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  1. lisagravy

    Image Props Location

    Thanks @Tamsin Slatter - ideal!
  2. lisagravy

    Image Props Location

    I'm trying to export a model with crosshair style image prop 3D trees from the vectorworks library. Is there a way of packaging the file so that the image prop is also sent? I've had a look on my system and can't really find any of the library images stored to send separately? Thanks, Lisa
  3. I'm having issues with Design Layer Viewport References in VW 2019. I can create and control them perfectly well on my design layers, but when I turn on the referenced layer as visible within a viewport on my sheet layer, the referenced layer doesn't display as visible? i.e. it looks like I've forgotten to turn it on when I haven't. However... when I export to PDF, the information is there and visible! This is intermittent across various files and machines in the office, I'm assuming it's a bug? Anyone else having this issue or know of any fixes? It's workable as I can still export the files ok, it's just annoying and more of an issue when I want to annotate things on the sheet which I know are there but I can't see!
  4. lisagravy

    Site Model Section Viewports not rendering

    Yeah I'm having this issue - in the same file, with the same site model, but two different sections. The model file and section viewports were originally created in VW Landmark 2014, and all the sections were filled. I've just opened with 2019 and one section is now hollow... I'm checking the class sections etc but nothing has changed since I last opened the file? I can't see what's changed specifically to one viewport! A weird one.
  5. lisagravy

    Site Model Interpolation

    @Benson Shaw You're right, it is also true for contour mods... not sure why, I just find it far easier to design and edit site levels in polyline curves than individual points, seems like much less work to just figure out the offset distance I want for the appropriate grade. Maybe just how my head works! 😂 Thanks for all your input.
  6. lisagravy

    Rename Classes

    This is fantastic - I have wanted a tool like this forever! Works perfectly. Thank you.
  7. lisagravy

    Massing model roof profile

    Thanks @Jonathan Pickup - but are these all individual massing models? i.e. one massing model per building? In my example, say I have a 500 house development I’m working on, with 30 different house types across the scheme. Prior to the massing model tool, I used symbols- a symbol for each house type, and then manual copy, placement and rotation across the plan to complete the scheme. The beauty for me in the massing model model tool is that I can actually select the 500 building outline polygons at once, and run the massing model tool to generate the entire model of 500 buildings in a couple of clicks - the massing model automatically generates the roof shape for each house type, based on the ground floor plan polygon shapes I’ve drawn, and the height / pitch settings I’ve specified for the buildings. However, if I want a custom roof profile, I have to edit this per individual building... so 500 times in this case, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of using the massing model tool in the first place for me. I could maybe do a combination, as @bob cleaver has suggested, by creating a massing model for each house type, converting to symbol, and placing and rotating manually, but this is pretty similar to my workflow prior to this tool being introduced. It would be good if there was a setting within the pitched roof controls which would stop me having to copy / paste / rotate & place - it’s easily doable just now with one of the preset shaped roofs, but sadly pitched / gable end is the most common here!
  8. lisagravy

    Massing model roof profile

    I've done this via custom roof profile and editing the profile to adjust to gable, which does work, though I've had to do this individually for each building... (you're right @zoomer- it is tedious!) Is there a way to apply to all yet, for future tasks? Assume as it's a custom setting it needs to be per each different building footprint on the site plan, but we would typically look for gable roofs in our massing models too so it would be good if it was automatic, as I'll definitely need to do this again...
  9. lisagravy

    Site Model Interpolation

    @bob cleaver - no problem, I've just done a very quick couple of screen shots to show what I mean. This is the before screen shot, which shows the VW generated contours. You can see the flat areas Vectorworks is creating down the west side of what should be a continuous steadily grading sloped mound, sloping in all directions. So Benson had suggested adding in lots of additional intermediate height spot level points on the areas VW is assuming to be flat, to force the calculation to account for the slope - which would work, but I'd have to calculate positions and heights for each point, which I don't want to have to do when working with a basic contour design. Also, determining specific points potentially gives a jagged effect unless working out the exact grades to give a smooth slope. Tamsin's solution was a new tool in VW 2019, where if I right click the site model, I can 'Edit Proposed Contours'. This essentially lets me edit the shape of the contours here to fill in the gaps, so while the model for some reason still gives the flat areas, I can fix it much easier, as I can edit each individual proposed contour generated by the site model much like a polyline - see screen shot below. Hope this makes sense. Crudely, it makes it easier to achieve more like the following (which is what I was expecting from my input anyway!)....
  10. lisagravy

    Dashed linetype on Arc

    @markdd- sorry for the lack of reply! I think this was just a bug? VW 2019 upgrade seems to have fixed it! Thanks anyway though.
  11. lisagravy

    Site Model Interpolation

    Thanks to all for your comments. I actually sent the model file to @Tamsin Slatter at VW, and we had a screen share session to try to resolve. The problem is still evident in the model creation, even in 2019, however the ability to edit the proposed contours as polylines in VW2019 is a massive help, and offers a relatively swift solution and far more intuitive control over the proposed design than I had thought possible in VW. In terms of the results of our software evaluations, VW is a clear winner! I tried to create the same model in Revit, and I won't even go there but suffice to say I wouldn't recommend it. We've now upgraded to 2019 + VSS, so hopefully can really get stuck in now. Thanks again for all your help... I'm sure I'll be posting more queries shortly!
  12. lisagravy

    Dashed linetype on Arc

    Yep, it's definitely a 2D object! Just a 2D arc.
  13. lisagravy

    Dashed linetype on Arc

    If I apply a dashed linetype to a straight line, it applies fine. However, if I apply the same linetype to an adjacent arc - even using the eyedropper tool from the straight line - the arc still only displays as a solid line? I think I must be missing something really simple - can anyone shed any light please?! Thanks, Lisa
  14. lisagravy

    Site Model Interpolation

    Thanks very much Benson - I can see this working, I just find it really annoying that we have to do this - I'm basically going to have to work out more detailed 3D loci points for every slope in the site model to try to model the appropriately graded slope - I just want it to grade the contours automatically! We're trying to evaluate whether to renew with Vectorworks at the moment or if we should be switching to Revit or A.N.Other modelling software - it's not a great sell for Vectorworks that we need fixes for site modelling from contours. Cheers for the video! Lisa
  15. lisagravy

    Site Model Interpolation

    I'm wondering if I'm missing something in terms of the control we have over site modelling in Vectorworks. I've attached a screengrab of a site model I have created. Blue lines are the 3D polyline contours I have drawn and set to 0.5m height intervals, the green lines are the contour lines generated by the site model calculation by Vectorworks, using my blue lines as input data. I have two big issues with this output, namely: I want the model to EVENLY interpolate between the contour lines - for example on the hill to the bottom of the screen grab, I want the mounding to extend evenly to the left, I don't want flat platforms between each level. I want the contours to actually follow the curves I have drawn, and not truncate my contours in large angular lines!! (As seen in the middle of the screengrab.) Is there anything I can do, aside from draw contours at really tight intervals to reduce the visibility of the problem? Is this just how the site modelling algorithm works? I understand the need for a mathematical algorithm, but this results in a fundamentally incorrect site model I can't really use for anything in terms of BIM or production information, as it isn't giving me smooth grades. I'm sure I could fudge it for visualisation purposes, but I need an accurate technical model I can issue in IFC form to provide information for collaboration and also construction. I've turned on mesh smoothing in document properties, which makes the rendered model appear slightly less angular, and also turned on contour smoothing display, but I need an accurate model in terms of BIM compliance and I'm not sure I have this control outwith doing an excessive amount of contour drawing. Is Vectorworks the wrong software for this, or am I missing something? Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. Lisa


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