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  1. Had the same problem this morning and this solve worked! @Robert Anderson to the rescue
  2. This 5 year old thread just saved me. Crazy you can't do this in the OIP!
  3. I have a rounded curtain wall that in order to match the floor plan, I needed to segment the rounded wall. This gives me the following: Because it's segmented, the breaks in the curtain wall line up with with wall caps. How can I remove the caps, or join the walls?
  4. I can go ahead and confirm that this was mouse specific. The Logitech M557 doesn't play well with the middle button functionality in VWX. The Logitech M510 works great, though. Strange.
  5. Any workspace, restarted, same issue. It's only a problem with my wireless mouse. Have removed the preference pane for that mouse, that didn't help. Reinstalled it and confirmed middle mouse button is triggering middle mouse option - but not working properly in VWX. Have ordered another wireless mouse to see if it is mouse specific or a problem with VWX in general. Will also try across different Mac systems + a windows machine to cross check.
  6. trashcan

    Hide Doors?

    @markdd ūüĎč that's exactly what I ended up doing lol, was surprised that there wasn't an on/off solution!
  7. trashcan

    Hide Doors?

    I have all the doors in their own class. When I turn the class off, the doors go away but their framing elements remain. I have a designer who is asking for a 3D model that doesn't have doors or windows. How do I hide both the doors/windows as well as their holes-in-walls?
  8. I've got a great wireless Logitech mouse M557 for CAD but for whatever reason, the middle button doesn't actually trigger the 3D flyover tool. In the mouse prefs, the middle button is set to the middle button. I see the Flyover logo when I hit control click, but it doesn't flyover when I pan the mouse around. Anyone else run into this?
  9. Working with a new mouse. The middle button is set to "middle button" - when I control-click for the flyover tool it shows the icon but doesn't do anything when I try to pan around. Any ideas?
  10. I'm installing Big Sur on my one of my machines today. Next time I use VWX I'll report back as well.
  11. Well that's the saddest oversight I've made in months. Fun to take deep dive into this @MSLD. Data tags works like a charm and knowing how that all works now is a massive time saver for later. (Make your own record-->Create Report-->Create data tags using whatever data you want from that record). "Endless options, endless solutions." - Vectorworks Marketing
  12. I have projectors with attached records. They are custom records and I'm not using the screen tool. The record includes a projector ID name / number. I'd like to be able to add that data as labels with leader lines in the sheet layer. Essentially a label legend for projectors. I thought there was a hacky way to do this and I'm of course forgetting what it is. Any ideas?
  13. This strikes me as something that should be a feature so checking here if I'm missing it. And if it doesn't exist, here's a request to add it. Looking for a contextual right click when you click an object that says "Locate Class in Navigation Palette" and "Locate Layer in Navigation Palette". This is especially useful when you have a massive set of layers and classes and want to easily find one in the palette. It's even more useful when you inherit or import a project someone else created and you need to easily find a layer or class. Using the "Search" function works great but then you have to (groan) type it in.
  14. @Kevin McAllister amazing work-around. worked like a champ. I needed it to be paper thin (emulating a painted cyc that is flush with the floor and walls), so tweaking the thickness in the OIP until right before I get Z-fighting solves that nicely. @Peter Neufeld For whatever reason I can't get this method to work. Both of my objects are nurbs curves, but it results in a "could not be created" : loft.mov (PS can't believe I'm just learning you can embed an MP4 here and it's actually faster than uploading screenshots for some reason, thanks Peter!)
  15. Messing around worked if I don't also include a floor surface area in the profile. If I add a floor area to the profile: This is what happens: If I do a capped offset of the profile @ 1/16" here's how it looks: Trying to figure out how to get rid of those artifacts.


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