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  1. The clip cube color defaults to red in both your design layer and your viewports. According to the help document: But there isn't a "Section Style" Class. Manually creating the class doesn't change anything. It seems like the only way to change the clip cube cap-fill color currently is selecting the viewport and going to Advanced Properties in the OIP. No way to apply hatches or anything other than manually?
  2. Quick update - even though my viewport is set to openGL as it's background renderer, when I create objects in the annotations of the viewport it defaults them to some kind of sketch and I'm not sure why: I've been going through and manually changing to "No Sketch" but that's getting old fast. Any ideas?
  3. @Jesse Cogswell after tinkering with this a bit, I tend to agree, I definitely miss the easy customization of the old version of the drawing labels in the OIP.
  4. @fuberator I tried the demo of Projection Viz last year. It's very good. Been meaning to buy it. Haven't tried Landru's tool but it looks good.
  5. All the SmartCursor points show up but were missing their "cues" (I.e., "Midpoint"). Was thinking I needed to reset my settings... After some digging I figured it out. Couldn't find this in the help documentation so wanted to post here for anyone else who searches for it. Just go to SmartCursor Settings and click General and it's the first option. Seems obvious until it isn't.
  6. I fully agree this is much needed for sure. I'm constantly going back and forth between workspaces and it's super annoying. It would be great if VWX allowed for you to combine workspaces to your liking. I don't really want an "everything" version because I never (and probably will never) use Landmark. I know I can do this manually, but I really want it to match the Spotlight toolset and all that manual clicking and dragging is, well, a drag! (I tried your VWW @LJ TMS but it came through a bit wonky, at least in VWX 2021 - the pallets are all over the place and the hotkey for the RM wasn't working. I didn't dig around much after that)
  7. @Tom W. figured it out! The Sketch render mode has the same hotkey as "Save As" for nearly every other program on the planet, so I accidentally changed the render mode from GL to Sketch and then created my viewports while Sketch was the render mode.
  8. @Tom W. of course I can't recreate now. Thought that maybe my default template had Sketch set for its rendering in the design layer, but it does not. Very odd. I never use Sketch so perhaps a hotkey misstep at some point. If it comes up again I will dig in and take a look.
  9. This started happening a couple weeks ago and can't figure out why: If I open the OIP I get this: How do I turn this off? Ahhh it seems that my Renderworks style is defaulting to sketch: I don't want that, how do I change it? Thanks
  10. It seems that if I create any object on top of any arc object (I.e., circle) the origin point of my first click doesn't remain. Super weird behavior. New in 2021 for sure. Anyone else seeing this? Ideas? Screen Recording 2021-03-08 at 5.49.42 PM.mov
  11. In previous versions of VWX: In current version of VWX: Where are all the options?


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