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  1. Hi, Have turned my callout into lovely keynotes (i.e numbers 1, 2, 3 etc ) making the drawing look much neater. However for the life of me cannot find or figure out how to place a lovely legend to one side referencing those notes. Thanks in advance for any lifeline! VW2020 Architect
  2. Hi, After a bit of playing around i think i have found the answer. The temptation is to cut/copy the viewport, as i have been doing, which then looses the relationship with the callout tag (i.e the number does not change to correspond with the sheet) However, if you click on the viewport and change the layer it on (in the OIP) to the sheet layer you want it to go ...tadaa! result. The tag changes to show the corresponding sheet. GK
  3. Hi Is there a way of retaining the viewport relationship with the callout tag if you decide to move your viewport to another sheet at a later stage. So i create a detail viewport from my plan and add the callout. I place viewport on Sheet A. I decide at a later stage to move the viewport to Sheet B, I go back to my plan and i notice that my callout, instead of updating the reference, just disappears from the plan. Thanks GK
  4. Thanks Peter Apologies for delayed gratitude.
  5. Hi Jonathan, Thanks, follow on question, do you then draw further detail in the annotation viewport? GK
  6. Hi, How do you create a section detail viewport? can you? it seems to be grayed out. If not is the best method to create a detail layer or detail in the annotation viewport on top of the section so that you can see the 3d elements in the background as a guide. Finally how is the drawing callout annotation linked to the section so that the drawing number changes when you change sheet or number etc. Thanks GK
  7. Hi, What is the best and most efficient way of creating an RCP. An open ended question i appreciate. Primarily the issues i am trying to get my head round are: - Having the RCP without the door opening, wall split. (i.e cutting plane at higher level above door height. - Level, Is there a way of putting a ceiling height tag that is smart. i.e knows at what level the ceiling is in relation to floor. Thanks GK
  8. OK figured out what where i was going wrong. It was late and i had too many coffees! VW file attached with example. on the left the desired effect in elevation on the right the desired effect in plan. Many thanks
  9. Hi Vincent, Thanks the solution you are proposing creates an alcove, what i want to achieve is a wall opening with the wall finish (in this case 15mm Plaster) returning into the wall thickness. So a cheat is to create a cased opening where the thickness and material 'texture' of the jamb matches the wall finish (15mm plaster) However when viewed in elevation (hidden line) you can see the jamb line go round the door. My files were below 5mb. (it was a vw file with a wall and two doors)
  10. Hi Peter, By render i mean plaster finish on either side of blockwork . So wall buildup is 15mm Plaster, 140mm Blockwork, 15mm Plaster. i would like the plaster to return into the opening in the same way you can do with the wall end cap tool. GK Tried image thing but still no luck. has worked in the past.
  11. Hi Tried but for some odd reason it doesn't seem to upload the images or files so here is a visual description! Blockwork wall with render on both sides. Insert a door (non cased opening). Opening formed but render does not return in to opening. This gives the desired effect in elevation but not in plan A way around it in plan is by creating a cased opening and changing the jamb hatch and thickness to match the render giving the desired effect in plan but when viewed in elevation you get the jamb line appear around the door. GK
  12. Hi all, Is there a way of returning the wall finish on a non cased opening so that it appears without a double line in elevation. (i.e like it would if it wasn't a cased opening) Thanks GK
  13. ...and then you realise that it just doesn't work for walls. File attached, same challenge but this time with walls! Do i need to create a demo wall type? GK


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