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  1. I thought I understood. But even just running your script in {$DEBUG}, B1 is always false, C1 never has a value, and M1 is always 0. Am I misunderstanding the function of ws2GetMenuInfo?
  2. That's pretty cool. But I don't see any S1:= line anywhere. As far as I can tell S1 is never assigned a value.
  3. I'm glad you find that clear 🙂 Here what I'm finding: ws2GetMenusCnt(''); returns two fewer than the number of menus. I have 13 pull down menus and that function returns the integer 11. String values get returned for values 0 to 10. Maybe Help and Cloud don't count? ws2GetMenuAt('',#); returns a UUID-looking string for values 0 to 10. Is that first argument really an empty string? ws2GetMenuInfo is where I get lost. What do I use for the path argument? Do I need the name of the menu commands? Or an index number?
  4. Does anyone know the syntax for tool and menu paths? For example if I wanted the first menu item in the Tool menu I thought it would be str := ws2GetMenuAt('Tools',1); and str := ws2GetMenuAt('Tools/Reports',1); I thought would return "Create Report…" But that's not it.
  5. Make sure you are in top/plan view. Not top view.
  6. I'm impressed that you got VW2020 to run on MacOS 13. It's only supported up to MacOS11.1!
  7. Go to View>Rendering You have it set to Sketch. Set it to Wireframe.
  8. Also make sure the doors and windows have a solid fill in the attributes palette.
  9. I think Artistic Render mode is not going to be able to do what you want. It's a very old render mode. You can use Shaded mode with the color turned off. Either enable Draw Edges or disable Draw Edges and add a hidden line Foreground rendering. This will get you the shadows you are looking for. (With MUCH faster render times) It also lets you use Ambient Occlusion, which combines with Indirect Lighting settings to give you nice depth.
  10. There's a secret keyboard combination for VW Mac users. (Shout out to @Mark Aceto). There is no option in the workspace editor for Shift+Option+key. Probably to ensure Windows compatibility. But you can use the Mac OS System Settings to bind those keyboard shortcuts to menu commands. Brings you back down to 3 keys!
  11. Yes I rebuild from scratch. If you don't it's easy to miss new tools and menus. If you go to Tools > Workspaces… there is an export button to create a text file of all the menus and tools in your workspace. It's a great way to make sure you don't forget something.
  12. @Tom W. Glad you find them useful! I also sometimes forget to include them in a file and/or drag them out. Or the drawing has old or alternate versions of the scripts. I finally made them into menu commands and gave them keyboard shortcuts. Now those scripts are just part of the workspace. Even better.
  13. Here are two ways. You can try this tool: https://www.verysmallgroup.com/dimension2 Or you can do it the way Pythagoras would have done it. With a worksheet and his famous theorem. See attached. Triangulating ~.vwx
  14. Just a guess Is it BeginGroupN(GHandle); do stuff End Group; Where GHandle is the annotation group?
  15. Make sure Snap to Object is turned on. And if you hold down the Snap to Object button there is a check box for Insertion Point.
  16. are some of the symbol definition objects in a class set to gray? Can you post a file with this symbol?
  17. I think I get what you are trying to do. But there's a good chance I don't 🙂 Create a new column that calls =yourRecord.#NUM Select all the cells in the column H database. Copy. Select all the cells in the new column database. Paste. If I understand what you are trying to do, you could also do this with a relatively simple worksheet script.
  18. Nice! Now you can write scripts to do anything you want!
  19. I know! That is super annoying. Here's my guess at what's going on. The software that VW uses to run this forum checks for dangerous things. One of the things it doesn't like is C H R(#) code. ( I put spaces between the letters to be able to post it here) In my original code I had a debugging message that was commented out. It used the C H R code to add a carriage return in the message to make it more readable. If you delete the Message function and the curly brackets surrounding it you should be able to post it.
  20. @Tom W. Glad you're finding it useful. I use it almost everyday 🙂 Looks like you've already figured it out. But just in case here is what I believe to be the most recent version of that script (8 years old!!). There's not much to it: Procedure ViewportRename; {Badly Scripted by Michael Klaers. Updated Aug 2, 2015} {This script will take all selected viewports and change the name of those viewports to be (Sheet Layer) (Drawing Number) (Drawing Name) This version tries to force the name to appear immeidately in the name field, data tab, OIP when only one VP is selected. Prior to this version the new name appeared immediately in the Nav Palette, but not in the name field.} Var VPDwgTitle,VPName,BText,VPNum : String; h,hh: Handle; ViewportLayer: Handle; ViewportLayerString: String; Procedure RenameVP(h : HANDLE); Begin {*********** BEGIN Procedure ***********} ViewportLayer:= GetLayer(h); ViewportLayerString:= GetLName(ViewportLayer); VPDwgTitle := GetObjectVariableString(h, 1032); VPNum := GetObjectVariableString(h, 1033); ResetObject(h); SetName(h, CONCAT(ViewportLayerString,' ',VPNum,' ',VPDwgTitle)); SetDSelect(h); {These two commands are just here to force the new name to appear in the } SetSelect(h); {name field immediately. They can be deleted w/o consequence} End; {*********** END Procedure ***********} Begin {*********** Main Program ***********} ForEachObject(RenameVP,(((T=VIEWPORT)))); End; Run(ViewportRename); Look for the line with SetName(h, CONCAT(ViewportLayerString,' ',VPNum,' ',VPDwgTitle)); You can add whatever punctuation you like inside the CONCAT function. Just make sure it it separated by a comma and surrounded by single quotes. Currently the "punctuation" is just a space. So yours might be SetName(h, CONCAT(ViewportLayerString, '-', VPNum, ' (', VPDwgTitle, ')' )); (I didn't test that!) When you create a viewport you can name the viewport and the drawing name in the dialog box. There is a checkbox (on by default?) that names the viewport as Drawing Number/Sheet Number. I find that I often duplicate viewports, duplicate sheet layers, renumber sheets, move viewports to other sheets, etc. So I started using the script rather than checking auto name.
  21. There are several old versions of those scripts floating around. These are the most recent versions of those two scripts turned into menu commands: RenameVPs.vsmRenumber Sheet Layers.vsm
  22. I wonder if it was an oversight. From 2024 Help: Are you trying to disable palette docking?
  23. Check the bottom left interior shape and the second from top right interior shape. Those aren't connected. I used the connect/combine tool in the second mode to make sure they were connected - then used the polygon tool in the paint bucket mode to create a polyline. Make sure it has a solid fill. Then you can extrude it.
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