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  1. In short: this is made up of several nurbs curves, copied/pasted, and "stretched" to create the wave pattern I added the rectangle below for structural purposes. Is there a way to combine/intersect all these shapes into something I can extrude? Or is it a lost cause?
  2. Hi all - I was feeling pretty clever after FINALLY tracing a series of Art Deco-ish waves using nurbs curves. It was complicated, and I'm sure I did it "wrong," but I love the shape that resulted. (Can I display an image here??) Problem is, I cannot figure out how to extrude this beautiful shape in order to pop it up in 3-D. My usual strategies have failed me: clip surface, combine surface, etc. I tried converting to a 2-D polygon. Nothing has worked. Anyone know an "easy" solution? Or do I need to start from scratch? Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. What the heck is going on with my VW 2017??? I'm not a novice, but things like this make me want to dump the program and go back to hand drafting!!! I am mystified: working in VW 17, I have Layers for different components in a drafting package. The last several times I have ATTEMPTED to add text, things fall apart quickly! I changed the layer scale from 1:1 to 1:48, which scaled the text nicely. Then the nightmares begin... Often, the text box will DELETE an area of my groundplan. The only way to get it back is to QUIT VW, and NOT SAVE changes! Why???? So, I created a new Layer: Notations, just for text. Again, in 1:48 scale. The new nightmare is that a few elements from other layers don't show up AT ALL. (Yes, I have clicked Show Others...) I'm looking everywhere for an easy "Add Text" video that explains what's happening, but there are none. Is this a peculiar glitch due to my ASUS laptop??? I am desperate here, working against a deadline. Why is adding text such a nightmare in VW 17? Please send suggestions, thoughts/prayers, etc. Better yet, come do it for me! Thanks, all.
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