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  1. Now we're getting somewhere! Great idea. Now I just need to figure out how to add weight to those chamfered edges without changing the pyramid geometry too much. Compensating for the triangle chamfer seems to work (by starting with a slightly bigger pyramid), but it isn't exact.
  2. Unfortunately AE doesn't work with DWGs. If I'm able to turn those lines into solid lines like Tom's example, I'm fairly certain I can get where I need to be. But it's a lot of different multiple extrude types so need to figure out how to automate it to some degree. My guess is doing an extrude along path for every face of every pyramid is probably the most automated I'm going to get.
  3. Ah snap, your OBJ isn't coming through in AE for whatever reason though it is showing the vertices data. Very strange. I suspect Tom W's solve is probably the move, though I'm not sure how to do it. Here's my dummy check (this is your pyramid): Imports into AE looking like:
  4. @grant_PD that's exactly right - is there any automated way to do this from a multiple extrude (how I make pyramids) or is it all manual 3D polys?
  5. No I'll export them and import them into After Effects. I was just using illustrator as an example. I need the four sides of the pyramid and yes, the base.
  6. Haha. Projection beam meaning the light the emits from the projector. I'm a projection / video engineer. If you use illustrator, this is how it's done there - you create your solid, you make the fill none and then all your left is the stroked path. You can then "outline" that stroke to turn the strokes into solids. So that's basically what I'm trying to do here, turn the pen strokes into solid frames. @Tom W. basically created what I'm trying to do, but wondering if there's a way to simply say "convert pen strokes to solids".
  7. Exactly @Kevin K - I want those pen lines to have dimension and thickness and be treated as their own solids. Kind of like framing. Just the frames of the pyramid. The end goal here is to produce a projection beam that I can then import into After Effects to do a little render with video. If I have the beam lines (pyramid "frame") represented as solids then I can get it out as a clean OBJ. Wish I was in Tahiti ūüôā
  8. Righhhhhhht, thanks @Wes Gardner for the refresher.
  9. I know this is a thing and forgot how to do it. Can someone refresh my memory here? For example, here's my wall: And I want a floor slab and a ceiling that automatically trims to the shape of the walls. How do you do this again?
  10. Sorry to clarify - I know how to make a pyramid. What I want to do is to convert the pen outlines to a solid so that we see the "frame" as a solid rather than as pen outlines. Does that make sense?
  11. Look at this 11 year old post! The only thread on here mentioning After Effects and export! woof To get 3D into VWX, you can use something like Cinema 4D / Lite Or You can import the .obj into a plugin like Video CoPilot's Element 3D or Red Giant Mir / Tao. It doesn't recognize pen lines or the .mtl side car unfortunately so you lose all your texturing.
  12. I have a pyramid structure that I want to use the pen lines to become a generic solid. In other words, how do I turn this: Into a solid? Basically making a framed pyramid. Or is there a better way to do this?
  13. Thought I found a holy grail here, but Vectorscripts' Editor doesn't seem to exist anymore. How can I create hot keys for new class and new layer? @Pat Stanford any ideas?
  14. It does seem like a bug, but no, just slow sometimes.
  15. Please add a progress bar for when you update viewport(s) on a sheet layer.


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