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  1. is there any better way to create symbols within which text would remain upright when the symbol is rotated? I checked the above messages but could not find a solution
  2. Hi Kelly, It's nice to meet you. Yes, we do and I've emailed you the details with our portfolio and pricing to your email address. Looking forward to collaborating with you.
  3. Hi Kelly @York Brooks DesignI've emailed you the details
  4. Hi Pat, I decomposed the viewport, but it still isn't showing in the referenced file. Additionally, the decomposed file always has crop set to visible. Is there any other workaround for this issue? Thanks, Rishie
  5. Hello I'm experiencing issues creating a site model with the attached DWG file. I've tried multiple times, but Vectorworks crashes every time. I'm using Mac OS 13.1 (22C65) and Vectorworks 2023 SP4. Could you please look into this matter and let me know if there's any possibility of generating a site model from the 3D polygons in the DWG file? 1480 MCR Site Plan Test.vwx I've imported the DWG file to the scale, tidied up the geometry and gave it a try. I selected only the major and minor contours using the select similar tool, but the software still crashes. VW Site Model issue.mp4 I've attached a screen recording and the Vectorworks file with the tidy contours for you to look over. Thank you, Rishienathan RJ Thanks in advance.
  6. Rishie

    Wall style

    Hi, I would like to create a wall with a thicker bottom that transitions at the window sill level. (Please refer to the attached image for reference.) What is the best method to achieve this wall type in Vectorworks? Also, is there an option to give the cladding a rounded edge instead of a sharp one, as shown in the screenshot above?
  7. Hi, In a renovation project, I need to insert a window between an existing wall and the proposed wall. What is the best way to accomplish this? I should note that I will also need to generate interior and exterior elevations from this model. Currently, my approach involves creating an extrude with the same width and height as the window, matching the thickness of the wall. Then, I remove the wall portion using the AEC>>wall recess option for both walls and finally insert the window. However, this process creates a visible line in the model, which looks strange in 3D(attached screenshots below) . To address this issue, I plan to draw a white line on top of it in the 2D elevations to cover it up. Is there a better way to handle this situation? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations. Also, in one of the projects I'm currently working on, there is a curved wall followed by a straight wall. I need to insert a window between these two walls, and I'm encountering the same issue as before. If there is a better solution available, please inform me. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I would like to create a section viewport with a different angled cut, as shown in the image below. Could someone kindly suggest the best workflow to accomplish this? Thank you in advance, Rishie 🙂 I
  9. Can anyone suggest how to create a door Jamp similar to the above image? FYI, I've also got access to WinDoor tool Thanks in advance
  10. How to create a worksheet extracts the selected sheet number, title and revision number. Also, if I update the sheet number or revision data it should update the worksheet with the updated information. Is there a way to achieve it? FYI, i used "Tools>>Reports>>create sheet list" to extract the above worksheet but that's not connected with the sheet data. So i've to update them manually every time whenever i adda revision cloud.
  11. Some of my consultants are using AutoCAD and I’ve to send them my drawings. In my drawings the site plan I kept as a key plan with a 1:1000 Scale and then zoomed to a floor plan of 1:00 Scale. To avoid the issue, when exporting to my consultant I’m removing the key plan for the sheet layers to avoid scale issues. For consultant, there are good with that. Some of my clients want DWG for their backup, I’ve found the same issue with them too. For example, one of my clients is a fabricator. He asked for the output in the dwg file and I’m unable to send it to him because of the scale issue. I’ve attached the sheet for your reference which has a different viewport with different scales on it for your reference. @shorter I'll tick 'export Viewports as 2D graphics in Modelspace' and see if this solves the scale issue, Thanks!
  12. Thanks Elite, while i delete the font and copied it from my colleagues machine it's solved. I have checked with all the machine and now the font size is same everywhere. Answering your question: Question: Is part of your screen shot above (the Logo...) from a separate file, or is it from a font initially assembled / created in something other than VW ? Response: It's a title block created in Vectorworks. Thank you very much!
  13. When I export a sheet layer which has multiple viewports with different scale. For example: Reference layout in 1:100 2 Detail viewports in 1:5 One detailed elevation at 1:15 The DWG files go out of scale. When I keep all the viewports in a sheet layer to the same scale, then it works fine. Is there a way to resolve it? Regards, Rishie
  14. Thanks, Matt! We are on holiday today. I'll check all the machines tomorrow and see if this works. Thank you for your assistance.
  15. No, the fonts are not being mapped to something different. There is no font mappings to edit in that document.
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