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Apple macOS 14 Sonoma Compatibility - Feedback


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On 11/24/2023 at 3:42 PM, StefanoT said:

With VW24 Update 1 and 1.1 on macOS Sonoma (latest) we’re experiencing incremental crashes not related to specific commands till it becomes very unstable (>2 crashes per hour).


Running “Repair” from the installer does not seem to solve the issue. Clean reinstall does solve it, at least for a while. This was a recurrent behavior on 2 different users/devices  (MacBookPro Intel and MacMini M2), starting from a few crashes and quickly in a few days becoming very unstable.


We have already shared this issue with our local distributor, and we got answered Sonoma is not officially supported yet, but we still believe - as VW addicted 😉 - it is worthy to share here. 


Hi Stefano


are you able to check the same steps on Ventura?

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I have a MacBook Pro M3 chip with Sonoma.  Running VW 2024.


We are not fully compatible.


There are memory handling issues.  Not the first time I have seen this and probably to be expected.  It could be a combination of Unified memory and how VW's handles it, or just Vectorworks.....or just Sonoma.  To be determined.

There may not be enough users running this combination yet for VW's to get enough info



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Looks like Blender has same problems with memory (leaks ?) on M3.


Maybe because of Apples new M3 dynamic memory.

But there are 2-3 Apple employees helping to make Blender fully

Apple ARM compatible and already some service requests

So Apple should be already aware of potential issues.



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