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  1. MattG

    Power distro symbols

    Wow, I clicked on this and didn't realize what it would evolve too.......this is interesting. Only going to throw out a couple of small nuggets on my opinion. 1) On the actual idea of PD's etc in VW. I have along with others have made a file of most of our PD's. Main purpose is for 2D/3D geometry, not for any sort of smart functionality, but they do have records attached with notes like power service fed from size, and a few other more basic things. However speaking from our industry, I know that essentially all of our distros are specific to us and not industry standard (one big thing is we wire them differently) either way which means they probably aren't terribly useful for any other users. In moving to a 3rd part or built-in plugin that opens the door for super levels of variables in equipment between manufacturers, vendors, end-users etc. Personally I don't really see a huge need and we work on some of the largest touring productions out there. I think being able to show a 2D/3D representation of a dimmer beach area with racks is useful for overall footprint thought. 2) On the third party plug inside. I love that some of these guys have made stuff. Honestly, if anything seems even remotely useful I try to buy it even if I don't actully use it to encourage these different tools. For a long time for me, I struggled with the hoist in VW (before there was a hoisting tool in VW). The only thing maybe more specific to the side of the industry I'm in is 3rd party plugins can bite you if you work up a drawing that goes out and someone at some point wants to adjust something and doesn't have the plugin. Often times those people aren't super VW savvy and it becomes a tech support call with me or something. That's my only hesitancy with 3rd party stuff. What is cool is how VW has begun to incorporate things that were non-native plugins into VW.
  2. MattG

    Hardware Benchmarks

  3. MattG

    Looking for a good VW Podcast

    I used to listen to that! Bring back Podcad!
  4. MattG

    UVW Unwrap

    Curious what others do here. I have something that is a semi-complex 3d Model, just odd angled polygons and things. All are on a stage pointing at different angles and things. They want to map lay in some LED product on top of it, but it is tricky getting it to all layout. We use 3Ds max for the visual side of things for a lot of this, but from a purely dimensional standpoint is there any sort of unwrap option thing that can work in VW to let us layout a piece as a single flat piece and throw some dimensions on there? Matt
  5. MattG

    Until Next Time

    Thanks for all the info over the years. I found you very helpful with your hardware knowledge and how it interacts in VW. I also think you have been one of the more User-friendly Vectorworks Employee voices over the years. Hopefully whatever is next is good for you! Enjoy! Matt
  6. MattG

    Seating Section

    Yes, that is what I would do and semi-regularly do. I put PDF"s, DWG's things like that on separate layers, in my head I call them all reference layers even though they are not all actually "referenced". A lot of theaters that might only have PDF's might have a top, front, and side. I put them on one layer. Put the front way in the back put the side way off to the side and align them all to the plan view with DSC being 0,0 or my origin. Generally works well. Matt
  7. MattG

    Microsoft Surface

    I had a surface pro 3. I briefly installed vw on it. I quickly found that it was silly for a number of reasons. Touch was unusable and the overall performance was so lacking I found little use of it. I just use it now on-site visits to make notes on and I don't do that in VW.
  8. MattG

    Seating Section

    Can you just use the PDF as the view and skip the tracing? You can import the pdf, rotate it, scale it, and line up its origin. You can crop a pdf to only show what you want. You can do all your stuff in 3d. Do a cross section line wherever, but just have it look at the pdf direction and it should come out okay. Just a thought. I have cheated with that sometimes in the past. Matt
  9. MattG

    Insertion point of a Circle segment

    We use all our own truss symbols we make our self from manufacturer drawings. All ours we do the insertion point as the circle center with guidelines from the ladder bars to the insertion point.
  10. MattG

    Hardware Benchmarks

    PC life 4 life..... Ryzen 2950x
  11. MattG

    Isolate Object command

    I do not have any right click options for "hid" objects as you do.
  12. I have had this come up semi-often over the years and always have had little workarounds for it, but I guess I really should have requested this be an option. What I am wanting is a toggle button in the view menu bar that will allow for only seeing selected items. My specific example at the moment is working in the entertainment industry I am working on a lighting system. The system has a number of classes and layers already build. I have a couple of curves that are in tricky places to click and I want to adjust the position of some fixtures in there. I am finding I am selecting non-relevant objects. I am hoping there would be a way I can just select the 10-15 items, click a toggle button, and have only those selected items visible. This is somewhat similar to the clip cube, but in this example, I don't want to try to spend time isolating in on the specific area I am working in I want to focus only on the items I select. I cannot group as items are on different layers and I would lose that, but basically, I want the view like that in the edit mode of a group. Screenshot of current situation attached. Thanks, Matt
  13. MattG

    Isolate Object command

    This is funny this came up and is active as I am actively trying to figure out a way to do this. I am very much in need of an isolate selection mode at the moment. I think I am personally going to submit a wishlist item for this. Unfortunately things in the drawing are already classed and layered. The item is a curve and the clip cube does not give me the desired results. If I group I give up some of the layering already in place. There really should be a quick toggle to isolate items like in an edit mode, not sure how this is just coming to me now.
  14. Yeah they can jog, but not turn if that makes sense so you can have the section line actually go from 8' to say 16' out but not really change direction which is what I am attempting. I wish it was that easy. What I described is a similar example, what I am actually trying to do is significantly more complicated.


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