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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All, Ive seen images of lots of complex wavy extrudes and curved entities while learning Vectorworks but I am struggling to make a simple curved wall (actually a thin metal edge) that curves in plan and in elevation. Screen shot below of intent. I want the bottom of the wall to be flat but the top to gently rise and fall. Is there an easy way to do this? I've come close by making a curved wall and pulling the end vertices up and down but this tends to affect the whole length of the wall and if you split the wall it results in a pointed peak. Thanks all
  2. Hi All, I'm currently drawing a lovely old theatre in Melbourne called the Palais Theatre. A picture below shows the rather extravagant proscenium which in particular is framed by a set of rotated columns which arc into the ceiling. Drawing these as Extrude Along Path as basic circular geometry and a cute texture applied is fairly straight forward, and fine for this project's context, however it does beg the question; How would we do this as an actual solid? Find the attached example file for discussion. Save views are included to look at the individual components however as an overview; Extrude Along Path (shown in two examples) is the overall end goal however EAP doesn't have a 'Twist' component. Twisted Columns could be created, as shown in the two examples, by Deforming an existing shape or using a Pitched Sweep function. Notably there are probably further thoughts on a loft between two twisted rails, or a Duplicate Along Path with No Rails Loft Objects following. I'm interested if anyone has any super creative and/or obvious easy ways I've overlooked. Hope you're all well. J 231212 - Twist Along Path Challange.vwx
  3. Hi All, 2023 SP7 I made an extrude along path object (the lining and architraves of a doorway). Then, adding a 3D wall hole object, I created a symbol for insertion into a wall. ( I just needed a rough model of the existing doorway within an interior view which is why I didn't model a door in all detail with architraves). Despite all settings correct it was not possible to select the wall whilst making active the symbol....but when I deleted the EAP object (and added a simple extrude (a door threshold) to preserve the symbol) it inserted as normal. Has anyone else experienced this? Mark
  4. In this video I try to use the reshape tool in adjust parallel edges mode to adjust the bottom edge of an extrude to align with to top face of another extrude below, however Vectorworks fails to acquire any snaps on the extrude below. I would expect snap to point to acquire the top corner of the extrude below. I would expect to be able to hit T to constrain the movement to the vertical axis and then be able to snap to the intersect of the constrained line with the top face of the extrude below. I switch to orthogonal mode and rotate view to match the plane of the extrusion hoping that I might pick up a point somewhere but I don't get any snaps at all on the object below. Why is this not working? As you can see I have all my snaps turned on apart from grid snap. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. But it feels like it must be a bug because if I come out of the extrude and draw a line from the point at which the reshape handle was at to the top face of the extrude below the snaps work as expected. If I then go back into the extrude I'm able to use reshape to edit the polygon inside the extrude to snap to the point at the bottom of the line. 2078744964_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at12_27_09.mov 376387456_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at13_06_34.mov 1311394037_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at13_09_11.mov
  5. I made a poly line, extruded it, and as a fill I applied a gradient. However, it doesn't show the gradient when shading. What am I missing? Thanks for any help. gradient test v2022.vwx
  6. I find the chamfer and fillet tools for 3D objects to be invaluable. I'd love a 3rd tool for edges that allows you to choose or draw other profiles. Like the other tools I'd like to be able to edit and scale the profile even once applied to an edge. I would prefer this method to extruding profile along path that takes additional steps when you already have a 3D object. I could see this functionality also expand to putting a dado or v groove into a face.
  7. In previous versions of VW, I could covert text to polylines, extrude and apply a different texture to the front, back and sides. This allowed me to easily create channel letter signage on buildings. VW2022 only allows on texture for the entire extrude, making it impossible to to create this same effect.
  8. I don't typical get too detailed with slabs but would like to have this one drawn in for visual reference. I used the polyline tool to create the 2D shape and then extruded it and set it elevation. I would now like to slope it from front to back to create the slope of the slab down towards the stage.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to draw a 2d poly profile and then extrude it. Once i create the points (using the "real" node and the "point 2d" node) how do i control the order in which the poly is drawn? I've attached a simple example below. Shows the points created attached to the "Polygon 2d" node, the desired result and the actual result. Thanks Derek *I know I can create a rectangle using the rectangle node this is just a simple example"
  10. Hi All, On my digital terrain model, I have draped areas from my 2D plan and want to extrude these surfaces so they follow the landform. So far I have only been able to send the 2D polygon to the surface and then extrude it from there. Is there anyway of showing a 3D shape that has a constant height that matches the contours? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Dear VW friends, I have been trying and failing at creating extruded text along a Helix Spiral, the text always seems to skew out and leave the path. I tried playing around with the rotation around path but it's still turning out wonky... My goal is to have the text extrude flat along the path so that it can placed on the outside of a cilinder. I feel its because the path is rotating around itself slightly but can't figure out how to avoid this problem any thoughts? I kept at it and I think I found a work around that gave me the result I needed.... The result is visually correct but it's hard to get it done in exact dimensions, so it took me 4 tries to get it close to the size I needed... So maybe there is still a better way to approach this but I did it as follows: 1. In top view I created a line (path) at an angle (the angle that worked for me was 7.5 degrees) 2. I used the text along path tool to extrude the text along the line (scaling height and width to match the length of the path) 3. Using a 3d locus I marked the center of the "text along path" object 4. In front view I then used the Deform tool to bend to object into a helix spiral using the 3D locus as starting point ( deforming 270 degrees was about the right amount for me) I will post images of my process below... I still think it should be possible using the 'text along path" tool directly with a helix spiral path but just couldn't figure it out... Thank you for your help! p.s. I posted this earlier in the general forum not realizing it should probably have been here in the modeling thread.
  12. Hi all - I was feeling pretty clever after FINALLY tracing a series of Art Deco-ish waves using nurbs curves. It was complicated, and I'm sure I did it "wrong," but I love the shape that resulted. (Can I display an image here??) Problem is, I cannot figure out how to extrude this beautiful shape in order to pop it up in 3-D. My usual strategies have failed me: clip surface, combine surface, etc. I tried converting to a 2-D polygon. Nothing has worked. Anyone know an "easy" solution? Or do I need to start from scratch? Thanks for any suggestions!
  13. Hi there, I have a couple of extrudes on a project which are assigned to the "flooring' class and should have a stone texture (Arroway stone 002 Sandstone) however, the texture id only showing on the side, not on the top surface so the floor looks see-through apart from its extruded edge. Can anyone help please? The 2D shape is solid as I know this is a problem for applying texture but not the case here. Thanks
  14. I have a complicated logo in Adobe Illustrator. I'm trying to transfer the logo to vectorworks in order to create a layout for a neon sign to be created from it, I would like to extrude it to create multiple views of the sign. So far every time I import It is converted to 100 someodd objects that many of which cannot be extruded due to intersecting lines. Now going in and editing each problematic line is an option but would be very time consuming. Additionally I have tried extruding within adobe illustrator but when I export it no long has its 3d information and I am left with just polylines. Does anyone know of a method for me to bring either the extruded adobe version or how I can extrude without editing each individual polyline? Other possible methods of accomplishing this? I have about 30 of these to do and the timeline would be near insurmountable to edit lines 3000+ times. Thanks Turtle.vwx
  15. It's easy to use simple extrudes for stone planks, steps, pavers a checkbox in OIP would be excellent so they revert to class style when in plan view - this should arguably be default behavior, rather than transparent wireframe?
  16. Here's a tricky one to start the year... I have a set design that roughly has 1500 circles, all of the same diameter of 60mm. I'm looking to extrude them at a range of different heights, somewhere between 200mm and 800mm. The dispersion of these different heights should be as random as possible to create an organic feel. Is there any way of efficiently doing the above, possibly with scripts? Gabriel
  17. I have been trying to curve a complicated extruded object by using the 3D deform tool, however, when I try to use it the tool won't even acknowledge the object, but it will with more simple shapes. Is there a reason why this is and is there a way I can get it to respond to my complicated extrude or is there at least another method I could use to curve my object? I've attached an image of what object I'm trying to curve.
  18. I wish the DWG Export had an option to convert all Extrudes to Generic Solids before exporting. Currently all my Extrudes, a Geometry Type I really like, inside VW, get exported as lose DWG Polyfaces. (Even only when "Triangulate to preserve Fills "activated, otherwise just un-filled Polylines) Currently, to avoid that, I would need to : - "save as" File Ccopy for export - check and set Layers/Classes visibilities - Select Similar > Extrudes - Convert to Generic Solids - Export - Close Export File - re-open VW File Same wish for FBX Export.
  19. I am new to Landmark, and am having issues with the 'Extrude along Path' tool. I am trying to run an extruded box along an undulating ground line (to form a simple hedge following topography). I have drawn an NURBS curve path which varies in Z height (it is sent to the surface of a site model which varies in height, and then converted from 3D poly to NURBS curve). I then created a 3D polygon rectangle (as a section of the hedge) at one corner of the NURBS curve path, and selected both objects before trying to extrude along path. The NURBS curve highlights correctly as the path object and the polygon highlights correctly as the object to extrude, but I get an invalid path or profile object error message. Am I missing something straightforward in terms of how this tool works, or is there a better way of doing this? Thanks, Lisa
  20. neither command works on this shape extrude fails to extrude polygon correctly, and ONLY extrudes sides (as opposed to extruding polygon plane) drape doesn't work at all... Furthermore, the shape I need would entail sloping down the spiral at the broader end... how would you do such a shape??? any suggestions? thx!
  21. How can i extrude and create a object using two profile i attached a image for extruding two profile into an single object I used to do it in revit, is it possible in vectorworks????
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