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  1. Well that's the saddest oversight I've made in months. Fun to take deep dive into this @MSLD. Data tags works like a charm and knowing how that all works now is a massive time saver for later. (Make your own record-->Create Report-->Create data tags using whatever data you want from that record). "Endless options, endless solutions." - Vectorworks Marketing
  2. I have projectors with attached records. They are custom records and I'm not using the screen tool. The record includes a projector ID name / number. I'd like to be able to add that data as labels with leader lines in the sheet layer. Essentially a label legend for projectors. I thought there was a hacky way to do this and I'm of course forgetting what it is. Any ideas?
  3. This strikes me as something that should be a feature so checking here if I'm missing it. And if it doesn't exist, here's a request to add it. Looking for a contextual right click when you click an object that says "Locate Class in Navigation Palette" and "Locate Layer in Navigation Palette". This is especially useful when you have a massive set of layers and classes and want to easily find one in the palette. It's even more useful when you inherit or import a project someone else created and you need to easily find a layer or class. Using the "Search" function works great but then you have to (groan) type it in.
  4. @Kevin McAllister amazing work-around. worked like a champ. I needed it to be paper thin (emulating a painted cyc that is flush with the floor and walls), so tweaking the thickness in the OIP until right before I get Z-fighting solves that nicely. @Peter Neufeld For whatever reason I can't get this method to work. Both of my objects are nurbs curves, but it results in a "could not be created" : loft.mov (PS can't believe I'm just learning you can embed an MP4 here and it's actually faster than uploading screenshots for some reason, thanks Peter!)
  5. Messing around worked if I don't also include a floor surface area in the profile. If I add a floor area to the profile: This is what happens: If I do a capped offset of the profile @ 1/16" here's how it looks: Trying to figure out how to get rid of those artifacts.
  6. I have a curved cyc wall that I need to create - so it curves in two directions. Here's the path / : My thinking was to do extrude along path, which works if I lock the profile, but then I get an error: Figured it out - had to lock and fix the profile. That solved it nicely. Though the mesh seems a little over complex: If I add a complete flooring element (by offset and closing my profile), the path gets a lot cleaner but the floor now has this nasty artifact in it: Any ideas?
  7. @markdd I ended up finding a work-around and not super pressing. None of the different marquee options worked unless I also selected that vertex in the middle ūü§ß
  8. I have this half moon shape and I want to simultaneously adjust these two vertices: If I use the marquee select tool within the Reshape tool: After selection, the vertices disappear and I'm not selecting anything: If I also marquee around the vertex in the middle: So it seems you can only select multiple vertices that are adjoining. Is that the correct thinking?
  9. thanks all! found this solution and it worked for me when I scratched my head this morning!
  10. @Pat Stanford I'm with you on 4! The other three leave me a little confused TBH. Seems like a good opportunity for VWX university !
  11. @markdd I'm using the Worksheet resource. Is there another way to use worksheets in the traditional sense in VWX? What magic is this?
  12. @Nicolas Goutte well I didn't expect that it would work differently than every other spreadsheet application, but there you go! Works like a charm. Thanks
  13. To multiply, the formula should be =SUM(cell1*cell2) but when I press enter, nothing happens How do I properly multiply two cells in a Vectorworks worksheet? To add, the formula should be =SUM(cell1,cell2), when I do that it works
  14. How do I add a kick plate / top plate to a curtain wall door?
  15. I'm putting together a curtain wall. Essentially 6" deep frame with 1/4" glass at center. For whatever reason, the top and bottom boundaries insets aren't taking: The width is 1/2" and the inset is 1/8" so we shouldn't see a vertical channel at the top of the frame. Top boundary settings: Any ideas?


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