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  1. And the display of this varies by object type and view. I did just figure out that the move by points tool does let you do this if you tab all the way through the fields, you get to (working plane based) absolute measurements.
  2. Actually, 0,0,0 should be the same through every program. But if everyone involved in a project doesn't keep their drawings in the same relation to the origin, things are going to end up off. PEBKAC and all that. Both VW and Revit seem to try to obscure origins and all the 3D modeling backend (I know VW has rulers and all that, but it's not the same), compared to actual 3D modeling programs (i.e Rhino). I've found anything with a command line much easier to manage geometric relations in, since there's always some version of "move this object to 0,0,0" available as a command. If there's a way in VW to move an object to a specified, absolute point in 3D space, I haven't found it.
  3. This current project is the first that I've worked on with a consultant (structural in this case) using a BIM program. Nothing crashed, but in order to actually get the 3D models in the same space, I had to manually move some things. I think this is a problem created by VW rather than Revit - I have our site modeled with absolute dimensions, which results in the model being ~500' above the origin. The IFC import from Revit came in on the origin. I'm not sure what the best method of coordinating origins between programs that operate very differently is.
  4. @killafornia, if you're hoping to get a workable model from another program into VW, the conclusion I came to was that it's not happening. If you just want to coordinate with a consultant and make sure things fit, then having them export to IFC is the right choice.
  5. The only thing I've managed to successfully use the Structural Member tool for is as a work around for making gutters. The tool is incapable of producing a column, nevermind the ID (as discussed in the thread @rDesignreferenced above).
  6. Did you turn off the dimension class in the viewport via the OIP>Classes ?
  7. Just to throw in one more, I'm having this same issue trying to place a custom sized wood column with the Structural Member tool.
  8. Oh, I was confused because it downloaded with the 2016 icon color. I meant more in the context of using a dimension line to do so. I know I could add a row to show the height just as text.
  9. @diamond, I'm pretty sure no one else in my office even knows the purge command exists. They certainly aren't worrying about file sizes. I'm still working on getting people to switch classes instead of changing object properties, so asking them to go looking for a class to import from a template file is out of reach at the moment. Auto-classing takes some of the difficulty out of using VW for some people, then at least PIOs are in reasonable classes (most of the time). My take on the problem (in gross generalizations) is that baby boomers tend to view everything through the lens of hand drafting, and just want to switch around lineweights. Younger Millenials all seem to have learned on Revit, and so classes and layers are totally alien to them. The easiest people to teach are gen-X and older Millenials who learned AutoCAD as their first drawing program. So mid-level folks understand drawing organization, but everyone above and below has a steep learning curve if they didn't learn it from the get-go.
  10. Also, this is OT, but @michaelk, that was a vw2016 file, right? I just opened it in 2017 without a conversion prompt or anything. New SP2 feature?
  11. Got it, unfortunately I think it's a product of the worksheet database functionality, and unrelated to the image functionality. @michaelk that's pretty neat! Unfortunately one of the things we do with our opening schedules is show the dimension of the sill above AFF - which may preclude the use of worksheets altogether for our process, since the product is an image.
  12. I've looked into this before, and you can't go horizontal with a database-based worksheet. I wish you could, it would actually allow us to fully automate our opening schedules. Our format for commercial projects is to do both a standard, non-graphic schedule, combined with a series of opening elevations showing each style of opening. It's my least favorite sheet to create because on larger projects I have to create and edit a couple dozen small section viewports.
  13. That would be awesome! Putting time into learning VW scripting or Marionette has unfortunately been outside the scope of my activities at work, even though I'm sure it would be very useful.
  14. My office subscribes to Service Select, would one of the support options be a good way to answer this? What is the right channel for asking VW questions that no one seems to be able to answer? Thanks!
  15. Bumping this, because I'm still trying to figure it out. Any input from VW staff? @JimWMaybe? Does the question make sense? I'm 90% of the way there, but it seems like there's a piece of functionality I'm missing somewhere.