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  1. 9 years later... anyway to combine nurbs surfaces??
  2. Still problematic ! I suspect this is a VWX 2023 draw bug. I'm noticing lots of weird draw issues and this is certainly related.
  3. hey guys missed u Here are two solids: When I click to add solids, I get this nonsense: Oddly, when I hover over the object, I still see the original, clean Bézier curves: My next thought was - Shaded renderer is on low. Switched it to high. Still have same issue. When I click into it, it shows the bez points correctly, too: This means that this is probably a render error of some kind. At different zoom levels, it sometimes looks like this, too: Any thoughts here? So bizarre.
  4. You didn't include that handy-dandy additional super-power. I'd love it though.
  5. @michaelk amazing work. have been using today and it's insane that this stuff isn't built in! I want to combine your palletes into a single windows w/ several palletes and give the tools icons and all of that good-good. Wish I could dock 'em ! Again, amazing work. Thanks for making these.
  6. Content is NDA (classsssic) What I can tell you is, if I create a new report with the same settings, I can modify cells and then it'll update the cells on my original, locked report. This is fine for now. **scratches head** I can click the cells, format them, etc, but I can't modify the content in the cells. very weird.
  7. I have a report from a record, I used to be able to edit the record data straight ion the worksheet, but now it won't let me. Some sort of locked thing going on? Any ideas?
  8. @michaelk you are a monster!! Can’t wait to try these out!!
  9. 🤦‍♀️ Been a minute since I used Detail Viewports, but every time I try to make one, regardless of source VP, I get this error: VP source already has a crop (because, duh) VP source - have tried all different kinds of render types VP source - have removed all other VP links (like section markers) Where are the droids I'm looking for?
  10. Ortho view, hidden line. I want to make certain layers (I.e., "Venue") appear in Hidden Line any render view, but I want the opacity of those line weights/solids/etc to be brought way down. Obvious thought is to bring the opacity down in overrides, but that doesn't seem to change anything... is this a problem with hidden line shaded all render types?
  11. @Mark Aceto aha - so "Don't Count These" is a Layer - "L"= Layer
  12. @Mark Aceto having spent a little time in a worksheet WITH and a worksheet WITHOUT database rows, the undo bug is only in a worksheet with database rows. Otherwise: undo behaves as it should. Either way though, who QA's this stuff?? Have always wondered about that...
  13. You guys are the best! @michaelk Do a manual spreadsheet rather than a report w/ database rows works perfectly. I have fixed number of spares, rather than a percentage, so instead of referencing a percentage cell, I'm just putting in a number. All of my objects that I'm counting are symbols so that works great. I don't understand the "'Don''t Count These'" in the formula and the "L" - my stuff still calcs properly with this, but wondering what this is.
  14. Confirming my name is trashcan. Ditto re: UE. It performs on an M1, but not super well. 😞
  15. A fixed reference for a viewport would solve this annoying series of work around we've all developed. @Mark Aceto your thinking about assigning any viewport a position of 0,0 so when the angle changes, the model position doesn't, is a great idea. @Boh I am using ortho views, but only for isos. Using section VPs for everything (left, right, front, back) is a timesaver and a technique I'm just starting to use. It's nice to have the section references on a top view, but not strictly necessary for my purposes. Good workflow adjustment for me.
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