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  1. Woah weird I just copy and pasted directly from AI to VWX 2024 and it worked great.
  2. Jk you need to click through to the path and reverse it there.
  3. And... still an issue. Also "reverse" is missing. Official help hasn't been updated to reflect current OIP. Please send help ! https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Text/Creating_Text_Along_a_Path.htm
  4. 9 years later... anyway to combine nurbs surfaces??
  5. Still problematic ! I suspect this is a VWX 2023 draw bug. I'm noticing lots of weird draw issues and this is certainly related.
  6. hey guys missed u Here are two solids: When I click to add solids, I get this nonsense: Oddly, when I hover over the object, I still see the original, clean Bézier curves: My next thought was - Shaded renderer is on low. Switched it to high. Still have same issue. When I click into it, it shows the bez points correctly, too: This means that this is probably a render error of some kind. At different zoom levels, it sometimes looks like this, too: Any thoughts here? So bizarre.
  7. You didn't include that handy-dandy additional super-power. I'd love it though.
  8. @michaelk amazing work. have been using today and it's insane that this stuff isn't built in! I want to combine your palletes into a single windows w/ several palletes and give the tools icons and all of that good-good. Wish I could dock 'em ! Again, amazing work. Thanks for making these.
  9. Content is NDA (classsssic) What I can tell you is, if I create a new report with the same settings, I can modify cells and then it'll update the cells on my original, locked report. This is fine for now. **scratches head** I can click the cells, format them, etc, but I can't modify the content in the cells. very weird.
  10. I have a report from a record, I used to be able to edit the record data straight ion the worksheet, but now it won't let me. Some sort of locked thing going on? Any ideas?
  11. @michaelk you are a monster!! Can’t wait to try these out!!
  12. 🤦‍♀️ Been a minute since I used Detail Viewports, but every time I try to make one, regardless of source VP, I get this error: VP source already has a crop (because, duh) VP source - have tried all different kinds of render types VP source - have removed all other VP links (like section markers) Where are the droids I'm looking for?
  13. Ortho view, hidden line. I want to make certain layers (I.e., "Venue") appear in Hidden Line any render view, but I want the opacity of those line weights/solids/etc to be brought way down. Obvious thought is to bring the opacity down in overrides, but that doesn't seem to change anything... is this a problem with hidden line shaded all render types?
  14. @Mark Aceto aha - so "Don't Count These" is a Layer - "L"= Layer
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