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  1. export to rhino 3dm is an option in VW 2017, so I'd guess it's in 2018.
  2. FWIW, I've never used the join command successfully. I remapped command-J to compose and it does exactly what I expect.
  3. I'd like to be able to enter some sort of name other than Custom for custom windows, in order to have them show up properly in schedules. I.E. we often use twinned or field mulled units from some manufacturers, and the easiest way to represent these with PIOs is with the custom sash option. However, I then end up having to do some work arounds on my schedule, because I don't want it to say "custom" (because a contractor is going to see that and drop a huge price on it, causing confusion until clarified). I think my ideal would be to have the custom sash option have a fillable field that would fill the sash record field for worksheets.
  4. And, somewhat surprisingly, I really love the touch screen. Makes a big difference to me day to day, and every once in a while I use my wife's MBP and want to throw it out the window for not having a touch screen. 4K resolution is a little silly on a screen that small though.
  5. Just don't buy refurbished from them. I have one that's going on a year and a half and it's been great. The first refurbed machine they sent me was effed though. It took them a little while to get me a replacement, but that's been rock solid.
  6. Before you commit to Macbook pro, I suggest you look into the issues of EGPUs working with Mac hardware. It's still not plug and play, with the exception of a small selection of AMD graphics cards (on a good day). No Nvidia cards work without fairly major workarounds. I know you've said you looked at most existing laptops, but my Razer 14" is very similar in size to my wife's 13" macbook, and has vastly more power. And I've used it on an airplane.
  7. 11 years after this thread started we still can't override classes in multiple viewports at once. Giving it another vote and bump because it's still annoying.
  8. holy crap. I've literally never used that drop down to change sheet layers of an object before. I didn't even think of that. Totally works.
  9. I couldn't find an option in the OIP to change sheet layers - I'll look again later today when I get back to that project.
  10. And, actually, the interior elevation viewports don't give you the "section line instances" button. Only "navigate to interior elevation" which breaks if you copy the viewport to a new sheet.
  11. does that preserve or re-establish links with interior elevation markers though (I don't think it does)? I'll experiment, but a big part of what I'm interested in is preserving links with markers for drawing coordination. I know I can basically turn those interior elevation viewports into standard sections, but that kinda defeats the purpose...
  12. No. I'd make your new window 113.5 or something like that. Or add a letter as suffix. I also have my office number windows as "floor.window" so 3.5 for instance. Makes it a little easier to re-number if needed.
  13. It would be very helpful if there were some solution to interior elevation viewports dis-associating with their markers when copying to different sheet layers. It would be fine if the move had to be accomplished by going to the elevation marker itself and specifying a new sheet layer, as long as all viewport annotation items are retained. As it is, if I want to change the sheet layer for an interior elevation VP, I need to create a new marker pointing to the desired sheet, and then copy all annotation layer items and any crops to the new viewport, which is irritating and time consuming. It's pretty common that we end up needing to reorganize our elevation sheets as we move through the phases, usually as new elevations become important due to finish choices.
  14. Actually I just figured it out - for some reason in the section options it was set to show objects beyond section plan in class None. So hidden line is showing both color and line type, as expected. I've never needed to use dashed hidden line, actually.
  15. I have some elevations set to hidden line render, and hidden line is not properly displaying the line type (dashed) for my window hinge marker. I know it won't display line color, but I'm pretty sure in the past it would properly display linetypes. Is this a known issue, is anyone else experiencing this? Edited to add: I just went back and looked at another project, and my hinge markers properly display in hidden line with both line type AND line color (shade of grey), so I have no idea what's going on in my current file.
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