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  1. Does anyone here do freelance AV design work and charge anything other than hourly? I have put many hours into trying to determine how to charge fairly something like per sheet or per project. If I'm really fast at designing and can get a $500 valued project done in 5hrs but I'm not charging $100/hr then I could be making more money by charging per sheet or project. Please weigh in your thoughts.
  2. Hello fellow designers, can someone help me understand why my system crashes after clicking OK on this chain of events each time. See attached video and screenshot of Mac specs. VWX 2021 SP4 Screen Recording 2021-09-17 at 5.13.10 PM.mov
  3. So after playing with it some more I was able to get it to render normal again. Same settings as shown in screenshots above are what produced the correct render...as well as the faulty render. I applied a different image, changed glow percentage to 10%, rendered, then changed back to 100% and all was well.
  4. Funny thing is this texture works fine in the same file
  5. I've got 2 projects today that all of a sudden either I did something and don't realize it, but they just start rendering screens and projections in ALL WHITE instead of the image with GLOW reflectivity as it was only seconds before. SEE EXAMPLES
  6. @Tom W. This looks correct, I am tapering the opposite direction but that shouldn't matter. When I try this though I get a 'Face Tapering Failed' error.
  7. @Tom W. Im trying this now and struggling to grab the correct faces edges to make this happen without it being sloped too short or the wrong face gets sloped. Do you know which face/edge should be selected first?
  8. I don't typical get too detailed with slabs but would like to have this one drawn in for visual reference. I used the polyline tool to create the 2D shape and then extruded it and set it elevation. I would now like to slope it from front to back to create the slope of the slab down towards the stage.
  9. It would be great if we had the option to be able to schedule the time for closed files to upload to the cloud. Say during lunch and after the office closes so that my machine is not hogging all the bandwidth in the office everytime I close a file.
  10. Yes, This is kinda disappointing. I called in about this a few days ago and was told the same as above. Cant be done as of now....So I have been slowly going thru and building some commonly used array systems/sizes and saving them as symbols. Would love to able to build these much quicker using the array tool.
  11. Thanks, this is def the problem. I don't make a habit of setting classes to invisible so I didn't think to look there. Still learning, def loving Vectorworks over autoCAD.
  12. All my hoist in a file have turned black with white fill in top/plan. I don't believe i did anything to make this happen. Any ideas? Freedom_Fest_2016.zip
  13. How exactly have you been rotating, say bar lights, to face up a wall. Im struggling to get certain fixtures to rotate in 3d so they are aimed correctly so I can render them. Its almost as if since the bar lights were designed as hung fixtures I can't rotate them to aim 180dg up a wall.
  14. Thanks so much. I was wondering what the heck was going on. Ill use Renderworks.
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