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  1. Hello. How can I make window hinge markers visible in hidden line viewports? I want them to be visible in elevation, but they don't display in any of my viewports. I have ticked Show Interior and Exterior Hinge Markers in the object settings. The hinge marker class is also turned on in the viewports. When I look at my model in 3D wireframe mode the hinge markers are visible but as soon as I switch to hidden line mode they disappear. They disappear both on the interior and the exterior side. Same thing happens with the window preview when I try to edit the window settings. Surely there must be a way to display the hinge markers in elevations (hidden line viewports). Alternatively, is there any other render mode I can use for my viewports to get a decent line drawing elevation? Thanks
  2. Guest

    Floor Hatch in TopPlan?

    Hello, I have a graphic representation problem. I would like to show the plan in TopPlan view in order to see the wall detail (default at wireframe) (image 1) However, I'd also like to show the hatch of the floor finish below. (image 2) Is there anyway to achieve this in a single viewport without layering by using the background/foreground options? So far I have not found an answer. Any ideas?
  3. Hello, Following some advice on another topic a while back for creating drawings that have hidden line but also show shadows i'm coming up with an issue i wonder if others have come across To create the views/style i've set the Foreground render as Hidden and the BG render as artistic render (shadows & Line) the results look great when zoomed out but as you look closer you notice an offset from the hidden line to the render in the bacjkground is this a graphic card by any chance or some hidden setting i'm missing See files for better explanation VW22/mac hope that explains things
  4. Hello, Since release of 2023 version we are experiencing issue with updating some section (horizontal) viewports in HL render mode in different files. What happens is that when update of viewport is initiated after short time updating process crash in the middle leaving viewport rendered only partially (cut plane part is fully rendered but anything below cut plane appears as pixelated bitmap graphic (see attachment) - when viewport is moved to other sheet layer this will fix issue, however bringing back viewport on initial sheet layer will bring issue again - creating horizontal section viewport anew (same story) wont fix issue Any thoughts what might cause this issue and how to fix it? Thank you!
  5. It would be great to have the ability to change render mode for objects that are using their 3D symbol in the plan view. For example, when drawing lighting trusses that are raked out of level, the 3D symbol is used in plan view, but it is only able to be rendered in wireframe. I would like to be able to render the truss symbol in hidden line while in plan view, as it looks much cleaner. Currently if I change render mode it snaps into top view and the 2D Symbols for all the lighting instruments and lost. Setting background render to hidden line gets closer, but its not the look I'm after.
  6. Sometimes I have found that my SLVPs do not fully update after I have made a change to either something in the model or the linked camera view. The Foreground Hidden Line is the correct current view, but the Shaded Background render is out of sync. It's like the VGM needs a good kick in the pants. On the SLVP OIP I click 'Update', and it re-renders the view, but the Foreground Hidden Line will be out of sync with the Shaded Background Render view. It is only when I turn off one of the visible Layers in the SLVP, and then click 'Update' does it correctly update the view. slvp update bug.mov
  7. All surface hatches of slab objects are gone in horizontal sections viewport (only orthogonal projection) in latest update. Across all files...very very bad. Anybody experiencing this issue? Any known fix? Thanks.
  8. I have a file (primary one) that works flawlessly, I created a spin off (save as) for the purpose of filing with the local dept of Buildings, all fine. One day I opened the spin off file (all settings are the same) and suddenly some elevations viewports are like X-Rays showing everything as if not opaque. To be exact north south south are showing correct and east & west are X- Rayed.
  9. I thought we'd put this one behind us, and I'm not sure when it started happening again, but I'm getting lines appearing between abutting walls in Hidden Line where they shouldn't be showing (horizontally and vertically); my walls are perfectly aligned as far as I can tell. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  10. I'm confused. I have various symbols with 2D components for Front view. In Hidden Line, I see this in the design layer: But in the viewport I see this: The components are 'stacked' differently: for some reason components which should be hidden behind other components are instead in front... These are completely separate symbols, not different components within the same symbol The same VP in OpenGL: Am I doing something stupid? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'd like to know if this is not possible or if I'm doing something wrong. I've drawn three identical curved walls and placed them one on top of the other. Why do the horizontal lines show up? Shouldn't it be all like one big curved wall? I hope I'm doing something wrong!
  12. Am I correct in assuming that every time you update a viewport with a sketch style, it changes the sketch even if the model hasn't changed? Also wondering about how to apply a sketch style (with hidden line) to apply to surface hatches? Hidden Line: Sketch Hidden Line Results (Before Clicking "Update"😞 After Pressing Update (notice results are different and that it doesn't apply to surface hatch?): Pressing Update a fourth time (just for fun):
  13. Hello all, Hope this message finds you in good health most importantly. Really struggling today with a project where I have geometry rendering correctly in open GL but will not render correctly in hidden Line. Had a quick look through the forum and could not see this as an issue. Please see attached screen shots. The Open GL shows an extruded circle drawn onto some 3d geometry. When I render to sheet and set to hidden line I get an Octogon - rather than a circle. I've cut and pasted the geometry into a new file - same result. I've re-drawn the offending item several times - same result. New file, same result etc., The view port is set to High - but medium and low make no difference. the sheet dpi is currently 300 (up from the standard and again no change) Anyone had anything similar happen and and suggestions how to over come (i'm about to revert to doing 2d elevations and sections) many thanks all
  14. Dear VW Lovers, I am creating a Viewport with Hidden Line RW Style. Unfortunately the process of rendering is not possible, meaning it not only renders indefinitely but also the VW program becomes none responsive. This probably due to a lot of detail in the drawing. As a result I have to 'Force Quit' the program and start again. After many times of trying I am now working around the issue like this: Viewport on-top of Viewport - splitting the drawing into multiple Viewports with different Design Layers visible - thereafter I overlay one Viewport on-top of the other --> Problem Any objects in a Viewport are not filled. --> Which results that you can see through all the objects on any VP. I would like to be able to create a VP that 'closes' the objects and nit the whole VP. Like when you give an object a fill through the Attributes. Only when I give the VP a fill through the Attributes palette the whole VP becomes filled and not only the objects. I have attached a screenshot of the individual Viewports and the one on the right hand side bottom holds the sandwiched Viewports. Here it shows that all objects have no fill. I would be grateful for any input and work around. Cheers, Grethe
  15. Sheet layer vp: Hidden lines draw over the image prop. I want image prop to hide the edges behind. Description: •Human figure is a group of two image props slightly offset (Adam front view & Adam back view from vwx library) •Prop Textures use Image Mask Color & Transparency Shaders from same images. •In design layer, Image Prop is placed in front of several extrudes. •••••One Extrude has polished metallic texture (reflects Adam's back). Red & green ones have color fill. •VP Background render is RW Style>Realistic Exterior Final •VP Foreground render mode is Hidden Line •Indirect lighting is ON, Background is HDRI Sky Mostly Sunny Why wouldn't an image prop obscure edge lines of objects behind the image prop? Pilot error here in texture or render setup? Or does Hidden Line always override the image transparency masks? Workaround? -B
  16. The settings of the viewport is the same, but when switched from Open GL to Hidden Line rendering mode: the wall doesn't show up. The hatches on the hidden line image is the wall behind the wooden looking wall as seen in the OpenGL image. Is there a problem/ setting on the wall itself, or is it a viewport bug? Experiencing this on other viewports in the same room and another room.
  17. Hi, Every time I try to hidden line render a 3D file, Vectorworks stops responding and never comes back (I've left it overnight). It's been happening for the last 3 days with multiple files of various sizes. I'm able to render open gl and realistic final (although this has been taking up to an hour), just hidden line seems to be a problem. I've rebooted the program and the laptop several times, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Vectorworks - still no joy. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm using 2019 on Mojave. Thanks in advance
  18. Is it a known issue that hidden line sketch mode (I'm using Section viewports in this case), produces seriously unstable results? I've run into a few different ways it fails to draw the expected result: The most common issue is that it displays everything in the view, but sketch mode does not appear to be activated. In some cases, the line work initially displays in sketch mode, but then after drawing annotation in the viewport, sketch gets deactivated. To be clear, sketch is still checked off as the desired render option, but the viewport behaves as if it's been turned off. Other times, all of the lines "beyond cut plane" simply don't display at all. Silver lining here is that for whatever reason, this seems to reactivate sketch mode for the cut plane elements and the annotation. There's also cases where the model line work maintains sketch display, but the annotative layer displays without sketch. I've also gotten the reverse situation, where only the annotation was displaying in sketch! It's really all over the map. There does seem to be one way to control this situation (at least it's worked so far). I discovered that by setting the line style of objects beyond cut plane to "use original" in the advanced properties, I can stabilize the sketch render setting, and both model and annotation maintain the correct display. When this is overwritten with a single class, all bets are off. Unfortunately, using the original line style of each modeling object requires a lot more work than being able to quickly set all lines to the same weight. So this is an unfortunate work around to have to accept. Thanks, Matt
  19. Dear VW, Is there a reason that the "guts" of a curtainwall do not disappear during a hidden line? They used to in 2017. I find this annoying, but perhaps there's another reason that I can't understand. I've tried to manipulate it, but it seems to reveal the inner lines when only the outline should appear. I noticed that once my model went to 2018, the inner lines started to appear. I opened a new file and inserted a new wall from VW library, but it still shows in the inner lines - not how we would show it or how it would appear. Thanks Lee Calisti curtainwall.vwx - file attached
  20. Switching back and forth from OpenGL to hidden line works until I include the roof. When switching from OpenGL to hidden line, the whole app will often just disappear. Have tried numerous views, roofing materials and the crashes are not consistent. Exclude the roof and things appear to be working. But with the roof, it crashes just about every time. Did this with a fresh file: 4 walls and a hipped roof without any other details and crashed immediately in top view after switching from OpenGL to hidden line. I have seen some complaints about hidden line crashes here but could not find a direct correlation or something from VW acknowledging or doing anything about it. Maybe my searching skills have been subpar but a google search yields much more salient results than the search bar in forum.vectorworks.net. In either case could not find resolution. Anyone else seeing this? And all after getting everything in my setup all current! - Mik Fresh install of VW2019 SP2 Build 463397. Windows 10 Pro for WS v1809, Build 17763.195 New PC: HP Z4 G4 Intel Xeon W-2133 CPU @ 3.60GHz 8.25mb cache 6-core RAM: 32gb NVIDIA Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5 HPZ38c display
  21. Hidden Line rendering is not displaying correctly in front or back views. Other views are correct. Attached are some samples and a VW file. Sample 1 shows what a front view, hidden line rendering should look like. I had to cant the model a small fraction to get it to render correctly. Sample 2 is a Front view, hidden line rendering and is showing lines that should be hidden, especially in the bottom center of the model. Sample 3 is an isometric view of the model. Any help is appreciated. I can't keep printing my drawings out and whiting out the incorrect lines. Vectorworks 2018 with Renderworks vw problem.vwx
  22. I have some elevations set to hidden line render, and hidden line is not properly displaying the line type (dashed) for my window hinge marker. I know it won't display line color, but I'm pretty sure in the past it would properly display linetypes. Is this a known issue, is anyone else experiencing this? Edited to add: I just went back and looked at another project, and my hinge markers properly display in hidden line with both line type AND line color (shade of grey), so I have no idea what's going on in my current file.
  23. Hi, can someone have a look at the attached file and let me know why the hidden line view is not showing correctly? Try going to a right view or right isometric & choosing hidden line. Is this a bug? Thanks VW2018 SP1 (Windows 10) Hidden Line Issue.vwx
  24. Hi, I think this is a bug. I draw a wall and to that wall I add a semicircle as a cap. It is displayed correctly in Top/Plan, Open Gl, but NOT IN HIDDEN LINE. It also does not display Hidden Line properly in a viewport. I attach a few screenshots showing the problem.
  25. Hi there, I have a problem with the linked texts inside the symbol blocks. When I see them in any type of 3D visualization even in wireframe, I can see all the information pulled from the record without any problem, but when I try to visualize the symbol not in plan view, with the hidden line mode on, all those data disappear. Anyone knows how can I do to show the linked information inside the symbol block even in hidden line mode? Thanks
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