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  1. That script will: store the name of the active class make 60-Beschriftung the active class set the text font, size, and face make the callout tool active deselect any selected objects on the active layer restore the original class This will look like nothing happened 😎 Are you trying to change the class assignment of existing callouts? (If so @Jesse Cogswellhas a script in this thread above that does exactly that!)
  2. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2022 2022 doesn’t run on High Sierra.
  3. I use a Wacom Intus Pro M that has that same ring on the side. It scrolls VW without any problems. But the settings for it is a little repetitive.
  4. If you know where your database file is (It will either be an .xml file or a .txt file) you might be able to edit the description of one of the notes. (Quit VW first 🙂). Otherwise, have you tried deleting the trim note and recreating it with a different description? That might also do it.
  5. What about absolute references between worksheets? After you fill out the batting order worksheet run update all worksheets from the worksheet file menu. Play Ball.vwx
  6. This is now my favorite thread in the forum.
  7. If you mean in the data header, then yes: =IF( <logic test>, result 1, IF(<another logic test>,another result,IF(<different logic test>,different result, last result))) In the syntax of IF THEN ELSE the then or the else can be another IF/THEN/ELSE. This example shows the nested IF/THEN/ELSE in the ELSE part. It becomes a tsunami of parenthesis, so be careful 🙂. If you mean inside a normal cell, then I'm less certain. Do you have an example?
  8. No, I was able to recreate it. Next time I go back to work on it I'll fix it :-). Thanks for pointing it out. Let me know how it works for you. I love seeing real world drawings using TheateRow if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!
  9. If you’re just looking for a way to mark coordinate points relative to a given point I made a silly tool that does that. https://www.verysmallgroup.com/dimension2
  10. If you enter a value for the row does it fix itself?
  11. @aheininen Ha! That’s funny. Can you post a file with the misbehaving row? thanks for finding letting me know!
  12. No there isn't. Usually people just post files here for conversion and someone will convert it and post the new file back.
  13. Yes, it's possible. This worksheet will get text from text objects using a little script. Make sure you import the script palette to your new file. This worksheet sorts the text object by location: first X ascending, then Y descending. So you can copy a column at a time. Let me know if you have any questions. Get Text.vwx
  14. michaelk


    Juice Jam Floor Plan v2020.vwx
  15. Not sure I'm totally following what you want to do. Could you add some geometry and data and the desired result to your drawing?
  16. Slightly improved version available. This one does a better job at predicting the placement of the house right aisle label and makes the OIP a little more user friendly. https://www.verysmallgroup.com/theaterow
  17. Also checking measurements in 3D views. If you need to double check the height of a ridge beam or the headroom from a stair tread while in front, back, left, or right view it's nice to be in Screen Plane so you don't click on a random object in the background and get nonsense measurements.
  18. I would definitely draw this as a poly line and then AEC > Create Objects From Shapes… > Property Line. If you draw it with north as straight up it will get all the meets and bounds correct.
  19. Is it possible you are in a working plane? Does it happen on a blank document? If so, draw a square on a blank document and post it here.
  20. The Layer Plane is 3D. Only Screen Plane is 2D. So anything on the layer plane lays on the floor. In a symbol: Screen Plane = 2D. If there is only Screen Plane (2D) geometry the symbol has a little 2 subscript to the right of it. Layer Plane or 3D Plane (or 3D Object) = 3D. IF there is only 3D geometry then the symbol has a little 3 subscript to the right of it. If it has both 2D and 3D, then the 2D shows in Top/Plan and the 3D shows in all other views. In your example, edit the symbol and change the circle from the Symbol Definition Plane (3D) to Screen Plane. Then you will only see the circle in top/plan and the rectangle in all other views. If the Screen plane was active when you drew those shapes it would have been a 2D symbol Not sure if that answers your question 🙂.
  21. Those are actually not symbols. They are parametric objects. (You can change parameters in the OIP and the object will respond). Look in the OIP. One of them has the plane set to 3D and the other is set to Layer. You could also switch it to Screen. This example might help. SYMBOLS - TEST 2 v2021 v2018.vwx
  22. Thanks @Tom W.. You were correct and it turns out it's user error 🙂 . The one component had a bound offset for some reason.
  23. If your signature is correct and you're running 2015 on an M1 / OS 11, that could be your problem: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2015
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