these custom fonts. There were just going to look things over. They ended up making some changes but because they did not have the custom fonts they ended up mapping the fonts to something else (Arial). Now when I look at the drawing all my annotations and most of the text overall looks odd. Is there some way to look back into a file to have what was Font 1 that was mapped to font 2 be remapped to its original font 1 without too much issue? I can go through and try to manually fix everything, but that seems silly.
  14. MattG


    I would not do a surface product, just my opinion. I am a windows user. I personally find in my workflow CPU Performance has the biggest impact on overall performance. I have a surface, more as just a thing to do some light work on when I travel. I would not even consider running VW on it, but that is because I know what the files I work in demand and I know it would just be unusable. I have a desktop I work on in the office and a laptop on the road. I travel a lot so something that can keep up relatively with the desktop is key. I do not own these, but these would be my recomendation Something with an intel 6 core processor, this is fairly newish in laptops and something with a decent GPU (1050 or up or even a quadro, but you pay more for a quadro and don't get the bang for your buck) and something that you can load up with ram and possibly adjust later. The gigabyte Aero 15X with the i7-8750H would be good. https://www.gigabyte.com/Laptop/AERO-15X--i7-8750H#kf The MSI GS65 series, the stealth thin is cool, but I imagine it gets very hot https://us.msi.com/Laptop/GS65-Stealth-Thin-Intel-8th-Gen.html The Asus ROG stuff like the zephyrus or so https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-Zephyrus-M-GM501/ Personally, I like dell products. I have a dell precision laptop. The 5000 series is nice and the 7000 series is nice just a little chunky. Good luck Matt


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