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  1. Much appreciated Tom for the quick solution. It worked!
  2. My walls are connected with each other with "L or T" joint but when i try to push or pull it's not moving the connected walls, i can move the wall by clicking and dragging but the walls that's connected with it stays in the same place and does not moves along parametrically. I'm experiencing this recently this was working well all the days. Did i made some changes to my setting? Can anyone guide me with it?
  3. When I publish my sheet layers in DWG file format, I get one DWG file for a sheet layer. Is there an option where I can export all my sheet layers in a single DWG file?
  4. That's a good news! Thank you Chris
  5. We can add two panels for folding door ...I need 3 to have panels What's the best practice to have it? Should i create a 3D symbol with insert in wall option for it? Let me know if there is better way to do it Thank you, Rishie
  6. Thank you Nikolay it worked well 🙂 Appreciate you!
  7. Hello, Any suggestion for us to resolve it?
  8. Thanks you so much Shorter for the help. Appreciate your effort! We tried it but the paper size is still bigger. Attached the working file and the screenshots for your review. Page size error.vwx
  9. Wow! Yes it's working! I'm using this tool for the first time. Thank you so much Tom :)
  10. Hi, Even i've encountered this problem, the page size that i've defined in the page setup dialogue box is different from the actually page size the title block size is cropping with the page size (defined as the page setup) but when we export i get this extra space in the pdf away from the tile block. Anyone here can help us to fix this?
  11. Hi, When I was relaying the floor plan I removed a few internal walls that were connected with the external wall's core components. I can find a glitch in the external walls where the internal cladding does not connect again while removing the internal wall. I tried to replace the external wall style with the same style to check if this refreshes the wall again but with no luck. Can anyone here help me to connect the internal wall cladding? FYI, I also tried with the component joint again with no luck. Thank you, Rishie 🙂
  12. I'm using VW 2021 SP3 and still having this issue. I saved, committed to the project file, closed and released my work last night I was working on this project for the last couple of weeks and everything was going really well. Today morning when I started to modify the object that I've created in the same machine that I've used for the last couple of weeks I'm getting this error. Attached screenshot (FYI I'm the user 'rishie' and I'm using in the same machine and same login) Please note that last night the working file crashed while I was working so I took the backup working file from my machine and overwritten it to my original working file. Also, I saved and commented on my work to the project file later. Is this activity connect with the above issue somehow? How can I move forward now? I've restarted my machine, created a new working file from the project file with no luck yet Thank you, Rishie I remember checking out
  13. This looks like a bug. Can any one let me know how can i ping the concern team to look into it and so they can validate and keep if it in their WishList if they find it has some value.
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