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  1. Hi Jim, thanks very much. It's the back right extrude, the front curvy extrude and the water in the pool and the rill that I'm having trouble with....The upload here keeps failing even though it's smaller than the max size..have you got a wetransfer I can use...
  2. Hi Jim, I appreciate it but I'm afraid I've done all this and it still doesn't work. Have you got any other suggestions why it just won't update and show the texture please? What should "map type' be?
  3. Thanks Jim, under Part, I only have the option of Overall and then a line under it with Top, Bottom and sides.....Do you know why this might be? It sounds as if you've hit upon something here which may be the answer to my problem...
  4. Thanks but unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem. It was on perimeter but I've tried all the other options but none of them work......
  5. Hi there, I have a couple of extrudes on a project which are assigned to the "flooring' class and should have a stone texture (Arroway stone 002 Sandstone) however, the texture id only showing on the side, not on the top surface so the floor looks see-through apart from its extruded edge. Can anyone help please? The 2D shape is solid as I know this is a problem for applying texture but not the case here. Thanks
  6. Hi, just wondering if there is a simple way of filling a shell representing a pool with what looks like water? I made a slightly smaller extrude within the shell initially but it is not as accurate as it could be and so causing the shell solid to have oscillating looking sides because the two are very slightly over lapping (if that makes sense?!). I could re-do it but just wondering if there is a simpler way? Also I have a spout that I'd like water to look as if it is pouring from it in to the pool...Is this possible or am I asking too much now? Many thanks for any help anyone can offer!
  7. Thank you so much! I had just worked this out about 1 second before I saw your reply! All working fine now ūüôā
  8. HI, wondering if anyone can help...I'm relatively new to Vectorworks so bear with me! I copied over the majority of elements of a design to a new template. However, the various design layers that I've subsequently created are all acting as if they are switched to hidden unless they are the active layer. Im a garden designer so this means I can't see the extrudes of the garden terrain at the same time as the planting for example. I have tried restarting and updating to see if it fixes anything but sadly not. can anyone help? Thanks
  9. @Jim Wilson that looks like a good solution, thanks! Will give it a go...
  10. Does anyone know if I re-create this look (the rounded stones with metal edging) from an existing resource please? Many thanks in advance!


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