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  1. I have done this in the past. However I wish that the "Preference" change would apply to all subsequent worksheets. It seems somewhat tedious. I also find that in spotlight I use the spotlight - reports - create report option a lot because I may not always know what the database or field of something is. Sometimes I just go through and delete unwanted columns and call it good. But I do wish I knew where VW decides to take that font value from just to change it. Not a huge deal but more of an annoyance I guess.
  2. So @Pat Stanford it is funny I randomly came across one of your "global font change" scripts kind of looking at this. I knew this existed but I always had it in the back of my head that it was editable and I was just being lazy and not hunting down the culprit. I am in the event industry and have a bit of time on my hands. It is funny some of these relatively glaring gaps in things I think I'm finding.
  3. This is probably a insanely simple one but I cannot find it and I'm sure I'm not alone. What determines the default font for a worksheet and how is that controllable? We used a standard font for a while. I am using a different font for things now. I have noticed that the choosing the "standard" font from the text menu doesn't seem to carry over to worksheets. I never really noticed before because the previous font was so close to Arial. It appears for me it is defaulted to variations of Arial. Any thoughts?
  4. Not sure how I just saw this but this is awesome. I know I posted a "wish list" for something like this integrated into VW a long way back but just this is great. Long story short for me it helps in consistency when getting files from other incorporating into yours and suddenly text from .dwgs or other items don't all match. Super nice.
  5. @ScottLebsack Yep totally doable just more curious now to what that actually is because I'm sure that info is accessible somehow. Thanks @Pat Stanford Matt
  6. Yes on a index, no on the title block for this particular thing. That is where I am stumbling. I have done the above before but without too much explanation I'm not doing that here. Hoping to just get the actual Sheet Layer fields out. Matt
  7. I know I've seen this before and cannot find it for the life of me. I'm trying to make a report of all my sheet layer numbers and titles. What database record/fields would I use for that? This is not the drawing border option. Thanks, Matt
  8. I tend to draw a portion of a system to start and then get all my viewports set up for things. I often will do say a 3D view of some type of a truss or something that is more just for visualization not really for "rendering". I tend to just do these in a variant of open GL. My understanding is open GL uses a max of 8 lighting devices and gives priority to the last 8 light objects. My question is if there is a way when I add a new lighting device to a drawing to have the default on/off set to off for all existing viewports. The reason being that if I already set up the look for a viewport and it is good but I add a light that may be on in a layer or class that already exists it appears to start factoring into the rendering of that viewport and depending on the quantity take priority over existing devices. I feel like there is a setting for this I am missing but maybe not. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks, Matt
  9. Side not CP's site has good .dwgs as well for this and most of their products. We are working on building some into some set pieces so I generally prefer the manufacturer's drawing to be sure clamps and spacing are a bit better and CP probably has the "cleanest" dwg that come into VW.
  10. @JBenghiat thanks that is very helpful info and I would have never found that. I wish there was somewhere that documented those fields, I can see real use for it. Thanks, Matt
  11. Man this program drives me nuts sometimes. Thanks! I did a dummy report with every field hoping to find the secret field that may store the units but no luck. Just really odd. I do that using some of the braceworks stuff to make custom things manipulating that data, but it seems really odd that is a hard value. Either way for now that works. Thanks as always. Matt
  12. I have been okay doing this in the past but am noticing an issue now in 2021 but unfortunately have not been doing as much lighting in VW these days with the pandemic. It appears I am having trouble dropping the "lbs" from the fixture weight in a worksheet that pulls the data from the lighting device criteria. I used to be able to do =Value() and it would bring back the number, and my secret if I wanted it there was that I could then just put the lbs in the cell formatting as a suffix, but everything I have tried seems to be unable to dump the lbs suffix off that. Any help is appreciated. I feel like @Pat Stanford has probably already solved this...... ūü§£ūü§£ Thanks, Matt
  13. Hi @Mark Aceto or @JustinVH I am messing around with many of the same things here at the moment. Did anyone ever come up with a way to see the data tag layout in design layer scale so I can actually make my data tag for a hoist and use real numbers like the scaled layer I'm in? Right now that is a real joke to try to make some stock tags that line up.
  14. I don't believe that is working as intended. See video. I also filed a bug. If this is something I'm doing wrong let me know.
  15. Does that file get overwritten with any updates etc?


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