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  1. I can see that Vectorworks rescales the design layer to a common scale while exporting to DWG file format. For example in a project, we have 24 design layers. Each design layer has its scale. We work in real-world dimensions. So, no problem while we work inside the same tool. But while exporting to DWG it rescales the layer to 1:00 i.e., the most common scale used in all the design layers. It claims that DWG does not support multiple layer scales and to preserve the look of the document it chooses to rescale all the scales to a commonly used scale which is 1:00 in this file. Where the site layer viewport is in 1:250 there the problem comes. After exporting the site layer sheet layer when the consultant work on it he claims that the drawings are out of scale. How can we avoid this? Can you please suggest a better workaround or solution for this problem? Please note: For a workaround, I've changed the site plan to 1:00 and exported it. While checking in the CADReader application I can find the scale is good, but some dimensions are moved and scatted around the document. Thank you in Advance!
  2. yes Luis i tried doing it. Still if it set the point light as emit with 1500 luminous i can see no lights in the render. Only when i switch off emitter and keep brightness as 100%. i can see the bright ness
  3. 20220324 2 Main Street Gembrook.vwx Hi, I need some guidance in 3D presentation. I'm trying to export the 3d model in Web-view for presentation. Here is the web view link: https://tinyurl.com/yab5y5ex I can see the car's texture change into a blue one also the transparent box that i kept there is not visible. (I want to show the transparent box so it's a temporary structure) how can i do it? Any feedback to achieve it Thank you in advance! Rishie
  4. Also the Vectorworks university is so impressive and helpful for designers like me. But why there is no content related to lights?
  5. I tried to use emitter option in Vectorworks and set lumens as 1500. Place 4 lights in the living room and rendered but the light is not rendering when i switch off emitter it works. i can see the lights in the viewport Is there any issue with the emitter option? Where can i learn about light object settings in Vectorworks Architect 2022. Thank you, Rishie
  6. We use 15w dimmable lights in living, dining and kitchen and Heliodon for sun light. Below you can find the light settings that we use for the 15W dimmable lights. While rendering i can't find the intensity of dimmable lights that use in living, kitchen, etc., the sun light covers a lot of portion and the dimmable lights that we use it almost not visible. Do we make any mistake in the settings? Do we need to improve the light or renderings settings? Please suggest. Thank you, Rishie
  7. Hi Everyone, Do you know if there's any iPad or Android app we can build a 3D and allowing client to apply their own texture? Thank you in advance! Rishie
  8. What is the easiest way to cut building into the 3d topo slope?
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